10 Easy and Affordable Ways to Add Character To Your House

We can’t all live in stunning The House with the Dream Seaview located in Sentosa Cove. In fact, many of us unwillingly live in uninspiring houses with little or no architectural detail at all.

But that doesn’t mean you have to bury your awesome home décor ideas deep in your heart. With a little passion, time and inspiration, you can turn even the most boring house into an appealing homestead, evoking envy for owners of luxurious adobes. Don’t hesitate to approach a

That’s true! Here, we’re going to share with you ten elements that will add character and statement to any home, regardless of its theme and location.


 Jazzy Paint Colors 

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While the web is still spewing the “paint it white to make it look larger” quote, bold colors are the hottest trends in 2017. Vivid colors immediately lend a distinctive personality to your space. It evokes a feeling of energy, liveliness and a sense of expansion to a modest room.

Painting your walls with outrageous punchy paint colors is the cheapest and quickest way to transform your room décor dramatically. So, the next time you think of painting your walls, take the time to consider the power of bold colors, like gray, ribbon-inspired blue, apricot, forceful orange and much more.


Reclaimed Wood

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Do you have a rustic taste? You could make a quick and desirable impact on your home with small or big doses of reclaimed lumber. Reclaimed wood infuses a rustic charm, comfort, and warmth to any space without burning a hole in your pocket.

Decorating your wood walls, headboards, shelves, kitchen tables and the even living room is super trendy right now. Salvaged and locally sourced from warehouses, fences, and boats, reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly and less expensive way to reuse lumber for home décor.

Also, in its natural state, this type of wood is popularly used for making furniture. You can take help from a finish carpenter to assist you selecting the right quality.


Vintage Rugs

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Add a quick historical touch to any room with vintage rugs. With their intense tones, superb quality and fascinating self-telling stories, these antique rugs will immediately top your home décor with color, texture, and soul.

Vintage pictorial rugs are now available in inimitable shades from all around the world. These are extremely rich in stories and symbols of ancient royal times. If you’re lucky enough to have a grand room, you can easily source a king –size statement making a rug to lift the room’s interior instantly.

Honestly, antique or vintage rugs come costly. But you can opt for inexpensive replicas to achieve the same perfect look, even on a budget.

But real antique rugs look truly impeccable.



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There’s no better way to restyle your home interior than using designer wallpapers.  The fascinating thing is that there’s not one over-riding trend. But you could now choose from bountiful designs – patterned to plain, metallic to textures, holographic to photographic, muted to multi color and the list just stacks up.

While wallpapers used to be an expensive option for many, but these days you can find plenty of affordable and removable wallpaper options.  Whether you are renting or owning a house, look for a wallpaper that’ll add a whimsy touch and character to just any basic room or corner of your home.


Antique Furniture

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Add a story to your home. Create a history of it by yourself. And, you can do so by placing antique furniture in your space.

Antique furniture is made by hand that lend it extra durability and less need of cleaning and maintenance. This type of furniture is trend-proof, and well-cared antiques retain or increase in value with time.

The best way to incorporate antique hints to your home décor is through wooden tables and artwork. Start with coffee tables, nightstand and gallery walls to easily transform the entire space without breaking the bank.


Overhead Lighting 

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Make a big impact by switching your standard lighting with an overhead ceiling light fixture. It will not only improve lighting effect in the room but also creates a point of attraction, making the whole space feel more special and cozy.


Open Shelves

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Use open shelving throughout the house to showcase you unique collectibles. These airy shelves will make even a small room look larger.

You can even place pictures, bonsai trees, or artwork on these shelves to give your room a chic and eclectic feel.


Modern Sliding Barn Door

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Sliding barn doors have become so popular because of their rustic spark. These doors add a distinctive touch and unique warmth and texture to a room.

The great thing about modern siding barn door is that they are available in thousands of enchanting styles. Whether your room has a rustic, traditional or contemporary look, these doors make sense. These are suitable for lending a farmhouse beauty to your bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.


DIY Wall Molding

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Add interest to your walls with creative and decorative wall molding. It’s easy to cut and install! There’re abundant of videos tutorials on the internet that will help you DIY wall molding.

We suggest it only if you have enough time and passion for carrying out an excellent molding job. Otherwise, interior designer in Singapore are always there to assist you.


Upgrade Stairs

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For most of us, the staircase is the last thing in our homes we’d think to decorate. Just look at your staircase, and you’ll see how boring it is.

There are lots of ways to upgrade your stairs. Paint them in multiple colors; fix wallpaper or chevron on risers, depict your favorite book on each step, use LED lights, and much more, you can do with these steps.

A house is where your heart feels the real happiness, comfort, and peace. It’s not an option, but your responsibility to bring inspiration to your home in the best possible way. Home décor is not always an expensive affair. By incorporating the elements listed above, and using video tutorials on the web, you can transform and give a surprising impact on your residential beauty with little or no money.

Try these tips and share your experience with us in the comment section below!