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If you haven’t noticed yet, carpentry and interior design are two inseparable elements that make up the whole ambience of your home. Whether you want a trendy or a classy tone to your property, there surely is a modern design that fits your specific desire. At Hueconcept, our priority is to capture your vision and turn it into a reality. With our extensive knowledge and experience in both fields of carpentry and interior design, we will make every area of your home a reflection of your personality and style. We practically cover all areas of your properties – from roofs to foundations.


We are seasoned pros who know how to work on small or huge areas. Whether a studio unit or a four-bedroom residential property, we know how to make your space work according to your lifestyle and preferences. We combine the elements of design, functionality, and durability in order to accomplish your projects professionally. We go the extra mile to make your cabinets, framing, windows, doors, and other fixtures work harmoniously to achieve the overall design you want to see on a daily basis.


Our standard of service is not all about the appearance of your property after we accomplish a project. Rather, it’s about ensuring the perfection of the final product while maintaining the timeliness of our delivery. We highly value your time that is why we communicate with our clients effectively to make sure that the whole project and every leg of it will be accomplished within the timeline.

Why Choose Us

It’s all about you. This is written in the hearts of each interior designer &  Carpenter in our group. We believe that the key to meeting your expectations is to get you involved in every stage of the design process.


When asked about what sets us apart from others, this is the best response we can give: We want you to win! While most carpenters in Singapore feed their clients with usual designs and project plans that these contractors are comfortable to complete, we sit down with you for a cup of coffee and ask what your daily life looks like. We dig deep on what you want to see first thing in the morning so we know the elements to put inside your bedroom; on what colours inspire you to work harder so we know how to paint the walls of your home office; on the interests of your kids so we can envision the play area they long to spend hours in; and some other details that complete the picture of your dream house.


As carpenter, we go beyond what is feasible and efficient to accomplish so we can explore the heart of your lifestyle and deliver a final output that exceeds your expectations. We do not work hard to gain your, ‘That’s how I exactly want it’ remark. We aim for the stars to ensure that we hear the line, ‘I never imagined my home can be this personal, comforting, and aesthetically perfect altogether.’ After all, you deserve no less than that.

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