10 Unusual Things to interior design your Walls

When it comes to renovation, the budget is the one thing that busts everyone with fear. We spend oodles of money, hire professional designers and scale an over-budget interior design to make the place look more beautiful. However, small changes like designing plane walls can remodel your complete home.

While some savvy home-design lovers decorate the wall with antiques, some people want to make their free space look quirky yet stylish.

So, whether you want to transform your house or just want to create a statement in your boring and plane walls, have a look at some exciting yet unusual ideas to do the job.

Add Pop-Art:


You perhaps not a bibliophile or a music lover, but let your wall showcase it. Throw a pop art of your favorite artist or add your favorite book, or maybe a cartoon character to decorate your walls. Throw some art of rock music, or you can blow-up a villain scene to project the beauty of the room. Create your wall as per your mood and style.

  • Tip: Use black and white to project the art, or use a dash or color (basic) to make artistically look.
  • Pro tip: If you have used vibrant colors on the wall, make other things look subtle and basic.

A Map on the Wall: 


What’s more interesting than an oversized map of the places you wish to travel in front of your eyes? If you have already traveled a lot, hang your travel mementos on walls. Decorate your walls as wanderlust’s gallery or simply put the map as a vintage-like pull down to add a dash of art in your place.

  • Tip: Use maps to create jumbo letters and repurpose things.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t put it in your master room or entrance. Instead, use it on the back of your bed or in your study to make it look interesting.


Hang Furniture:


In apartments where people don’t have the luxury of space, hanging things on the wall is a perfect idea to place everything with a twist. Also, this way, you can make most out of one single room. You can hang bed, chairs or anything that folds-out easily on the walls.

  • Tip: Don’t put everything on the wall; it will make the place look shabby.
  • Pro Tip:  While inserting wall bed, put enough space to put the comfortable mattress. The slimmer your wall space, the thinner you mattress will become.


The wheel’s on Walls: 


Make a wall masterpiece from an old bicycle and let it be the art piece to enhance your room. This perfect wall décor idea will benefit those cyclists who don’t own much space or have shed to keep their vehicle safe from weather and theft. You can add a frame or can accessorize it with things like wheels around it. Keeping bicycle in proximity will make it easy for the people who are always on the go.

  • Tip: Use straight wall instead of corner one.
  • Pro Tip: Clean filth from wheels every time you put the bicycle on the wall.

Jewelry on walls:


Jewelry serves many purposes, one being making the person wearing it look good. But, have you ever wondered what an ordinary neck piece could be a wall décor? Hanging jewelry on the wall will make it easy for the women to pick their regular piece when getting ready in the morning. Put long necklaces on two nails in U-shape to make it look sorted and beautiful. You can use this décor theme onto your dressing-room wall or a bedroom wall.

  • Tip: Don’t hang elastic neck pieces as it will hamper the quality of the jewelry.
  • Pro Tip: Put elastic tape on the outer side of the nail to make it smoother.

Colored Tie Knots:

Do you have ties lying in your cupboard? Don’t hide them; they are beautiful too. Hanging ties will make the wall look colorful and your closet less fussy. Plus, you will be able to find your perfect one at once. You can put this above staircase to showcase your collection.

  • Tip: use them as a wall décor by putting them in a circular frame.
  • Pro Tip: make patterns and graphics to create more colorful and playful look.


Fruit and Veggie Basket:


Use wire baskets to store veggies and fruits instead of using a basket placed on the counter. This way, it will be easier for you to have access to everything. Plus, you would know when you have to go shopping next time. The bright colors of veggies and fruits will make the complete room colorful and beautiful.

  • Tip: Put soft veggies and fruits in different baskets.
  • Pro Tip: Don’t keep two different veggies in one basket.


Liquor wall: 


Custom made any wooden rack or get the one from the market to put it against the wall. Now put all your liquor and wine bottles into it to make it a bar. For wine drinkers and entertainment lovers, having this kind of wall is the best thing to have easy access to the liquor. You necessarily don’t have to stock-up the wine for every hole instead; you can fill as many as you want.

  • Tip: Make wine glass stand near it to make access to the liquor a breeze.
  • Pro Tip: Put rustic and natural wood to make the place look natural.

Utensils wall: 


Lack of storage space in the kitchen is very common, especially among ones who live in small apartments. However, you can maximize space by adding a pegboard on the wall. This way you can hang all your pans and utensils making it more accessible while cooking. It will also save cabinet space as well as create less mess on countertops.

  • Tip: Let the utensils drain before hanging.
  • Pro Tip: Place the pegboard near the kitchen counter.

So that was some clever ideas to bring more space to your place. If you are running out of space, let your walls help you. Use them and add the wow factor to your abode.