Creative Ways To Use Your Attic

An attic of any house is as basically tagged as dumpster by the habitats. When you hear the word attic, the image of stashes of boxes and old empty boxes rises.

However, time demands to use every inch of the house, because let’s face it property rates are so high, and not all can afford large villas.

While some may feel that the traditional way of using the attic is quite all right, and leave attics out of their interior design, having a little extra space in the house always pays well.

So, today we will discuss how you can use your house’s attic, rather than just stuffing with all kind of boxes.


Turn Into A Traditional Gaming Room 

If someone will say “Gaming room is a bigger dream than the American dream.” It won’t be an understatement. You can turn your lifelong dream now, just, remodel your attic.

It is so easy to buy any of the classic arcade games on eBay or Amazon. You don’t have to “catch ‘em all,” these are not ‘Pokemons.’

One can buy the arcades games per month or year as per one’s budget. Now, these arcades are not just for fun; arcades games are great collectibles too.

So, indirectly you will be investing your money, and you got to have fun, how about that? Put some carpet on the floor and fairy lights on the layers, and you have a classical 90’s game station at your home.


Do The Attic Yoga

Attics can be a perfect place for yoga, why? Because it has access to the fresh air, thanks to the vents and the ventilators.

You can clear the boxes or make piles of them along the walls to clear the place. Or in case you don’t have another place to the hide the boxes.

Vacuum clean the place and place some not so ancient rugs on the floor of it. You can also cover the floor by laying down yoga mats permanently.

The rugs will give the attic an authentic and classic look, and with the morning sunlight, you will want to do yoga there.


Make it an extra closet

We have a closet already, but just like now, when the season changes, we have to make space for our new season’s clothing line.

In such times, we can use an extra closet in the house, up steps the attic. It may seem a little untraditional, but you should add some cloth stands into your attic.

This way, instead of wadding your winter clothes into boxes when summers arrive, you can have them ready to go in your attic.

We all have some dresses which we can wear during the summers and the winters too, the attic closet is for those.


A Cool Hangout Place

Short on space and the gang are planning to spend their next weekend at your place? No worries, move some boxes and stuff and initiate some bean bags into the attic.

There, you can bring in a LED, a play station four and some awesome games to play and you are set for a fascinating weekend.

In Addition to all that you won’t have to alter your interior design a lot for an excitable weekend with friends.

Also, you can bring a small fridge or a cooler for the refreshment or some board games too, which thanks to ‘Big bang theory’ are no longer lame.


It Can Be An Awesome Movie room 

Love horror movies? Or action? Or any movies what so ever? An attic movie room is all you need in your home.

You can comfortably fit a projector into your attic, or a giant LED screen and home theater speakers too.

Lay down some comfy mats or mattresses on the floor, throw some pillows around and rent some excellent movies.

You and your guests will love this mini cinema. Plus, if you are planning a movie marathon, bring a cooler for beers and some chips and you are set for the whole night.

Don’t forget to lock the doors before starting the movie-mania.


You Can Make It A Home office

Every then and now we have to work from home, there is no escaping that. It is a harder job than working at your office, more than ever when you have infants in your home.

The constant interruption in your work will leave you working more hours than you intended to.


Your house’s attic is the ideal place for a home office. It is quiet; it is disconnected from the rest of the house and children don’t have access to that.

All you have to do is to bring a table, a chair to your attic and an extension board in it. Place your desk and chair under the window for better and natural lighting.

If you want you can introduce a mattress to the attic too, but don’t get too comfy. You don’t want to sleep a whole day rather than working.

As long as we are on the subject check out our blog on fresh interior design ideas for office and soak some serious information.


An Attic Library? 

Just like offices, libraries also need quiet spaces, no disruptions and plenty of private space and time.

The best thing about moving your library into your home’s attic is that you won’t need additional shelves. Most of the attics nowadays have plenty of shelves already, move the boxes and place the books.


Again, chair and table are required. However, the mattress is not. One must always read while sitting in a proper posture.

Reading while lying down is bad for your eyesight too, so, no mattress. A reading lamp and as much light as possible is welcomed in here.



So these are some great ideas which you can follow to transform your attic into a whole different place.

Attics are usually ignored by the people, which is plainly wrong, and you have seen how it can be used for some seriously cool stuff.

Don’t forget to make sure the place is safe and has no insects or something, before moving more stuff in it.


Check for any leaks in the attic too, more often than not because of the negligence these places develop cracks in it.

So, it is better to be safe than sorry. For more exciting ideas, read our blog on redesigning your home for 2018’s summer to give your home a new and more stylish look.