7 Doable Interior Design Room Tips and Ideas for Booklovers

Some people can’t stand the idea of staying at home during their spare time. They always feel the need to go out, be with their friends, and do exciting activities, among others. And when they do get to stay home, they feel restless. The same can’t be said for those in love with books. If given the chance, these people would spend all day long reading their collection of books without even leaving the sanctity of their houses. As great as that idea may be, these booklovers will be even happier if there are certain improvements installed in their home interiors to make their reading experience a whole lot better. Here are some design ideas and tips that will surely appeal to any booklover out there.


Spacious Bookshelves

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This is a must-have for anyone who has a book collection folks. These shelves offer a place inside your home where you can easily keep your books safe. At the same time, you can always view your collection without any form of hindrance for your leisure and relaxation purposes. If you’re the type who buys books at any given time, having a big shelf with lots of space will be ideal and helpful for you. Of course, you need to get a strong and sturdy shelf too that’s highly resistant against termites. In getting a reliable shelf, you are providing your books with a good home of their own.


Classify and Separate

If you’re the type who cannot get enough of books that you shop for and read almost all of them from various genres, you should learn to classify them and arrange those of the same kind together.  They say there’s art in a mess but not everyone will appreciate that. A little organization will make your reading life easier in the long run.

What you should do is create categories for your big collection of books. You can start by separating certain genres to make everything easy on the eyes. For example, you can separate the sci-fi from the classical novels. Put the self-help books and textbooks on another part of the shelf. Make the classification obvious so you can easily access what book you want to read for the day. This will also make it easy too for your family members and visitors to pick one that interests them. It’s a win-win solution for all when your collection of books is organized and easy to access any time of the day.


Display your Collection

Once you have your ideal shelf and you have a way to organize your books, the next step would be to display them. A good area to place all your books would be your living room. In this way, you can easily get a book you want to get lost in as you sit on your sofa for the whole day. Plus, your visitors or loved ones can join you too as they can simply look for a book of their choice. This is perfect for any lazy afternoon where you and your friends would just like to take it slow.


Add some Style

Whether it’s an inspirational quote or a painting, make your shelf stylish by adding an artistic touch on it. You can add some small art pieces or sculptures to provide a beautiful distraction in a view full of books. Furthermore, you can also buy toys or illustrations of your favorite stories to give another dimension to your collection. Whatever kind of decoration you go for, a touch of style will make it more attractive, even to those who don’t love books. When it comes to interior design and decoration, a little help from the professionals will surely go a long way for your personal book-collecting plans. You might also want to use these techniques to give your reading room a more cozy and warm ambiance.


Get a good chair

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Sometimes you want to read with a fully relaxed posture, almost lying down until you fall asleep. But there are times you want to sit up straight and concentrate on what you’re reading. This is the reason why you got to have different styles of furniture for your home library.

For starters, you can get a proper reading table and chair so your back is fully supported as you spend lots of time reading your favorite book. At the same time, you can also opt for a soft sofa or chair so you can be more comfortable in your leisure time. Just make sure you choose a chair or a table that won’t be a cause of body pain because you’re going to spend hours in this furniture.


Add a Touch of Nature

No matter how we spin it around, adding a touch of nature inside our homes makes it a lot livelier and more pleasing to our eyes. The same thought can be applied too to the area in our house where we store, display, and read our books. First off, you can put some plants on the table or within your view. You can also add vases filled with flowers to increase the aesthetic value of your interiors. No matter how you accomplish this step, make sure to add a touch of nature on your mini library. If you want a surefire way to achieve that touch of nature, hire professional interior designers who know exactly how to do that.

For those people with gardens and a greater love for the outdoors, you can combine your two interests. How? Well, you can also have a large window or a glass door that shows the view of your garden. In this way, reading your books within the comfort of your home will be made more enjoyable with a view of your beloved garden.


Put some Framed Wall Art for Inspiration

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Every bookworm will agree that there are times when you’d just want to fix your eyes on something for a short time while thoughts are running in your head. Sometimes, you pause and think about what you just read. Maybe, sip a cup of tea and imagine what if what you read happened to you in real life. What if you do that inspirational principle you’ve just read? All these thoughts can be processed better while you look at some unique and artistic framed painting on the wall. In order to make that possible, hang up some inspirational art works on your walls. This will make your interior design a lot more conducive for book reading.