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5 Basic Carpentry Tools

Carpentry is a job that requires skilled craftsmanship. A carpenter is expected to give finishing touch in a way that the finish carpentry seems precise.  It takes years of hard work, labor and practice to achieve perfection in this skill. Part of the learning is mastering the basic tools of the trade. Let us have a look at some Basic Carpentry Tools:

1. Hammer:

Hammer is one of the most common and basic tools in carpentry. And isn’t it interesting when you think of hammer, it automatically reminds you of the nails. Well, hammers come in varied weights and sizes. If you intend to go l lot of hammering and nailing, don’t forget to protect your eyes with safety glasses. If you are to give a finishing touch to your carpentry, we recommend using a small-sized hammer in comparison to the big-sized one.

2. Carpenter and Speed Square:

The Speed Square is another basic tool used to measure or check the size and flatness of a surface. You can even make a pattern over a wooden surface through the speed square. The normal carpentry squares are L-shaped and bigger, while speed squares are triangular and smaller. Both are important from each other’s perspective.

3. Tape measure:

Go for a tape measure that is cheap, flexible and comes with a roll-back feature. Accuracy is paramount for using any tape measure. Tape measures come in different types and styles. Just take one carpenter’s pencil and don’t forget to mark along with your tapes and squares.

4. Tool Belt:

A tool belt is the most important tool in the entire carpentry trade. Can you imagine picking every tool one by one? Well, a Tool belt allows you to have everything within reach without leaving your position. Its multiple pockets and holders help in assorting various carpentry tools. It saves you both, energy and time. It helps you be organized and access all the required tools in one go.

5. End cutter

Well, though end cutters come in different sizes, we recommend having a 7” end cutter. Though it is small, but it will serve two-fold purpose. It will easily get fit into the tool belt and can be used for tough jobs too. It can be used for multiple purposes.

Thus, these are the basic carpentry tools that can help you deliver fast and neat. These basic tools, though common, make your work look sharp and neat.