Best Ways to use Vases in your Home Decor

Using vases in your home decor is the perfect way to add some style to your interior. Vases, whether filled with flowers, plants or sticks, can be perfect to offer your home an aesthetic look. The best thing about using vases in your home design is that you can fill them with anything from flowers to gemstones. Vases even if left empty, look good on their own and catch the attention of visitors.

Vases come in several materials such as ceramic, glass, plastic and metallic. You can use any type of material depending on the place where you want to use it. Using different types of vases and filling them with different items can add a sense of beauty to your interior. Here are some of the best ideas to use vases in your home design.


Vases with sticks

Put some decorative sticks in big size ceramic vases and place them in the corners of your living room or bedroom. Add some dark or golden color sticks in the vases and place them beside your sofa in the living room. If you want to use a mid size vase, then place it on a small tabletop in your room. You can also put some glow in the dark sticks in the vases to use it in your bedroom. You can also consult with your interior designer to guide you on decorating your home with vases.


Use flowers in small vases

Get a set of small ceramic vases and put some seasonal flowers in them. Using flowers in vases is a great way to add some natural colors and fragrance to your room. Place them or tabletops or bookshelves in your room. Roses, tulips, and lilies look perfect on the dining table and offer a sense of freshness to your dining hall. To make the flowers last longer, fill the vases with water up to half their length and dip the stem of flowers in water.


Decorative plants

Vases are not only meant for flowers. You can use decorative plants in ceramic or plastic vases to add some greenery to your interior. Put some plants with wide leaves in mid-size ceramic vases and place them on the entrance stairs. You can also put them on the stairs, but make sure that the branches of plants do not interrupt the stairways.


Candle holder vases

Buy some candle holder vases and put some candles in them. Use one as a table centerpiece on the dining table or the table tops in your living room. Candler holder vases usually come in glass material, but you will also find some ceramic vases in the market. Glass vases are transparent and can hold the complete candle inside them while the ceramic vases come with holders to hold the candles.


Narrow neck vases

Get some large ceramic or glass vases with narrow necks and put some flowers with long stems in them. Due to their large size, you can place them directly on the floor in the corners of your rooms. If you want to use mid-size vases, use them on the shelves, or table tops. Narrow neck ceramic vases look good on their own, so you can use them as it is to maintain their original beauty.


Planter vases

Vases can also be used as planters to add some greenery to your home. Plant your favorite plants in ceramic vases and place them in the corners or stairs. You can also use the old crockery in your kitchen to plant some small plants. Make sure to make a hole in the base of the vases to allow the drainage of excess water in the soil. You can place the planter vases directly on the floor or shelves or place them in the stands or hanging stands. Using planter vases is a great way to decorate your home with plants.


Fill them with unique items

Get some bowl-shaped vases and fill them with unique items like gemstones, crystals, sand, pine cones, etc. Bowl shape vases filled with gemstones look good on table tops. Fill them with water and put some floating candles in them.

You can also use glass vases of other shapes to fill them with unique items. Glass vases are the best to use as anything you fill in them will be visible through the whole vase. Seashells, pebbles, marbles, and ornaments are some examples of unique items that can be used for filling the vases.


Ceramic cups and mugs

Using the ceramic cups and mugs from the kitchen is another great idea to use vases in your home design. Get some coffee mugs or large cups and put some flowers or plants in them. Place these coffee mugs with small plants in your windows or shelves. You can also put some hanging plants and place the vases on a planter stand. Adding decorative sticks in coffee mugs and placing them on the tabletops will also add an aesthetic look to your room.


Hanging Vases

Using hanging vases is an amazing idea to use vases in your interior design. Handing vases come in several shapes and sizes; you can use hanging vases empty or filled with plants or any other item. Hang some glass vases in the window to catch maximum light from the outside. Long vertical shaped glass vases look great when hanged from threads in a window.

Fill them with water and put some long stem flowers or plants in them to catch the attention of guests and add some beauty to your window. It is better to use plastic or metallic hanging vases in the windows so that they don’t break when they collide with each other due to the movement caused by air.



These were some of the best ideas to use vases in your home design. You can use these ideas as mentioned or customize them according to your choice. These ideas are great to make changes in your home design and decorate your shelves, table tops, corners or any other places where you want to add some volume. Use them single or in a combination of vases to add a sense of beauty to your home design.