Chic and Rustic Bedroom Project for Women

Excuse me boys, but this one’s exclusive for girls. Who says carpentry is a man’s world? This day and age where everything can be searched on the internet, a lot of women gear towards DIY-ing their stuff at home without the help of their husbands. They try to create their own personalized vases and canisters as well as photo frames and tables to add style to their rooms.

It’s not that surprising especially now that you can just type the keywords of the theme you want on Pinterest and see gazillion of ideas there. Today, we’re going to transform your familiar and traditional-looking bedroom into a chic and rustic personal space. We’ll make it stylish, cozy, and functional altogether by creating decorations and by upgrading the elements that are already inside. Now, let’s get to work.

Wood-Framed Quotations and Mason Jar Vases

Let’s start with the basics and the beautiful. Wood frames do a lot of magic when it comes to giving a rustic vibe on the wall. Print out a short quotation on an off-white rough paper and place it in an old-looking wood frame of your choice. You can easily cut wooden pieces to the size that you want and attach the ends together with a wood glue to make a frame.

As for the mason jars, there are stores selling them at affordable rates. Spray paint four of them with flat pastel shades of oceanic blue, gray, white, and rose pink, then display them next to each other on your bedside table. Ensure the safety of your family  by spray painting outside the house and in an enclosed booth if possible. Put fresh white flowers on them and you have a spiced-up bedroom table.

Tall Framing for your Bed Corners

This addition to your bed frame may require a little help from a professional carpenter Singapore can offer. You’ll need four tall and thin wooden enclosures for the corners of your bed. They should extend upwards to as tall as two meters from the floor.

They can be as thin as two to three inches, depending on your preference. Finally, have a quadrilateral frame on top of the bed with the same dimensions as your bed. This is an instant rustic and chic addition to your bed.

 Wooden Wall-Mounted Coat Hooks

Sometimes, you just really need to pick a different look for a very common and functional fixture  in the bedroom such as a coat hook. Girls, you can DIY this item and automatically create a rustic element that will accentuate your room. Pick an old-looking wood plank that’s four- to five-inch wide and paint it gray. Drill holes on wood plank and attach the metal or wooden hooks with screws.

DIY Chic Pillow Covers

For a final chic touch, buy a set of light-colored (preferably pink, white, or blue) floral pillow covers. Practice your skills by sewing white laces three to four inches from each of the two sides of the cover. You can also add oversized buttons beside the lace to accentuate. Pick white buttons for a really chic and dainty look. You can also go for buttons with a wooden texture that you can easily find in arts and crafts stores.

After transforming your bedroom into a chic and rustic personal space that reflects your style, you can now move on to your cooking space to start the remodeling of your kitchen. You see, sometimes, we complicate things in an effort to achieve our goals, when in fact, you just have to start ‘DOING’ something. You go, girl!