Eight Interior Design Elements That Make Easily Make an Impact In Your Home

When people say your home should be a representation of who you really are, they’re actually telling the truth. A home should be a living extension of your personality, your interests, and what motivates you each day that passes by.

What your home shouldn’t be is a place where hope is never present and inspiration doesn’t have a place to be cultivated. If you are living in the latter, rather than the former, you might need to do something drastic when it comes to your interior design. Once you have accomplished this goal, you’ll never want to revert back to your old home ever again.

There are a lot of elements that you can add inside your home. Be careful though, because every addition you make must complement other interior design element. Otherwise, your home interiors will clash with itself and be uglier than what it was before. To help you out, here are several interior design elements that make a quick impact. Check these out.


Huge and stunning artwork in frames

There’s just something about having quality art inside your home. It adds a certain character and style no other interior design element can do. That’s why having a big, framed piece of art can really be a big plus for your interiors. The best course of action here is to go with a bold artwork that captures the attention of anyone looking at it. Make sure that the artwork you have chosen is framed perfectly. This elevates the artwork into a more organized and classy design element for your home.



Your living room is where you might spend most of your time. It’s also the place where your guests will stay whenever they come for a visit. To catch their attention, you have to add something that will really up the ante. In this case, placing a chandelier on your living room’s ceiling will certainly do the trick. This interior design element adds more style and will surely make your home grander. Plus, it also improves the lighting of your interiors. Do remember to place design elements that complement a chandelier to make your living room burst out of normalcy.


Classy rugs

While most people would look straight or look up to be in awe of various interior design elements, the additions you have added on your floor might escape everyone’s notice. To solve this predicament, you can place large rugs with intricate designs on your floors. This addition will definitely add more to your otherwise blank floors. Of course, you need to pay attention to your overall color scheme. Get a rug that matches your interior’s colors and your interiors will be a lot better for it.


Large printed photos of your favorite landscape

Along with artwork, photographs are also a great addition to your walls. These photos help foster inspiration and awe for everyone who gets a glimpse of them. As such, printing large photos and having them framed will really look great on a bare wall. There are a lot of choices out there if you’re looking for an interesting photo. One of the best choices you can go for is to get a photograph of a beautiful landscape. It can be a wide shot of the city, the beach, or an open field of lush greeneries. Whatever choice you make, your photograph should be properly framed. This should be done to present a more organized package when you hang this photo on your walls.


Mural-painted walls

Speaking of walls, having a bare one is never a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it’s like having a blank canvass where a masterpiece can be created. If you have one in your home, you can get the services of a mural artist to make it stand out. Just like a piece or art of a photograph, the wonder of a mural painted on your walls is up to the artist you’re going to hire. He or she can come up with a work of art about your favorite scenery, memory, or person. After you have settle what you want with the contractor you’ve hired, you just need to wait for a short while before you see your walls changed. This mural will really give your walls a style that can’t be emulated.


Velvet couches

Your guests will only have one impression on your home when they come for a visit. Make sure they leave with a good memory of your home. You can do just that by placing a velvet couch in your living room. This kind of furniture can serve as the central point of your home whenever somebody drops by for a visit. Plus, velvet is a kind of material that never goes out of style. With a velvet couch in your home, you can be sure of an interior that you can be proud of.


Vintage dresser

Basically, dressers these days cater to functionality rather than style. This furniture serves as a storage space for your various belongings so you won’t lose track of them. Rather than allow your dresser to go unnoticed, why not make it stand out? A vintage dresser will look more enticing in any area of your home. Its style can bring more to your home, especially if its color and finishing touches are beautifully crafted. Plus, you can place other decoration pieces on top of it to create a more cohesive design element in your home.


A unique coffee table

A good partner to get for your velvet couch is a distinct coffee table. It should be made of sturdy materials to ensure its longevity. Plus, its design should be unconventional to really set it apart from other coffee tables in the market. A good suggestion is to go for a coffee table made of marble. This material is strong and durable. At the same time, it’s also elegant and will blend into your home seamlessly. You can also choose a coffee table that has several forms of storage in it to make it more functional.

Aside from these elements, you might also want to incorporate these hot decors and designs that will be in style this coming 2018.