Guest Room Makeover That Speaks

The guest room is an important part of your home especially if your guests visit you frequently. Guests feel good to stay at your home if they feel comfortable.  The guest room should be as comfortable as your own room or even better than that. Your guest room should be big enough to accommodate at least 5 to 8 guests so that your personal space does not get intruded when your guests arrive.

If you start looking for the guest room décor ideas you will end up with a number of décor styles. Here are some of the best guest room design ideas which you can use to spruce up some space for your guests.


Cozy and Comfy

The comfort of your guest room is one of the most important attributes you need to consider while decorating it. The cushions on the chairs and mattresses on the bed should be fluffy to offer maximum comfort to the user. Also, there should be proper lighting in the room that is comfortable to the eyes. Layer the linens with a variety of colors and textures with plump pillows to add a fluffy comfort to the room.


Sleeper Sofas

Hideaway beds are a good idea to use in the guest rooms as they are now much comfortable than the earlier versions.  They look great in the rooms and are comfortable to sleep on. So choose a sleeper sofa for your guest room to add an element of comfort.  Make sure that the color of your sofa makes a perfect contrast with the color of your walls.


Outdoor access

It is the best to provide outdoor access to your guest room through a window. The outdoor access offers your guests an extra breathing room, and it makes it more presentable and adds beauty to the room. If it is possible, try to offer the outdoor access to the garden or backyard.


Paint it light

Light colors tend to make us feel better as they uplift our mood. Paint your guest room in light colors to add an element of elegance and peace. Light colors reflect more light than dark, and they make your guests feel cheerful. If it is difficult for you to make of choice between colors for your guest room, it is best to choose neutral colors.


Attached Washroom

Make sure you have attached washroom to your guest room so that your guests don’t need to pass through other rooms to reach the washroom. Attached washroom ensures privacy and comfort to your guests or anyone who uses the room.


Size and Space

The size of your guest room should be large to have enough space inside. If it is not possible to create a large room, make sure it is a mid-size room. The main advantage of a big size room is that you can have some free space to sit or roam after accommodating all the furniture and accessories.


Storage space

Storage space is another important element to consider while designing your guest room. You should have a wardrobe and drawers in the guest room so that your guests can use them for keeping their clothes and other things. Proper storage space also prevents clutter in the room, and it looks clean. Using dressers as side tables is also a good idea for extra storage.


Gallery Wall

Framing the family photos and putting them on the wall facing the sofa creates a wonderful gallery wall in your guest room. Frame the photos in the white mat and black frames, and you can hang them in a grid to create an inexpensive and beautiful gallery wall.


Nap Zone

Create a nap zone by hanging the floor-length curtains in the windows so that your guests can close them to take a perfect and peaceful nap. Also, place some extra pillows and cushions to add some extra comfort to the nap zone in your guest room. Tissue curtains work best in the nap zone as they are semi-transparent and do not make your room a dark zone.



LED TV is also an important element of your guest room as it makes your guests engaged in watching the TV shows. Put an LED TV on the front wall so that your guests can enjoy their favorite TV shows and don’t get bored in your absence. Make sure you put the photos and LED TV on the different walls. Photos look good on the wall in front of the sofa. Put the LED TV on the wall in front of the bed so that your guest can watch the night shows while lying on the bed.


Chairs and table

Adding two or three comfy chairs and a table to place the accessories and other items add more comfort to your guest room. Your guests may not always feel comfortable sitting on the sofa or beds. They might want a change and grab the comfy chairs to change their posture and relax while reading or watching TV. Having more seating options makes your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Think like a guest

You might know what some of your guests want in a room, but you never know the choice of every guest. So, how do you know what would be liked by all the guests? You need to think like a guest to design a great guest room.

Think about what you expect in your favorite inn or hotel room and add elements that make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. For example, white and light yellow colors are more welcoming than dark colors. Chairs, table, storage space and LED TV are also important for your guests as they are a part of the design as well as they add comfort to your guest room.


Final thoughts

The secret to designing a great guest room is to add elements that make it unique and memorable. Make sure the design elements you add to your guest room are appealing for all of your guests. The style of the guest room should be different from your living room or bedroom. You should try to add all the elements of design and comfort which are unique.