Home Office Ideas for Creative and Workaholic Home-Based Workers!

“Home is for relaxation and comfort.”

This does not seem to be true these days. We’ve adapted to the changing times and have carried work even inside the house. In fact, some of us don’t need to go outside of the four corners of our homes to work and earn money! Thanks to the internet, almost everything can be done virtually now.

We know all that, don’t we? But that’s not the point of our discussion today. What we’re going to talk about is how we can make our homes super conducive for work. Since our bodies are designed to rest at home, we have to help our willpower to fight the urge of relaxing whenever we’re inside the house. This is a challenge for home-based workers who find it hard to focus on work when they’re at their crib.

So to address that, here are some home interior design tips that you can apply to your own house or home office.


Scandinavian Inspiration

There’s a different kind of calmness that rustic and wooden elements provide. It gives a certain tone of warmth inside the house that helps relieve stress while remaining focus on what you’re doing.

For some of us, the challenge is how to fight over-relaxation when at home while some gets suffocated when they don’t go out. For the latter, a Scandinavian-inspired home interior will be perfect.

A reclaimed wooden desk with drawers will be a great addition to your home office if you belong to them. Match it with an upholstered wooden chair with cushion on top for a relaxed yet still upright posture. Place a desk plant on the side, without too much ornaments and colors, just rustic brown to orange stems and a few greens.

Match this rustic theme with warm lights and lamps and you’d feel calm and relaxed while keeping the focus on the task at hand.


Minimalist, All-Day Bright

A home office that allows you to focus on work by removing all the clutter that only causes distraction. This is pretty much a short description of what a minimalist home office is all about. White or pastel-colored walls with a single shade. Place lamps and lighting fixtures with white lights inside the room and you can handle an all-nighter project without having to step out!

This minimalist interior design is so fitting for organized, obssessive-compulsive (in a good way), and left-brained people who are more analytical, logical, and scientific beings. If you’re one, then remodel your work area at home into this design.


One corner, layered home office

When we say layered, that means more space for all the things you’ll need for work! What’s great about this home office style is that you won’t need too much space. In fact, you can just look for an unused, recessed area in the house where a desk can fit, and you can start turning it into a one-corner, layered office nook.

All you have to do after placing the desk is to ask a carpenter or someone experienced enough, to put as many layers of wooden shelves right above your desk. These shelves are where you can put all the items your hands will look for while you work. You can even label each shelf to have a form of organization in your office space. This design is perfect for artists who can’t have enough creative tools and materials for their artwork.

Just imagine locking yourself in that small space, listening to your favorite music while finishing all the work that needs to be done. Seriously, this can be your little happy place inside the house. This is your dedicated space if you want to be productive the whole day!


A library around

If you’re crazy for books, we strongly suggest you go for this interior design. This is made specially for you because it’s all about creating spaces at an arm’s length for your beloved books! Just like the previous home office design, you’ll need to create shelves but they don’t have to be placed just above your desk. In fact, you can surround yourself with these shelves by putting them on both sides.

Ask your carpenter to build gigantic bookshelves that will make your working desk look like a mere accessory. This way, you can easily grab a book should you need an inspiration for the piece you’re writing. During breaks, read a few chapters of your favorite book to refresh your mind – a perfect practice for a home-based businessman or professional!


Beneath the bed

Dark and gloomy? Nope! Those who love to work in a quiet place, away from all the crowd and all distractions would understand that a home office located under a bunk bed is a fantastic idea! Tuck yourself in that place and don’t ever leave until your work is done.

Style this corner up in a way that suits your taste. Check out these tips on how to use centerpieces to transform your space.


Inspiring, by the Window

Get all the inspiration you need for work by looking outside and watching the beauty of the outside. If you’re a painter, a writer, or a designer, an inspiring home office by the window might be the right fit for you.


How about an Upgrade?

Have a dedicated space for your home office

Let’s face it. You can’t just put your laptop on top of the dining table and work there. It’s not effective either to sit on the bed, put your gadget on your lap and start working. You got to have a dedicated space for a home office. If you don’t have one yet, revisit your interiors or get help from an interior design Singapore professional to help you. He can suggest


Enlarge the window

You can also do an upgrade by enlarging the windows to have a better view of the outside.


Upgrade your Tech

Lastly, upgrade your tech by switching to a laptop with better specs or by downloading apps that will help you work more efficiently. It might cost you hundreds of dollars but this investment promises a more efficient workflow and more jobs done! You might also want to read tips on how to design your home on a budget!