12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Plants can make your home look brighter and green. They add natural beauty to our living space and also purify the air you breathe. Plants reduce stress and looking at them makes us feel better. You can easily design the interior of your home with plants as you do with artwork furniture and other items. It’s easy to use plants in your home, but you should know which plants to use and where to place them.

Interior design company Singapore tells you the best ways to decorate your home interior with plants.


Place them on the Shelves

 Shelves are the perfect places to display plants in your rooms. You don’t need to design customized shelves to display your plants; you can use your floating shelves or bookshelves to showcase your plants. You need to take care that the containers in which you display your plants on the shelves are light and they look good on your shelves. Place each plant in a different container instead of same containers. You can also place plants on the fireplace mantel with other decorative items.


Plants on Wooden Racks

Wooden racks are a good place to display your beautiful plants. You can place different container plants on wooden racks, but you need to water the plants with care as access water can harm the plants and spoil the wood. Placing a ceramic plate under the containers also help collect the excess water and prevent it reaching the wood.


Potted plants in your Living Room 

Plants look good in the living room as it purifies the air and add to its beauty. Place some potted plants on the tables and shelves to add some greenery to your living room. Money plants can be placed anywhere but nor behind the furniture. You need to make sure that the plants should be visible over the furniture in your living room. Bamboo plants grow long and are best to place in the corners as they can be seen over the furniture in your living room.


Hanging Plants for Your Bedroom

 Hanging plants such as money plants look good in your living room as well as the bedroom as they don’t need much space to be placed. Some plants are hanging plants, but you can also place other plants in the hanging containers. Try putting some hanging and drooping plants in the middle of a wall to the make it looks beautiful.


Use a variety of containers

If you want to place a variety of plants on a single shelf, place them in different types of containers. You can use ceramic as well as plastic containers with different prints and designs to add variety to your collection. If you love to paint, you can also buy plain ceramic containers and paint them on your own in different designs.


Use wide Leafy Plants

Wide leafy plants not only look beautiful, but also bring positive energy into your home.  Try some plants with wide leaves and place them in beautiful pots in your living room. Make sure that they get proper sunlight and water as green leaves dry in the absence of water and light. Most of the plants retain water in their leaves that makes them look greener and shinier.


Decorate with Branches 

Branches and shoots have their own grace, so try some leafless plants along with whole plants on your tables or fire mantle. Branches when placed with plants having small leaves attract attention and add variety to your collection. Try to use branches and shoots with other plants to add uniqueness and grace.


Hang them on the Railings

 You can decorate your railings with some hanging plants. Use some hanging frames on your railing to place any containers in them and fill them with various flowering plants. Plants with dark colored leaves and flowers look good on light colored walls. Handing plants are good to plant in balconies and terrace and windows. Money plants, snake plants, and staghorn ferns are some beautiful hanging plants to use in balconies and railings.


Use Clusters 

Place some clusters of plants in the corners or empty spaces to make the most of your living space. Clusters of plants are good to fill the empty and wasted spaces in your house. You can use them in the rooms, lobby, and verandah like areas in your house. Try using big plants with long branches to fill the most of your space.


Spill out Plants

Try some plants spilling out of the containers adds some movement to your living space, whether you place them in your living room, bedroom or any other area of your house. Spill out plants are best to use on shelves and places with height above the eye level so that they can be easily seen.


Use some Cactus and Succulents

Mix up your collection with cactus and succulents rather than using only flowers and leafy plants. Try using different colors of succulents and put them in white or light colored containers. Also, place them on the shelves of areas that are out of reach of children as some succulents contain thorns which can harm the kids. Mistletoe cactus, rattail cactus, jade plant and aloe vera are some good examples of succulents to decorate your home.


Use Some Ferns 

Ferns are plants with the small but large quantity of leaves. Ferns look good in the living room and bedside tables. You can hang long ferns above your dining table or place them on your bedside table to fill the small spaces in your rooms. They don’t need much space and can be placed in any small space in your house.

You also need to take good care of your plants so that they continue to add beauty to your living space. Use these interior design ideas to bring some indoor greenery and fill the empty spaces in your house to reduce stress, breath pure and fell the essence of nature right in your home.