11 Craziest Things To Do With Tree Stump – Best Carpentry Guide

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That lovely tree in your garden!!! You saw it growing from a sapling and transforming into a majestic tree. Its smiling twigs offered your shade during sunny days, and the beautiful color of its leaves during autumn would add an incomparable charm to your house’s exterior. It becomes a much-loved part of your family, and you wish it could stay with your forever. However, unfortunately, like every tree, your beloved conifer is dying. You have to cut it down from the landscape.

Guess the good news! It’s not a sign of the end of the usefulness of your lovely tree. You don’t need to grind out the bare or may be an unsightly stump. Another thing is removing the stump can be exorbitant regarding cost and effort.

Whatever the reason is, you’ll love this unsightly stump with wildly popular concepts suggested by expert carpenter Singapore. Be ready for an enchanting tour through woodland abodes where tree stump mosaic tables, lofty birdhouses, wooden charger plates, and many other attractive and natural-feeling elements will please every onlooker.

With a little effort and time, it’s a cinch to convert a boring tree stump into a gorgeous centerpiece that will add a natural and classic flare to your green space and even rooms inside your home.

Fairy House

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Convert the tree stump into a magical sounding fairyland by incorporating natural elements. Young and young at heart will definitely cherish this whimsical childhood treasure. Looking at the growing tree stump to fairy garden trend, we assure that this project will provide endless hours of entertainment to those who loved fairy tales in their childhood or still love them.

You could use scrap wood and recycling material to make this tiny house. Decorate it with a mossy roof, colorful mushrooms, signage, a tiny ladder, and the dreamy house is ready to welcome small winged guests.


Backyard Fun 

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Why don’t get some at-home fun to your little ones? If you have got a large-sized tree stump, convert it into a fun-loaded slide for your kids. Get molded plastic footholds and buy some sturdy climbing grips to attach with the stump.

Make sure you attach a wooden safety fence and bolt the slats tightly around the stump. Make sure you stabilize the board using very thick ropes. Complete the project by adding a colorful slide and keep youngsters occupied.


Into a Planter 

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Convert a naturally-hollowed or rooted out tree stump into a beautiful planter for adding a character to your home exterior. If it’s not hollowed naturally, then use a power drill to hollow out the stump.

Make sure the depth is enough to accommodate 4 to 6 inches of soil plus a few inches for space at the top. Now put your favorite flower plants into the hole and place it anywhere around your house.


Curate Your Throne At Home

Sculpt your tree stump into a comfortable chair to spend hours of rest in the arms of nature. Cut the trunk of the tree to an appropriate length using a chainsaw. Now, start carving it in the form of a chair seat with armrests and decorative back.

This throne can be a great addition to therapeutic activities and a welcoming respite from a long, hectic day. Just get your favorite book and cup of coffee, and nestle down in this beautiful chair for hours.


Make Board Games 

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What could be a better use of a dead stump than converting into a fun-evoking board game? Get something interesting to your smartphone kids that they would never resist. Paint the tree stump into a board game, such as chess and tic-tac-toe, which will entice them to stay outdoors. It will keep them away from spending time on video games and mobiles.

Also, use all natural elements like painted rocks as ladybugs and bumblebees, if possible. Coat the top of the stump with an exterior sealer to preserve this natural game board. Just pull your lawn chairs, get some snacks and begin the game!



Though it’s a little laborious, you can get cost-effective and lovely-looking coasters out of skinny tree trunks and tree stumps, which are less wide and can be easily cut into coasters using a chainsaw.


Glowing Garden Décor

Do you love glowing stuff in your garden? Well, you can transform those useless tree stumps into amazingly glowing garden décor. Get the top of stumps painted with glow-in-the-dark paints. Make sure you use different colors to add a captivating effect in your backyard.

Also, don’t forget to clean the top of the stump before applying the paint. It’s perhaps the best, easiest and one of the most creative tree stump project.  Get some help from a finish carpenter to guide you on color selection.


Tree Stump Stool

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If you have got a tree stump of the right size, or a hefty log cut from a trunk, then you can turn into a comfortable and natural setting. Attach a cushion at the clean top of the stump to convert it into a stump stool.

Be sure you use a weather-resistant material if you want to put it outdoors. Otherwise, sew a basic, round-shaped pillow using canvas and fit it as a sleeve around the flat-topped stump.


Garden Sculpture 

Do you love carving or sculptures? Then, if you have got a tree stump in your garden, it means you have an excellent material for a beautiful garden sculpture. You can convert it into an animal figure, fairy tale character, garden scarecrow or anything you like. Talk to a professional and reputed Carpenter in Singapore who would help you accomplish this project meticulously.


Wine Rack

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Create a visually unique and striking wine rack out of a tree stump. Drill a few wide holes in the stump, which should be large enough to accommodate bottles of your favorite wine.


Mini Library

If you have the skills to keep patience, you can sculpt a tree stump into a lovely mini library to store all your favorite books inside. Moreover, the library will be like a closet with a door.

Got more ideas? Share lovely inspirations with other readers and us. Also, if you are going to try any of the above ideas, share pictures of your project with us.