14 Cute Halloween Ideas for Spooktacular Home Decor

Are you excited about Halloween? Are you looking for great ideas to turn your house into a charming ghoulish destination this festival? Well, if this is the case, we got you some great ideas to transform your house in no minute for the upcoming creepy celebration.

Depending o your budget, time and size of the event, you can go for small ghostly addition. You can even transform a portion of your house, like the room, garden or even porch with interior changes, if it’s going to be a grand celebration with family, friends, and neighbors.

Make sure you consult with your interior designer to get the best Halloween renovation ideas that won’t affect your property post festival as a home interior mistake.

Ghostly Window Shades

Credit: homebnc

Give your windows a scary addition with these ghostly window shade swatches. You can either buy them from a party prop supplier or even make it yourself at home. Just browse a YouTube Channel or a Halloween house décor blog to find the great ideas for making ghostly window shades.


Luminary Floating Witch Hats

Credit: awesomediys

Decorate your front porch with wickedly bright floating witch hats. To bring more bits of whimsy, use luminary floating hats that light up to bring fun and look slightly eerie. These luminary hats are simply amazing and leave your home with a talk of the neighbors.


Bat Colony

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Flutter your walk up and down the staircase with nocturnal bats. These floppy felt creatures are widely associated with creepiness. Bats symbolize dark and Gothic elements, be it a Halloween card or a themed home décor. It is why establishing a colony of paper-made bats on your staircase can be the spookiest idea for the festival.


Eerie Entryway

Credit: homedit

Trick out your front porch with frightful fun on Halloween evening. You can add a sweet drama to this most noticeable area for trick-or-treaters with candy corn-filled hurricanes. You can also turn your front porch drastically with tattered cheesecloth draperies. To lend it an aged look, soak the cheesecloth in tea water overnight.

Create a clever look of the shattered window with frosted contact paper. For a truly horrifying Halloween decoration, collect seven plastic skulls. Paint them black and white, group them and hand to the porch ceiling or overhang. You can also hang faux raven or body parts to achieve the look.


Hair-Raising Terrarium

Give a creepy twist to your small cute woodland world. Collect rocks, moss, and twigs from your backyard and scout the house for chic and inspiring Halloween theme decoration. Use skulls and scary birds to make it look creepier.

Credit: pinimg

Remove the lid from Mason jars and build a ghostly scene right on your corner table. When the miniature landscape is finished, screw the jar lid, you can place it near a window or on the front door too.


Vampire Napkin Rings

Trick out your guests on Halloween using spooky table settings with a cute set of scary vampire rings. You can splash the white cloth napkins with edible red colorants and secure it around the center of plastic vampire teeth rings.


Bloody Table Runner 

Credit: diyprojects

To create this so-simple-yet-insane DIY, you need red acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and Gauze. Dab the brush into the red paint and brush it on the gauze runner sporadically.

To create a Dexter-inspired look, swipe little splashes of red paint onto candle votives, Mason jars, plastic cups or anything destined to accentuate the table settings.


Lace Pumpkin

Credit: pinimg

Design a splendid classic lantern; pumpkin is of extremely use. Simply paint your pumpkin with white paint. Make sure the paint looks very even on the surface as if it was harvested white.

Then wrap a strip of black lace around the painted pumpkin. If the lace is not available, you can also use a thick headband. Moreover, you can cut a strip of lace stocking and fit it around the widest area of the painted pumpkin.


Create a Cast of Characters 

Want to purchase a new Halloween costume this year? Don’t know what to do with the old one? Well, you can decorate this year’s Halloween art using last year’s costume. Craft pumpkins and gourds in shapes of horrifying characters and then use the parts of your old costume to stylize those characters.


Boo-tiful Weather

Just imagine white felt ghosts and black bow! Does it sound little scary? Well, you can combine both to make another perfect ghostly decoration with a wreath. Just spray your wreath with gray or black cover. You can also leave it natural for a mysterious effect.

To pump it up, you can wrap lollipops in tissues to turn it into a ghostly Halloween treat. Then cover the wreath by tucking a ribbon under it or attach it to using glue.


Scary Paintings in Hallway

Credit: bottlebrusharts

Do you remember The Nightmare, Smiling Spider, some of the scariest paintings in the world? Well, you can hang those paintings around the hallway to give your guests a burst of horror as they pass through it. These disturbing art pieces from the history will add a true essence of scariness to your Halloween décor.

Decorate Tree Branches

Credit: thefuntimesguide

Create a perfect ghostly perch using LED lanterns, faux black ravens, bats, and pumpkins to spice up your regular backyard with hints of creepiness.

Make sure the tree you choose is sturdy enough to climb up and hanging heavy items like crafted pumpkins and LED lanterns. Also, don’t over-decorate the tree and keep it minimal to magnify the overall effect.


Spider Web Doormat 

Credit: deliacreates

To serve the every taste of Halloween, the market is full of festival-inspired décor items. A spider web doormat can be a great addition to your home décor this season. Make sure the doormat is capable enough to protect the web from trick-or-treating feet.

The Costume

Credit: halloweencostumes

Last but not the least; get yourself the spookiest look on this Halloween using the spine-tingling costume. You can ask your designer to stitch one for you, or you can buy it from an online or outdoor retailer.

If you are using home décor items, you have multiple options to choose from. But if you want to make a major change in your home interior to make your house party-ready for Halloween, don’t forget to talk to your interior designer.