Ideas to Shape Your Kitchen In 2018

The art of cooking demands content state of mind and a perfect kitchen atmosphere to blend in. Kitchens can no more be confined to functional or practical zone. They reflect one’s personality and the living style. The aura of the kitchen should be positive enough to empower you every time you enter in.

It’s not always possible to get a total changeover. But few changes can solve the purpose. If you are planning to make those small changes, this article is for you.


Breathe in the Living Kitchen 


From fern to sage, a wide color range is at our disposal for the nature lovers. Greens give warmth and life to the kitchen. The living walls made up of living moss are ideal for city kitchens. The moss walls not only provide acoustic absorption but also give country feel.

One can also go for glass wall with the garden area outside to stay in the ambit of nature. Nature’s touch would never go out of fashion, keeping your kitchen as per trend for ages.


Bold and Vibrant Color Schemes

Colors are empowering. But choosing the right colors is very important. Whites and pastels never go wrong in the kitchen. But if you want your kitchen to stand out, you must trust the vibrant and bold. Yellows and blues are going to take over in 2018. They are the perfect solution for the boredom.

Bold is beautiful but the colors shouldn’t be harsh on eyes. A tint of subtleness should always accompany the vibrant tones. Maroon and grey color schemes are also holding ground.


Smart Kitchens are in

Usually the kitchen area is not much spacious. The triangle principle works wonders in every kitchen. The sink, refrigerator and range are aligned as per convenience. This distance should be minimized to few feet for proper utilization of the space.

Intelligent appliance fitting should be done to avoid clutter of gadgets in visible range. The latest cooking technologies and design ideas increase the efficiency in cooking and effective space.

The walls of the kitchen may be utilized for hanging purposes. The hanging furniture is quite in trend these days. The chairs may be hanged to wall or the table may be side-curled. The cutlery can be displayed on wall just near to the eating table for convenience.


Handles are back

The handles serve the purpose of providing sophistication and royalty to the kitchen. The brass handles or beautifully carved wooden handles bring in the grace into the kitchen. The bronze or polished nickel handles also represent the kitchen of an elite class.

The handles not only beautify the kitchen but also make things easily accessible. The antique knobs are also in. The cabinets and drawers with handles and knobs are easier to operate.


Open wall shelves

The shelves are must for space management. But the closed wall shelves might look messy and clumsy. The open shelves are easier to utilize. But the things to be kept upon the shelves should be chosen with utmost precision. Cluttering them with unwanted and unattractive stuff might make the kitchen look unmanaged.

The open shelves should be accompanied with closed hidden shelves or drawers for keeping the back-drawer secrets as secrets. Ample of things can be stored in these closed selves, enabling the open selves look sorted.


Craft-work in kitchen is on rise

The DIYs not only add life to the kitchen but also give them a sense of belongingness. The wheels on walls to handmade lamps, anything that touches your heart can enter your kitchen. The wall paintings can also be utilized in kitchen to lay down your persona into that area. Handmade baskets lined down on some open shelves are my favorites. Do anything that satisfies your soul and in order to make your kitchen look like a dream-catcher.


Breakfast bar is trending


Breakfast bar is necessary now-a-days, owing to its utilization and aesthetic aspects. The fixation of breakfast bar looks alluring in both open and closed kitchens. A perfect heightened bar illuminated by down falling lamps is a treat in itself.

The kitchen area should look spacious. Advice is not to clutter the bar with too many chairs or stools. Bring your innovative self outside and set the bar for bar high.


Delicate pastels with gold accents

Pastels can always be trusted in the kitchens. The ambience bestowed by the pastels is always worth the gaze. The old world can be created with precision by adding gold accents amidst the pastel shades.

The gold accents had taken over in 80s. Since then, they have never gone outdated. The gold is gold after all. A touch of gold can drive out the dullness from the kitchen. The combination of gold accents with brass is also a hot combination.


Wood work works

Wood work in the houses is common. The furniture, ceiling, floors and walls are usually wood-made. But in kitchens, wood work sets an impression. The different tones of wood from dark to light can be used as per need. The shades can be mixed together to bring out the more earthy environment. Nothing fits better than the nature-influenced themes.

The wood work can also be accompanied with the green kitchen ideas. It would bring you at once in nature’s lap. The hectic city lives to earthy environment – the feeling would leave you overwhelmed.


Banquette Seating is making a statement


The built –in benches that we often admire in restaurants are now making their way into the kitchens. It is usually cornered into two adjoining walls, making your kitchen arena look spacious and sorted. To utilize the space, one can make storage area beneath the seating. The drawers for lesser utilized utensils can also be made under them.

Sometimes, the days are harsh on us. The windowed corner with comfortable seating and a cup of coffee is enough to lighten up your evening.