Appealing 2019 Interior Design Trends To Beautify Your Home!

Shabby, classic, modern, industrial…and the list of design trends goes on!

Whether it’s a complete overhaul or just a few simple tweaks here and there, one of the major challenges homeowner face is the lack of understanding to define their personal interior design style.

While many loves keep the home design same, some look for inspirations to revamp the house every year. If you spend any time on the web, lusting over new trends and interiors for 2019, you will know that the new design trends are all about glare and subtlety.

There are rich colors, few neutrals, warm browns, classic design, apricots and gold, bold prints and many more things making their way into the everlasting collection of 2019.

If you are still stuck for inspiration, here are some designs that are worth checking to make your house 2019 ready:

Concrete Is The New Wood:  

Concrete is beautiful, stylish and restrained to be used in the home interiors. Besides, it needs minimum maintenance and is quite appealing. Of course, it does get scratched, but that adds appeal to the design.

You can use concrete walls and floorings to bring a seamless flow in the design. Not confined to the composite material, the trend also incorporates shades and modern ambience of concrete. Juxtapose this industrial stone design with other patterns to bring warmth in any space.

Convertible Dwellings: 

From modern and classic furniture to movable and multi-purpose built-in’s, convertibles have become the most intriguing trend of 2019. You can bring wall mounted beds, convertible sofa’s, folding tables and more folding furniture your home.

Further, this type of furniture is economical and takes very little space. They are up to date with modern design trends and are par according to the 2019 interior designing demands. So, say hello to modernized furniture that can adapt to a different space and can easily fit into challenging spaces.

Boho! They Never Go Out Of Style!

Boho’s never faded away and is now in the design world for a decade. It’s rich, offset and cool, offering fresh and laid-back feels to the new designs. And the best part, they can easily bring a sense of whimsical character in the design and can jazz up any space without much effort. Here are a few things you can use to give your home a boho feels:

  • A Statement Wall Hanging:  Weavers and macramé are having a big moment in 2019, and these things perfectly fit in the boho décor theme.
  • Multi-Tone Prints: Bohemian is all about mix ‘n’ match. The colors, patterns, and textures all mixed with soft and bold hues.
  • Textured Linens: Be it vintage-inspired throws or blankets, bedspreads or a large piece of fabric in the home, all are perfect to bring bohemian vibe in the space. Look for the pieces with varying texture, material and theme to create more collected yet modernized look.

Statement Hues: 

From mist colors in shades of blue to the mustard and mushroom hues, there shouldn’t be any wall in the house that’s left like a blank canvas. Here are some inspirational hues of 2019 that will be in the limelight throughout the year:

  • Hazelnut:  Hazelnut is a warm and inviting color that never goes out of style. Besides, it’s the most comforting tone that can easily go with the existing décor. Use them in your space to bring more light and to create a bouncing effect so that the room look bigger and larger.
  • Dark Green:  Also called as night watch, the dark green color was 90’s spotlight. From muted to moody tone, you can choose any one to bring botanicals and the nature in your space. Just make sure to use this color in well-lit large spaces as the intensity can overpower the small rooms.
  • Grey and Black: Gray tones are quite classic, warm and gender neutrals.  They are subtle, refreshing and vibrant enough to bring the refreshing touch in any space.
  • Soft Clays: Soft clay hues are great to bring the earthy spirit to any space.  Besides, they make a perfect alternative to the colors like brown and beiges as they offer sunny zest and elegance to any space. Have terra cotta, clove, caramel, and burnt orange to bring this color in your space.

Ceiling Designs Are Also In The Trend: 

Besides walls and hues, statement ceilings are also making a buzz in 2019. From wallpapered ceilings to the expressively painted to the molded and covered ones, they can instantly bring the visual appeal to any space. Decorating your ceilings for an elegant ambience has always been great for a luxurious home interior design.

Curvy-Curved Designs: 

A buzz in late 60’s, curved furnishings is making thier way in the new trend. Whether it’s the curved lines at tabletop or the asymmetrical rugs or the sofa and seating, the curved design trends can turn your home from simple to classy.

Geometrical And Tribal Prints Are Back: 

Geometrical prints never fade, thanks to their ethnic and tribal-inspired prints and the symmetrical harmony. Their warmth nature, offset feels and the easy to use familiarity is what makes them popular in 2019.

Besides, geometrical prints have the power of bringing life to any dreaded room. If a full-on heavy-handed geometrical pattern is not your choice, you can include small patterns like fresh linens, decorative pillows and small framed prints to bring a tribal vibe in the space.

Velvet Fabrics: 

From runways to the home décor, velvet can be called as the ‘It” fabric of the new trend. Available in a myriad of colors and applications like an eye-catching velvet pillow or the upholstered walls, there are many places where this alluring fabric can be incorporated. Sumptuously appealing, velvet couches and the bed are some of the most convertible ways to bring the fabric in the home.

Brass Is The New Home Accessory: 

Like a piece of jewellery in women’s closet, brass fittings, be it taps or door handles, has the power to give a finishing touch to the home.  A brass tap in the bathroom or kitchen will give an extra punch to the timeless marble spaces.  Also, it provides a cool contrast to ages old fittings and adds warmth to the simple design. Bring these factory inspired pieces in your home and give your place an edgy and cool vibe.

Are you ready to embrace the new interior design trend? Bring them in your home and make the most of the space lifetime and beyond.