Fresh Interior Design Ideas For Office

Offices today demand style! Some big names in the market are even using office interior designing as a marketing tool.

YouTube’s office caught the headlines in 2011 when they installed slide instead of stairs in their headquarters.

So, while making workers more than happy, this simple addition helped YouTube in marketing as well.


So with right adjustments, one can kill two birds with one stone.

Today’s interior designing is all about keeping things in style meanwhile saving a lot of space, so keep this in mind too.

Everyone is inventing new ways to save space at the same time as giving offices a style-dipping look.

Hence, here are some fresh interior design ideas for your office:


Bring the geek out


You must have heard “Geek is the new cool.”

There is a trend going on nowadays according to which you design a place based on any famous movie’s theme.

You can turn your office into the set of Star Wars, Deadpool, Indiana Jones, or any of your favorite movies.

All you have to do is hire a professional interior designer, and s/he can handle the rest.

Geeky looks are far better than dull white walls of any typical office.

Movie themed looks will keep the workers upbeat and light headed which will help them in performing well.

Also, it will help your business, because people will be talking about your office’s diverse look.


How about adding some colorful booths?

Not many offices take this route while designing the offices but you must. This inspires and encourages the positivity in the office and grants a relaxed feeling.

You can add the booths according to your staff strength. For which purpose you want to use the kiosks will be based on your work.

If you are working in IT sector, then you can use this area for research. These booths can also be a great place to eat; workers can eat their lunch or dinners in there too.

Make sure to paint the booths with merry and bright colors, so that it can uplift the morale of workers.


Soundproof cubicles

  This may sound rude but is not actually, soundproof cubicles are a very good design for your office.

It enhances the privacy of every employee and also offers personal space to them.

The soundproof booths are also perfect for people who have a very sensitive concentration.

Soundproof cubicles are also excellent for your confidential meetings, it elements the chances of eavesdropping completely.

You will get this a lot in interior design Singapore.

With all the advantages, the soundproof cubicles also boost the style appeal of your office. Designers are now focusing on the looks more than ever.


A video game room

 According to a research playing video games reduces stress and cuts the chances of depression by half.

So, for those people who take extra stress of work this room will do wonders. You can assign a limited gaming time to every worker at the office to avoid over usage of the room.

This is also can be a bit hit for those “take your child to work” days, kids love the game and they use social media in abundance.

This can turn out to be a great way of advertisement.


Colored glass walls

Recently some prominent companies have installed colored glass walls in their offices to define places.

You can do the same with your office, this with represent the transparency in the organization.

One can allot different colors to different departments, like human resources can get a rainbow and accounts department can get the green colored glass.

Another advantage of this idea is that everyone in the office will have access to natural light.

You can think about installing these in your office for the security reasons too.

The cameras will have eyes on every employee, and no behind the walls dirty business can be done.



 To give your office more laid back and worker-friendly environment you can add hammocks in the nap rooms instead of beds.

The idea of the hammock is not that bad; the hammocks cost way less than any other furniture.

If you are running on a tight budget while redecorating your office hammocks are something you should turn to.

Hammocks are also comfortable to wash and will relax people more than any traditional bed or sofa sets.

The hammocks will give your office a tropical look.


Huge Stairs

In your office’s meeting room you can create massive stairs, fix some sofa cushions on them and you have a modish meeting room.

This interior design works best for the people who don’t have a lot of space in the office. By installing large stairs, you will be saving a lot of space in your meeting room.

In addition to all that you will save a right amount of money too, from all the furniture.

This idea will work best in the offices with large hierarchies; workers will be sitting as per their designations.


Wrestling room

There has to be a particular room in your office where people can move for some physical activity.

Some offices have gyms, some have room with table tennis, and you can have a place where people can wrestle.

Lay a large wrestling mat in any room and throw a lot of sponge balls in the area of safety proposes and your wrestling room is all set.


Ending note

So, these are a few fresh interior design ideas for your office. You can use these ideas while preparing a new one or while renovating the old one.

You can use any of the above-written ideas according to your office’s requirement and the staff.

Whatever you may choose always consult your workers before taking the final call.


This is important because the excellent working leads to better performances and there’s no point of changing things if workers aren’t happy.

Interior design Singapore has some more cool designs for the office. You can google this keyword and select from the full range.

Good luck with your office.