7 Reasons Why You Should Go for CASE Trust-Accredited Contractors

When a need arises, we count on the professionals to deliver the results we expect in the fastest time possible. Whether it’s a broken window, a faulty electrical socket, installing new floors, or having your interiors decorated, it’s always the professionals who can exceed our expectations. If we choose someone or a business that’s questionable, we would end up with so much regrets due to a lot of valid concerns on poor performance and courtesy. Plus, consumers tend to spend twice as much to have their needs resolved when they hire a person who’s not fit for the task. That’s why it’s so important to hire contractors or businesses that are accredited by CaseTrust. In this way, you can be sure all your concerns will be addressed properly.

Basically, CaseTrust is a form of accreditation given to professionals and businesses by the Consumers Association of Singapore. This accreditation lets you, the consumers, know which businesses are committed in solving your needs with utmost transparency and professionalism. Here are some reasons why hiring a CaseTrust-certified contractor is better than just hiring any other ordinary service provider in Singapore.


The cream of the crop

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A CaseTrust accreditation simply means a contractor or a business is one the best in their own chosen industry. There are other professionals who can get the job done but contractors who have this certification are on a different level in every business aspect. They know how to deal with customers, the technicalities of the business, and even the latest trends in the industry. This means the service they’ll provide to you is, without a doubt, exceptional and proven.



Clear fee policies

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When it comes to pricing, a lot of consumers have a lot of questions in mind. Some will ask why a fee can be so costly while others are relatively affordable. At the same time, consumers will also inquire the inclusions of a professional’s rate. Having an accreditation by CaseTrust eases all of your worries when it comes to prices. That’s because businesses are required to be clear and forthcoming with their prices and how they can justify them to consumers. Let’s take for example the area of home improvement. It’s very important to hire CaseTrust-accredited interior design company that will not mislead you when it comes to pricing, because a layman on this industry does not have the knowledge to determine if the price is right. With a transparent approach to fees, consumers can be assured they won’t be cheated on their hard-earned money.


Proper business ethics and operations

Some professionals run their respective business using questionable ethics and practices. These methods have a tendency to cheat consumers of their time and money for the benefit of some corrupt contractors. On the other hand contractors who are open and honest on how they run their respective businesses enjoy the benefit of having supportive clients. Well, you won’t have a reason to fear those things from businesses with a CaseTrust accreditation. These businesses adhere to fair business ethics and operational practices that place an importance on consumers and the service they are going to get. This accreditation means every business practice has been analyzed so you can have more peace of mind. Furthermore, consumers can trust nothing bad will happen to them when they hire these accredited contractors.



Qualified and dependable staff

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Along with the professional you’re hiring, the corresponding personnel who’ll be working for you is also covered by the CaseTrust accreditation. This means these people also live by a set of rules and regulations that protect the consumer and ensure the service they are being hired for will be done efficiently. Furthermore, these personnel are better acquainted with ways on how to deal with their clients and how to serve them to the best of their abilities.




As consumers, we know something may go wrong when we hire contractors / interior designer to do a job for us. It’s only natural and even CaseTrust-certified professionals can go wrong in one or several aspects while performing their service for you. This is where contractors with CaseTrust accreditations will come in handy. For these businesses, accountability is a very important thing to ensure consumers have nothing to worry about them. Furthermore, consumers have the knowledge that if something unwanted happens, they have a means to air out their complaints and concerns without any trace of fear at all. In order to achieve that, there are CaseTrust mediation facilities in Singapore where both parties can meet and fix any misunderstanding between them. The best thing about these facilities is consumers won’t have to pay for anything at all. With this advantage on your side, you know you’ll be dealing with professionals without worrying about anything.




When consumers hire a contractor, service support is one of the many expectations that should be justified. Majority of service-oriented jobs in Singapore doesn’t take a single day to accomplish. In fact, some of these services take a couple of weeks before the job is done. Within that time, consumers would like to have updates on how the particular job is going and what is needed to complete it faster. This is where customer support comes in. With a CaseTrust-accreditation, you can be sure of constant support and communication to keep you updated throughout the entire process.

As a result of this customer support, contractors will prove their reliability in the services they offer. Consumers can know what’s going on and be assured nothing is going wrong with the job they needed don. This benefit greatly increases the confidence of consumers in CaseTrust-certified contractors and ensures only the best service is provided.



Superior advantage over non-accredited businesses

Contractors who have a CaseTrust accreditation tend to have a better chance at getting more clients than businesses that don’t have the aforementioned certification. That’s because consumers will give their trust more to contractors who have proven themselves with experience, training, and expertise in their chosen field. And one good way to know if a contractor has all of these qualities is with the presence of a CaseTrust accreditation. Meanwhile, contractors who are not certified by CaseTrust have a harder time convincing consumers they can handle the job with little concern or issues. CaseTrust is clearly an advantage every consumer will look for in a business they’re planning to hire.