2018 Interior Design Color Trend Ideas For Home Décor 

If we talk about the 2018 interior design ideas, color tops the list of major elements to consider. The colors create a good mood in the house. Depending on the trends of the decor, they become dull and neutral, sparkling and full of vitamins, soft and bright. The idea is to be inspired above all; we draw the colors that resonate with us according to our moods. The main lines of the painting and color trends create an atmosphere in line with our lifestyle. White chalk, Atlantic blue, and Babar green, the paint manufacturers imagine colors to infinity on an ever more different color chart.

Neutral tones, exalted shades, bold white are the hues that take place in the house, leaving aside apprehensions. Paint manufacturers and furniture designers encourage as many people as possible to pick bold colors in a palette of characters.

Linked to our desires and our lifestyles, such ranges are inspired by our moods for an interior where we love to be and spend time. After the Nordic Wave, what will be the highlights of 2018? Elements of answer with the pro of the color, this article will decode the 2018 color trends that you should go for.

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Green in All Its Variations

It has been spotted in decor magazines and inspiring shops, the green imposes its place in the house. Version persimmon, mint or forest, green tends to assert itself to reveal the full extent of its personality.

“The green gets more and more into the house, it moves serenely but surely. The color becomes very important and evolves a lot, it’s sophisticated, worked-in hues, in line with the” jungle “trend, and the greens are derived from nature with highly saturated colors. It is a color that is not always easy to put forward in the house. The green delights, for example, in a corridor with a shade of walls and another for the doors. ”

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Bring Elements That You Would Imagine More Easily Outside

Cork and terracotta are two good examples that can create a decoration with earthy colors. Terracotta is particularly suitable when it comes to composing a rustic interior with an eclectic side. The earthy tones are all the more beautiful as they are finished with a matte coating.
The Tikki culture will undoubtedly be in the limelight in 2018. Most people appreciate the exotic aspect of Polynesian culture. The earth-colored decoration is an excellent way to re-create an island atmosphere. Use earthy tones to decorate your garden and terrace.
Do not be afraid to introduce earthy colors into your interior decoration with the help of interior design in Singapore.


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Navy Blue Is Becoming Fashionable 

Green is not the only fashionable color. In 2018, many owners will choose navy blue to replace black. Navy blue goes well with most other colors. It allows you to create beautiful tone-on-tone scales. You can associate the navy blue with bright blue already present in your decoration, and the result will be magnificent. Navy also has an advantage over black. You can use it as the darkest color of your home decor. Unlike black, navy blue does not make smaller pieces appear.
Navy blue will be one of the colors that will come back throughout the year 2018.

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Nordic Colors Evolve

For several seasons, the Nordic and Scandinavian trend has been invading the home décor ideas. It was thought out of breath, it is different, more mature. “In line with the Scandinavian trend, the very cold colors become denser and become deeper.” Stripped down, the colors go to the essential and come closer.

The authentic style of the Scandinavian countries for an intensified character and personality!

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Sophistication and Vibrant Colors For 2018

In continuity with the fashion of copper, the decor likes to create sophisticated interiors, with the colors evoking opulence, from a specific past to the glorious hours. “With a return to gold and brass, the colors become quite rich and an emerald green velvet sofa with nude cushions, for example,” adds extra elegance.

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Kraft and Rough Shades

Conversely, the trend of 2018 also turns to natural and essential colors. The desire for a “slow-life” continues.  In a trend towards dematerialization, you should try to go against the tide with the world of” neo artisans,” the desire to make sense of handcrafted objects Kraft has a lot to do with this trend: the colors are neutral, very raw, the colors naturalistic. They are inspired by choice of light wood or wheat.

The hues are also sharper and more sincere. “People want real colors, a gray that is not bluish. So, trends are supposed to have new interior design ideas with sharp colors, shades of driftwood or powder pink.”

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Bold Hues, Full of Personality

As a sign of an evolution of our relationship to color, in 2018 the hues become intense, unrestrained, to cover a wall or a whole room in the house. We see a need to re-enchantment with bright colors such as mustard yellow or emerald green. There is a return to certain, more vivid colors in a slightly bohemian theme, with linen and rattan. ”

These tones are fun with the decor, and everyone handles the color according to their desires and ideas. The sharp, dense and vivid shades can work with touches, and they work equally flat, in contrast with a neutral tone, or in combination with another intense color, such as camel, aqua blue, yellow Mirabelle, green ficus, and so on.

“The palette is bold, the colors are exalted, saturated, they create a surprise.”

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Stay Clean and Hygienic With a Decor All In White

Colors play a central role in the decoration of 2018 and white is a safe bet. So, when it comes to decoration, off-white or chalk color expresses naturalness and raw beauty. The plain white tones give an impression of cleanliness and freshness.

Another interesting aspect, the white is invited with a full identity in the interiors. It asserts itself by silencing those who do not consider it a color in its entire splendor.


Bottom Line

To put in a nutshell, the knowledge of the decorating color trends allows you to multiply ideas. They help in creating a home where you and your loved ones live with joy and enjoy the moments of happiness.