How To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

Decorating a home is a costly job, and it can take a deep dive into your bank balance, but not always. There are specific ways and things, which you can follow to cut the cost of this expensive job.

So, while keeping the low economy in mind, we decided to gather all the money-saver ideas which will help you, decorating your home for peanuts.

Let’s have a peak, what these tips are then.


Vinyl Wall Tattoos

Vinyl stickers or as the interior design lovers call them vinyl wall tattoos are the best economic technique to decorate the walls of your home.

These stickers are very easy to paste and are equally easy to remove, which makes them even more fun than they already are.

One just has to be a little bit of creative, and one can transform any room of the house into a theatre of dreams.

The unsurpassed reason behind adopting vinyl stickers is that they are cruelly inexpensive, you can change them quarter yearly, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Also, a person can get the vinyl of any design, shape or scene s/he wants. Most of the vinyl stickers are made by computer wizards that ask your preference before printing the sticker.


Shop Online Smartly 

Shopping online is now a necessity rather than a mere trend. It is an easy way of getting things cheaper and kind of faster. Also, online shopping offers us a broader scale to choose from.

So, when next time you are shopping online for furniture, place your favourites in the e-cart but do not log out. Let the items hang in there and close the site, make sure to log in to that particular e-shopping site using your personal email.

Wait for a week or two; with the items still in the cart. Within 15 days the site will send you a discount coupon or a discount code.

Majority of the e-shopping sites follow this conduct and offer an extra discount when they see things in the cart that has not been logged out.


Hide It When You Can’t Change it

You don’t always have to buy new things to replace the old ones. If you think your decision of buying new items will be frowned upon by your accountant, don’t do it.

One can hide one’s old furniture, a couch per say, with a little help of couch covers. The cover will not only protect the ugly old stains, but it will also give your sofa a much needed new look.

Same goes for the carpet; any stylish rugs can hide the stains or even minor holes.

The paint job of any house is a significant money eater. However, you can avoid this considerable expense for a couple of more months, and you can simply hang things to cover paint flaws.

Wondering what we meant with “simply hang things”? Read our blog, ten unusual things to interior design your walls. You will be amazed.


Designing With Chalk 

Bring the kid inside you, out. Remember how we all used to get all Picasso on the precious walls of our homes?

Well, it looks liek this is your chance to relive your childhood. The year 2018 is all about solid, and this can play well for you.

Paint the main wall of your drawing room with solid black colour and rest of them with plain white. Let the paint job dry entirely, buy some chalks and let the fun begun.

You can use the same method in your kitchen too. Usage of several colours is also encouraged. Ask yourself if your painting skills are great enough?

If the answer is negative, ask your handy friends to help you out in this misery of yours, and make a day out of it, you will save money and will get to spend quality time with your friends.


Keep An Eye On Every Sale

Read every annoying pamphlet that comes with your newspaper, read every local blog, keep an eye on every garage for sale, and keep an eye on online sales.

It is kind of given that you will stumble on something unique and cheap. Never miss a garage sale of your neighbourhood ever.

We never know, what is dust to someone could be gold for you. If you want to raid an online sale, then be prepared to be lightning sharp. More often than not all the good stuff from online sales is swept out within minutes of its start; everyone needs excellent stuff for free.


“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Which Cheapest Of Them All”


Mirrors are using the mirror form centuries to provide buildings a better look. You can try that too, after ruling the home décor industry for ages and vanishing in thin air, mirrors are making a comeback.

Mirrors possess the power of renovating the whole look of your house. We have an entire blog written to teach people different ways of using mirrors in their homes, read it here.

As you must have known already, mirrors are one of the cheapest home décor accessories. They won’t cost you much but will inevitably turn your house’s style statement; a zillion notches up.

Mighty mirrors are so magical that if placed and hung in right manner thanks to the optical illusion they create, mirrors will make your place look massive.


Use The Souvenirs 

Have love for travel at your heart? Great! A traveller’s greatest earning is the memories, use them to style your home.

A real traveller always buys souvenirs from the places s/he explores it is your best chance to flaunt all those bohemian souvenirs you brought from Indonesia.

Hang them, place them on a table or use them as table centrepieces, souvenirs work fine everywhere.  Interior design is very welcoming when it comes to mixing cultures, which plays well for you.


Ending Note

So, these are seven beautiful ideas to decorate your house while keeping a tap on your budget. Remember friend, style is not about spending big, but spending smart!

If you are worried about how to keep your house right according to feng-shui, read our blog on eight crucial feng shui rules one should follow for a happy house.