Do’s And Don’ts Of Hanging Curtains: A Vade Mecum

Curtains are savours of every room of every house. These puppies can save any significant home décor malfunction in no times.

However, hanging curtains, right curtains, is an art and not everyone is Picasso of it. Most of the people are not very well at the game of curtains, which often leads to horrific décor fails in houses.

For that reason, we decided to write a vade mecum of do’s and don’ts of hanging the saviours, often called “curtains.” Let’s dive in then.



The fabric of your curtains says a lot about your room setting. Ignorance is surely bliss, but not here, in this case, every ounce of knowledge is essential. For example, cotton and cotton blends are also interior design miracles when you have a house down dusty place.


•    Do’s: 

Except for the bedrooms, every room of your house will need curtains with sheer fabrics. The reason behind picking the lighter material is the new rule of home décor trends.

One has to play as much as one can with the natural light.

Sheer Belgian linen is the perfect choice for living rooms and for study rooms as well. If you want to play a little, you can give your sheer curtain a heavier touch with velvet at the bottom.


•    Don’ts:

Never pick heavy fabrics like velvet for curtains for any room of your house, if dust is a permanent guest at your place.

Still, if you are dead settle on using a more substantial fabric, adopt vacuuming curtains one of your daily rituals. Also, you must avoid dry-cleaning only fabric like silk, in these circumstances..


Positioning At The Top

Most of the people don’t pay much attention to this part of the curtain hanging process. People will nail it wherever they may feel is right and let the cloth hang at the mercy of its fate. This is not how it is done.


•    Do’s: 

Rule of thumb, in this case, says the curtain polls should at least still 10 to 12 cm above the window’s outer frame. Long curtains often create an illusion of taller windows, which plays well for you, because taller windows are so in style these days.

•    Don’ts

Never ever fix the curtain poll too close to the window frame. It will not just only look bad, but the drill can also do considerable damage to the window itself too. So, if you have never operated a drill before, or if when the last time that turned into a total disaster, call a handyman, they are handy. Also, who like uncovered holes in their wall?


From the bottom?

It is one of the most confusing parts of the progression of hanging curtains is figuring out how low should it hang? Some hangs it way too low and some keeps it shorter than Michael Jackson’s pants, but what’s the ideal height?


•    Do’s: 

The idyllic length of any curtain hanging inside a house is four inches above the ground. It is neither too short nor too long; this length is also, realistic. At this length, you won’t have to play tug-of-war with curtains every time you will vacuum the room.

•    Don’t :

If your curtains look like a teenage boy wearing his preteen pants, something is not right. Problem with this fault is that it doesn’t matter how fantastic, texture, colour or print of your curtains is, it will make them look unrealistically ugly.

Flooring of your house also plays a vital part in this point. You may want to read Top flooring trends for your home first, before taking any actions.


Color Of The Curtains 

Let’s now discuss, something that matters the most, the color of the curtains. Every other factor can be neglected, but if the color of your curtains is not up to mark there is no point of hanging random things in your house.


•    Do’s

This year is all about robust when it comes to the colours. The walls of the majority of the homes are all set to reflect solid whites and blacks. So to compliment the walls, your curtains must be of the contrasting color. For example, White walls demands Z-black curtains and pink walls will welcome chartreuse curtains.

Take note that keeping a balance with other items of the rooms is also essential, vases for instance. As long as we are talking about vases read here, the best ways to use vases in your home décor.

•    Don’ts 

The only way that you can mess your curtain game in this manner is if you keep your old curtains for this year too.


Not Lose Sight Of Blinds

It is kind of given, the majority of the décor enthusiasts will get rid of the blinds as soon as they install curtains in their house. Now, this is plain wrong.


•    Do’s 

One can keep blinds along with curtains when it comes to the bedrooms. Although natural light is welcomed in every and any other room of the house, millennial lifestyle demands total darkness inside rest dungeon (bedroom) for ultra comfort.

•    Don’ts

None of the other rooms can bear the combination of blinds and curtains together, especially if your glasses and framework are of the top quality. It is one thing having stylish curtains to enhance the style; it makes no sense whatsoever to pay heavily for awesome frame designs and then hide it behind the blinds.

People could and will suggest you retain your floral print curtains for one more summer, but it will only make a party pooper in the interior design world.


Ending lines

These are some of the major do’s and don’ts of the art of hanging curtains. Hope you have gained all the knowledge you could have been seeking regarding curtains.


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