11 Luxurious Design Ideas for this Summer

As the summer season begins, the rising temperature may tell you to make changes in your home design. We all try our best to make the home of our dreams that is comfortable and luxurious as per our expectations. If we need to spend some extra money on the interior design of our home, we should do it to make it luxurious for the summer season.

Check out some of the best home design ideas to make your home a really beautiful and luxurious place.


Decorate the entryway

The entryway creates the first impression on the guests when they visit your home. The outside as well as the inside of your entryway both contribute to enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Paint the outer wall with a light color as light colors absorb less heat. Place some plant containers on both sides of the entryway outside the entry door and plant lush green plants in them.

Sleep with aquatic life

Sleeping in a different world will fantasize you as well as your guests. Install a large aquarium on the back side of your bed, and you will have all the beautiful marine creatures besides you. The light of the giant aquarium will offer you a good night’s sleep with all those tiny creatures swimming across your head.


Backyard Pool

Interior pool can be one of the best design ideas to chill in this summer. Create a small pool in the backyard of your home to chill yourself and relax in the evenings. The backyard pool is the best to relax after a busy day of work and on off days. Remember, you need to take good care of the pool to protect it from dirt, algae and microorganisms.


False Ceiling

A false ceiling is the best thing you can do to accentuate your rooms this summer. It offers your ceiling an appealing makeover that also acts as a good insulator of heat and prevents it from heating up. Using insulating material keeps your ceiling as well as the rooms cooler. The false ceiling absorbs the sound and offers good acoustics to your room. It reduces the noise and makes your living space a quieter place to relax.


Outdoor view

Welcome the summer season by experiencing the outside view of your garden, pool or backyard. Place some chairs or a sofa facing the window that offers a beautiful outside view. How you feel is important to enjoy living in your home. If the outside view of nature makes you feel good, it can be the best interior design idea to implement in your home.

Kids Area

Summer time means that your kids will be in the house for the summer vacation. Create a kids area in your living room by placing the things that your kids like. Also, decorate the sofas and furniture with multiple colors of fabrics and slipcovers. Place the toys and items like seashells, pinecones and other such things that your kids would like to play with. You can also put a LED display screen to play some kids shows for them.


Comfy outdoors

We all like to spend winters in the indoors, and the interiors feel more cozy and comfortable, but it is the opposite in summer. This is the season when you would like to spend your mornings and evenings outside. Place some chairs and a table in the verandah or garden of your house to sit in the morning and evening time. Also, place some planter vases or container plants in the sitting area to make it look natural.  The basic idea is to feel the freshness, colors and beauty of nature in summer and it can be achieved by creating an outdoor area to relax.


Use light textures and patterns

The textures and color patterns of the walls in your rooms also create an impression on the guests and how you feel while sitting in a room. Paint your walls in the light colors and get the sofa covers and table cloth of a similar shade. Light shades and textures absorb less heat and keep the rooms cooler even when you put your AC to sleep. White and neutral colors are the best to beat the heat in summer season.


Flower Vases

Using vases in your home decor are a great way to add fragrance and beauty to your living room. Get some glass and ceramic vases and place them on table tops, shelves, racks and corners in your home. Buy some light colored roses, lilies or tulips and place them in the vases on your table tops. Put some decorative sticks in the mid size vases and place them on shelves or corners. Large size vases look good on their own; you can use them empty or put some flowers with large stems.



Lighting in your rooms has a great effect on your feelings and moods. Warm yellow lights are good for the fall and winter season. Replace them with cool white lights in your rooms and outside seating area. Make sure the light and light systems you use for lighting your rooms do not radiate heat. Use bright and soft lights to lighten up your house this summer. Make sure you use the area specific lights in your rooms, porch or backyard as the lights for every area are different.



Windows and ventilators are important for maintaining the light and temperature in your house. Cover the windows with light colored tissue curtains as they are translucent and allow light to pass through them partially. When you want a dim light in your room, close the curtains on the windows and get ready to enjoy the natural light. If you don’t use air conditioners, it is best to keep the ventilators open to allow the ventilation of air.



The summer season can be great if you take care of the little things and make some changes in your home design. Follow these design ideas to make your home a luxurious and comfortable place to live in this summer.