Home Interior Design and Décor Ideas for Valentine 2018

As Valentine Day is around the corner, we all would think of the red color, pink and purple shades as these colors spread the loving energy. We all must be thinking of decorating our homes with beautiful design ideas for this Valentine Day. Red and pink colors combined with other creative decor ideas are sure to bring romance and loving energy into your home.

Here we will list some ideas for the best interior design in Singapore, which you can use to decorate your home this Valentine day. We hope that these design ideas will help you create a loving atmosphere at your home that will last even after the Valentine week. So let’s start with some of the best interior design ideas for this Valentine.


Candle Holders

Beautiful candle holders and scented candles are a must for Valentine day as they create the effect of the celebration of love. You can use red or pink colored candles and metallic candle stands. It would be better if you can manage to get the candles that give colorful light flame rather than yellow flame. If not possible then red or pink candles will do their job as yellow is also the color of warmth.


Wall Art


You must add some long overdue décor to your walls for this Valentine day. You can search online for a variety of love-themed wall arts and order them to style your walls for this special season. Graphic arts are popular as ever and will definitely spread the love through your walls. You may also look for heart-shaped or couples wall arts and graphics to spread the message of love.


Throw Pillows

Decorating your home can be really easy. A few red or pink throw pillows add a punch of color to your living room or bedroom. We suggest you look for fun patterns such as prints, stripes and dots rather than heart shapes. You can also buy a mixture of pink and white shades instead of using plain red color. Using colors other than the specific Valentine day colors will give a different and unique look to your rooms.


Paper Garlands

If you need to take your decorations to the next level you can decorate your home areas with paper garlands. Hearts, tassels and sweet sayings in the form of paper garlands look good in the entryways, empty walls and corners. You can also make paper garlands yourself using some glitters and colored papers to make sayings and tassels of your choice.


Colorful Roses 


Roses are the special gifts of valentine day and beautiful accents for decorating your home on this special day. Buy some beautiful bouquets of roses or mixture of roses and lilies and orchids in small pots or baskets. You can also create your own flower pots and baskets by collecting different colors of roses and lilies and place them on your tables and shelves.


Glass vessels

Small glass vessels with floating in water candles are perfect to decorate your living room. You can add colors to the water and use white candles with rose petals floating in the water to make it the center of attraction in your drawing room. You can switch off the lights of your room light the candles with only dimmers at the time of family dinner.


Teddy bears


Large sized teddy bears are also the symbols of love and warmth that are perfect to decorate your interiors. Buy some large, medium and small teddy bears to place on the shelves and corners of your home to spread the message of love this Valentine Day. Teddy bears are also good to place in your home even after the Valentine week.


Chocolates and Candies

Prior to valentine day, visit the nearest confectionery store and buy a variety of small and large chocolates and candies. Place them on your dining table and wherever you like to add the sweetness of love in your home and among your family members.  You can also buy chocolate gift packs or make it on your own to gift them to your loved ones.  Take small empty boxes, fill them with chocolates and candies and wrap them in gift paper and decorate with some laces and ribbons.


Laces and Ribbons


Laces and ribbons are also important for decorating the interiors of your home. Such items are inexpensive and easily available at any gift store. So, buy a lot of laces and ribbons and decorate your walls with them. Place different colors of laces in the flower pots, baskets and wrap them over all the valentine gifts.


Decorate your Bed

Decorating your bed is also an important part of the Valentine day preparation. Pink and red colors are the symbols of love and passion and you can decorate your bed with these colors. Red silk bed sheet with pink and while pillows look not only beautiful but will steal your first sight when you enter your bedroom. Buy silk bed sheet with some valentine design on it and mixture of light pink and dark red pillow covers.



Curtains add life to your doors and windows which are equally important for interiors of your rooms. If you have used a lot of red colors decorating your home for the valentine week, I suggest you not to use red color for curtains. Instead, get some light pink and pearl white tissue curtains that look best for such special occasions. Try to use light shades of pink curtains whether plain or a little bit of design on it.

You don’t need to spend a large amount of money and make the valentine day much expensive. Instead, use the above-given ideas and make as many items on your own at home. Only you need to buy some raw materials like roses, chocolates, boxes, teddies, ribbons, laces, candles and colors to make the decoration items on your own. You can design the interior of your home thereby creating a romantic atmosphere and spending time with your loved ones surrounded by a lovely interior design.