Eight Crucial Feng Shui Rules One Should Follow For A Happy House

Feng Shui is a popular Chinese art which talks about using surroundings of any individual to make him/her happy. Some part of it also matches with the modern interior design strategies.

Feng Shui says that the universe is bind by the invisible forces of architecture. Feng Shui is very popular in the east, and people have been using it to decorate homes for a long time now.


The Feng Shui or as translated in English ‘Wind and Water’ is all about how to make a house a better and happier place to live.

If you believe in the Feng Shui, then this blog is all about how to adjust your house, to make it a happier place.


Create A Garden 

Feng Shui is balancing bad with the good, if your house has Sha Chi (attacking) or Si Chi (low) energy, you need to adjust it.

If you are living in a T-junction home or near about a railroad, you have to have a garden. It doesn’t matter if the garden is smaller or bigger, you must take create a garden.

The plants float a solid positive vibe in the air, which will cancel out the Sha Chi and Si Chi exclusively.


Keep A Bedroom A Bedroom

It is ironic how we are using word bedroom for a room, where we have every-possible-thing available too.

It counts as lousy Feng Shui if you have things in a bedroom which do not belong in it.

For example, computer, television, exercise gear, family pictures, etc. Feng Shui says one must avoid such things in bedrooms.

Also, there should not be anything hanging above your bed by the ceiling, unless it is a soft canopy. The science behind this is that heavy things like fans or chandelier can fall off and hurt a person sitting or laying on the bed.

Feng Shui advocates soft mattress too; the suitable mattress will be more right a term. A bed should be able to provide a good night sleep.


Letting The Energy In And Sustaining It

Feng Shui is all about sustaining the right energy into your house. As per the ancient art, a house’s entry door is also the entry door for the good vibes.

Letting in the good vibes is another thing and channelizing them throughout the house is another.  So, there should not be a mirror facing your front door, which could deflect it right back.

A bathroom or a backdoor shouldn’t also be in the line of the front door. Once good energy enters your home, it shouldn’t leave quickly.

Having a bedroom, facing your front door or your kitchen is a good thing. One spends most of one’s time inside kitchen or bedroom, so, that’s where the good vibes must be reflected.


The Stairs

The stairs are an initial part of the today’s houses’ interior design, shortage of spaces results in multistory houses and the staircases.

Nonetheless, stairs can flash the good energies upstairs in no time, leaving the ground floor dry, if the stairs are in line with the front door.

So, one must never construct staircase in front of house’s front door. Narrow stairs are also objectionable in Feng Shui.

A few years ago a trend of spiral staircase hit the market and vanished quickly. It is because spiral stairs can twist and turn the sound energy into negative energy. Make sure to steer clear of the spiral stairs, it manipulates the good energy.


The Wealth Hub Of Your Home- Kitchen

Feng Shui sees Kitchen of a house as an essential part; it calls it a hub of wealth and prosperity. The reason behind this is, the kitchen provides us food, which gives us energy.

Feng Shui experts call it the heart of a house. So, as per the art of wind and water, the kitchen must be clean, light colored and full of light.

Your kitchen should not be clustery and overstuffed with gadgets. Feng Shui claims that color yellow is better for human’s digestion.

Solid colors are already in the trend so that you can repaint your kitchen yellow any day now.


Your Baby’s Nursery

Babies are our future and who doesn’t want their babies to be safe? Feng Shui, in this case, is strict there are a particular set of rules that one must follow while decorating a baby’s nursery.

Baby’s bed should not be close to the entrance door of the room; it attracts bad energies. One cannot put baby’s bed under a window either, for the same reason.

Idyllic placement of a baby’s bed would be near a solid wall. One must be careful with the colors too, forget traditional blue and pink, one can use light green and white.

For safety purposes, you must not install objects with sharp edges into your baby’s nursery. Read our blog on baby’s safety for more such tips.


Keeping the elements in Balance

Most essential elements according to the art of Feng Shui is Earth, metal, wood, water, and fire.

Feng Shui experts say a person should always have these five elements present in his/her house, characteristically or physically.

Memorize, one cannot randomly paint walls and dart symbols around the house. E.g., if you have anger issues, painting walls red to represent fire is not a good idea. It will only accelerate your rage.

Similarly, a person who is feeling down the majority of the times, fire elements can do wonder about their personality.


Make Way For Natural Light

Natural light is the purest form of energy. It lightens ups the mood and symbolizes the positive lifestyle, so the more, the merrier applies here.

Make sure you have a lot of windows in your room to make way for natural light. If you are buying a house or apartment that doesn’t have a lot of windows, mirrors are the answer.

Now that the population is skyrocketing, mirrors are one of the many solutions that can make a small place look bigger.


Ending Note

People use interior designing tactics to make the place they are living in or are about to live better. People have been following Feng Shui for quite a while now and are getting positive results.

If you also love Feng Shui, follow the above-written steps and live happier than ever.