Creative Ways To Use Wallpapers in Your Home


Walls certainly play a significant role in beautifying a space. Being a plain surface, they offer you enormous opportunities to experiment with amazing interior design ideas. They are great when you wish to decorate the walls in your home with minimal efforts.

Now, the wallpapers go beyond what hung in your granny’s living room. If you like stupendous designs of wallpaper, then why not add them to the walls of your home. As wallpapers come in an unending variety of designs and material, you have several ways to use them. Here you will find many creative ways of using wallpapers in your home.


Living room

We do not like to wear plain color shirts then why the walls should be retained with plain hues?  You know bare walls give a lot of scopes as they are just like a bare white canvass. Why not fill it with colors and let it become a great art piece! If you want to give a classy touch to your living room then choosing simple and subtle textured wallpapers will be the best option for you. Further, you can wrap the glass vases that are placed on your table, and they will have an entirely new look.

Another approach to using wallpapers in your living room is to cover half the wall. You can cover either the bottom or top half of the wall with wallpaper. It will lend a traditional appeal to your space. This style is particularly executed when the top half is covered with wallpaper and have paneling on the bottom half.


Display Space

Imagine an open shelf with same white hue, what you feel. You might want to uplift their look too. For such open shelves, you can pick metallic wallpaper as it will offer a gleam to the display space. You can even choose wallpaper with polka dots as they will give a creative touch to your area.



Stylish Cabinet

Floral designer wallpaper looks great on an open cabinet or vintage cupboard. Such patterns will add colors to the place, and it will also hide imperfections in the cupboard if any. If it is a dishware, you can make it stand out by using brown and cream paisley pattern wallpaper. This design of wallpaper will certainly create a sophisticated backdrop.

Frame it

If you do not like to cover the entire wall with a big wallpaper, then you can go for another option. You can make your own wall art too. You only have to cut ten squares of wallpaper in 4 or 5 different patterns and then framing them together. Just hang them in a rectangle shape on the wall and make an eye-catching wall art. Isn’t it super easy?



When thinking to uplift the look of your bathroom, make sure to pick a bold pattern. Here is a print of Buddha on the entire wall that is giving a mystique touch to the bathroom. If you are fond of flowers, then you can also go for black and white floral print. But, before you pick this theme, make sure that your bathroom has black and white furnishings. It will undoubtedly create a savvy bathroom.


Hang Wallpaper as Art

As wallpaper is not only for the ceiling to floor installation, you can use it as an individual piece in a unique manner. Frame two or three pieces of wallpaper and make a creative piece of art. You can hang them in any room and use them to hide imperfections or dents will be a wise idea. Isn’t it a great way to incorporate a style without much effort?


Inspiring opening

Wall covering makes a magnificent design statement, and they can enhance the theme of any place. When it comes to the entryway, you have to be little careful of the delicate paper. For example grasscloth, they are woven-textile papers. Such paper requires extra pasting, so it is better to go for durable material. Further, picking subtly designed wallpaper will add a touch of style and sophistication to your entryway.




We often forget this part of the home, but now you can add emphasis to this section with stylish wallpaper. Large patterns often look great at such section, and you can choose fun print wallpaper here. There is no doubt that this part of your home will become a focal point of the room with amusing wallpaper.


Table Topper

A fabulous way to spice up a plain table is to use decorative wallpaper. You can do it yourself by placing a paper directly on the surface of the table. After that, place a sheet of glass to hold that paper in the place. If you like cool patterns, then pick sky blue paper with a subtle design. In fact, you can switch the paper any time and give a new appeal to your living space.


Making a statement with Murals 

These days murals are in trend and using geometric or floral murals will offer high-quality images on your walls. You can pick any mural, and it will ultimately change the appeal and feel of the space. Have a look at the image to get an idea. These oversize blooms will turn any room into a modern art installation.




Whether you have a small bedroom or a big one, you can give it a stunning look. You only have to choose any one wall of your bedroom and hang your favorite wallpaper pattern on it. When you have completed this task, and just set it off with a complementary color on the remaining walls. There is no doubt that this approach will overwhelm your bedroom.

It all depends on which pattern you choose for a particular space. The key point is that a smart use of wallpapers can lend a lot of glamour to your home. Your place will look more attractive and appealing when you will use unique wallpapers. In fact, you do not even need to do any further decorations if you embrace gorgeous wallpapers.