Interior Design Ideas For An Ultimate Bachelor Home

The word “bachelor pad” often creates a picture of messy, unstructured spaces with college furniture and tacky art. But now things have changed and so have the ways to design the space inhabited by dudes. Living solo doesn’t mean you need to live without style. Thankfully, the perception that guys doesn’t bother about interior design is outdated. Now the concept of untidy floor-stained havens is replaced with a warm and welcoming modern bachelor pad. If you lack on your bachelor pad interior design ideas, no problem! Here, we’ve culled 10 epic interior design ideas for your man cave to get you inspired.


Industrial flooring

Industrial style and masculinity go hand in hand.  The look of polished concrete floors evokes a cool vibe that is hard to resist. Apart from the sophisticated appearance, the versatility of the industrial flooring trends makes one of the amazing interior design options. But if the polished concrete is not your thing, industrial with bare floorboards is the way to go. Bare floorboards bring in the warm and welcoming look to your bachelor pad.


Blend of light colors with the dark 

When your room is not spacious enough, mixing and matching with light and dark shades is a great scheme to create an illusion of more space. Light colors go a long way to make a room look bigger while the dark shades can make it look smaller. Having a wall in dark color and the other 3 in light colors will do the trick for you. Using this strategy can help your bachelor pad to look longer by drawing the eyes down the dark wall. You can also add dark colors to the wall behind shelving or recesses behind a chimney to make a statement.


Wood paneling

Need a more refined interior design idea for your bachelor pad? Go with wood paneling. The wood panel will give a cozy look to your home while adding a masculine edge to it. Although it is quite pricey, the classic look of wood paneling makes it worth investing.  You can look for a dark stain, or something vibrant with a light shade.


Functional art

Nothing brightens up a space like an art piece. But when you are short on space or not that into a classic piece, there is an alternative to consider.  This is where you can think of keeping your art on a functional level. For instance, if you love collecting records, how about displaying them on the walls? Or you can include furniture that has both style and storage. From the books on the shelf to kitchen equipment; keep an eye around to create your own artistic bachelor pad ideas.


A corner for your hobbies

Your man cave must have a corner showcasing your interest, hobbies, favorite movies, sports, music bands etc.  This is something that will make your space more personalized and as unique as you are.  Whether you are a hardcore surfer, Skateboarder, movie buff, NASA enthusiast or Star Wars fanatic, show it off in a cool way in your apartment. If you love to travel, add some travel souvenirs like pictures, a signed guitar, a telescope or other memorabilia to that corner. You can also add some manly decor like weaponry or survival tools to your space to make it more appealing.


Leather Accents 

While designing your bachelor pad, leather is a must.  Be it a sofa, chair or ottoman; leather looks great on everything. Vintage brown leather sofas go well with the dark shaded wall and add a manly vibe to the living room.  The ability of the leather to convey stature and style makes it a great addition to any bachelor home.


Solid and comfortable furniture

When it comes to the furniture for a man’s cave, simple, robust design with angles and straight lines is the way to go.  Leave the sleek lines to the ladies and make sure the furniture is comfortable. Think of a big couch that is comfy enough to sit in. Comfy and sturdy furniture can instantly liven up any room with patterned throws and blankets. Adding upholstery details is a great way to bring a touch of sophistication to a man’s space. Go for sofas decked with simple button tufts for that “Mad Men Style.” Remember, functionality, looks and comfort is the key to choose the right furniture for your bachelor pad.


Space for entertainment

Every bear-loving bachelor dreams of having a bar at home. A cocktail making station decked with all the shiny tools, and a bank of vibrant glass bottles will add some entertainment to your room.  Add a retro minimalist design to the bar, and you are ready to hit the bar whenever you want.  But when you are short on space, you can use a unique take on the classic liquor cabinet instead of having an entire bar.


Rugged stone panels In the Kitchen

An appealing and well-designed kitchen is where the great dinner begins. When it comes to the wall covering for a bachelor’s kitchen, nothing suits better than rugged stone panels. The raw, weathered appeal evokes the strong vibe of the traditional male character and makes it ideal for the men’s cave.  Also, exposed brick and steel-framed floor-to-ceiling windows seem quite masculine to add to your kitchen.


Strong design statement in the bedroom 

A comfortable and tidy bedroom is the place to end a day on a good note. When you are all set to hit the sack, an appealing bedchamber is all you need to unwind. That pop culture figures and comic books in your bedroom is the hallmarks of adolescent boyhood, and now that you are a grown-up man, it’s time to shed that trait and embrace some strong design statements like cool furniture and vintage lamps. Also, change the concept of dark men cave and go for ‘bright-and-light’.  You can use the natural illumination to your advantage when you have a sunshine-filled boudoir.

Now that you’ve got the interior design ideas, it’s time to bring it to life to transform your bachelor pad into a bachelor’s haven.