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Designing your Child’s Room – Great Tips and Ideas

Children spend a lot of time sleeping, playing and working in their bedroom. It follows that space should reflect the taste and personality of your little ones. However, kids are notorious and never stick to the same taste forever. Their choices and preferences change from minute to minute. And, constantly updating their bedroom décor and design to suit their ever-changing tastes is tiresome, and not to mention expensive as well.

Decorating a kid’s room is not as simple as choosing the color combination for your outdoor area. But it involves lots of exciting design possibilities. Whether it’s a boy’s room, a girl’s bedroom, or nursery, you need an idea that will grow as your child grows older and still allows them to express who they are.

If you also relate to this, you’re in luck. Here are some tips to design a stylish, fun, cozy and comfortable bedroom that you child would absolutely love to stay.

Tips for Designing Child’s Bedroom


Involve your Child

It’s important to make sure your child’s room décor and design should make them feel at home. These should be the most stylish places to sleep and play for them. So, it’s not acceptable to comprise the importance for anything.

Allow your children feel that their room is their own space, by involving them in the designing process. Don’t forget the better your child feels about his or her space, the more likely they will enjoy being there in the long run.

Choosing the Color Scheme

Pick one item that’ll be the main focus of the room. While people usually choose bed as the center interest point, you could consider shelf, painting a mural, display shelf or decorated play area. Focusing on that particular area will help you choose an ideal color scheme and create a space that’s not overwhelming.

Softer colors, especially pink are the best color for girls’ and babies’ room. Never try dark red color, instead go for darker red offset with printed fabric will allow a rich, welcoming and warm feel to the room.  Orange makes an ideal color scheme for growing child who is not quite teen yet.

You can pick among many hues of yellow paint depending on your girl or boy’s preference. You can also prefer different colors with different items to create blocks of color in the room. Your interior designer will help you decide on the best theme.

Concentrate on Lightning

Consider lightening that will compliment the color scheme of the bedroom. Two to three light fixtures – one for the ceiling, bedside lamp and a night light, works best for kids’ room. If your child uses the room for studying, don’t forget to install a light fixture near the desk or study spot.

Decorate with Timeless Furniture

It feels pleasant to decorate your toddler’s room with picturesque nursery items. But this cuteness does not go a long way. It is because as your child grows with years and seems too juvenile, their taste changes drastically. And, you end up finding yourself in the store, again. It can be an expensive matter for you.

To avoid this situation, look for furniture that you can keep in your child’s room for years to come. For instance, instead of buying child-size closet, choose one in which they can keep clothes for years. Consider double-bed over single accommodation to allow convenient sleeping arrangements to your visiting guests.  It’s good to make yourself knowledgeable about the basics ethics of an interior designer, before hiring a professional for your project.

Neutralize Pricey Design Elements

In every interior design project, there are a few areas that you want to stand time-tested. These areas majorly include floor covering, paint colors and furniture. Instead of using these elements for defining the room statement, choose an option with long staying power. Pick warm and inviting paint colors, classic furniture, and universal floor coverings.

For neutralizing the expensive design pieces, it’s good to follow the price rule. If you are going to purchase an expensive item, make sure it won’t feel outdated too early. Incorporate the trendy décor with items that won’t cost you much if you want to replace them when they go out of trend.

Invest in Multicolor Furniture

It’s good to choose furniture with double duty. It is important especially when you want to change a space into a room that will fit an infant into a grown up child. Try to think out of the box and opt for something different from the standard changing table. All we are trying to say is purchase dresser or a desk that you can easily fit with a padded changing mat.

In this way, you can use the same furniture for two purposes, as a changing table and a ready-made study space for your child once his or her school starts, as and when needed. In the same way, when you are going out to shop a bed, it’s advised to look into one that has built-in storage space underneath it.

This storage space comes handy when you have to add a crisp and clean look to your child’s room. It comes with an extra storage option to put the never-ending toys’ supply of your kids.

Add Personality with Accessories

Your child room is their personal space, and they should be able to express themselves whenever they are in the room. To add pops of kid’s personality, accessories make the right choice. You can purchase the accessories that effectively express their interests.

Choose the pillows, rugs, throw pillows, paintings and pictures frames that your little ones would like. Allow some vacant space so that the kid can choose a few items of his or her choice in the room. It’s an easy way to keep children involved in their room designing process.

If we talk about kids, nothing is permanent because of their ever-changing tastes. They change their favorite colors, dishes, and styles every second. Then, you have to be little choosy and do homework to design an exceptional room for your little ones. Prepare yourself in advance for changes asked by your children.

Following the above tips for the home interior of your child’s room can help you design a room that your child will cherish for years. If you find the designing process complicated, it’s good to consult with one of the top interior designers in Singapore.