Interior Design Trends you may Watch in 2019

It can be a hectic task to stay up-to-date with the latest interior design trends. This is because something that is trendy one day may become obsolete in a matter of days.

Some people do not want to change the design of their homes while others look for ways to transform it every few years. Like fashion trends, we discuss the design trends every year.

Now that 2019 is about to arrive, it is hard not to find design trends for the up and coming year. If you happen to be looking for the same, you landed in the right place.


Black is the new Grey

There’s no denial of the fact that black has no alternative when it comes to elegance. Black goes perfectly well with the furniture and design of the house. Not just for the furniture, but you can go for the black flooring as well.

The bold and high contrast of black adds to the appeal of the house. No doubt it fades over the time, the dull black does look excellent as well. However, that takes quite a lot of time to be there. Not just for 2019, black will always be a trend color for office and home interiors.


Green in every corner

No, you do not have to apply the green color to the walls of your building. With green everywhere, we mean that you can place the plants in every corner of your house. This trend is not latest, but it always nourishes the beauty of your home.

Besides the visuals, plants are great for your mental health as well. You get the fresh air inside the rooms as well. You can also create some spaces from where the leaves dangle down or maybe incorporate some hanging pots.

Place them on racks, plant on wooden stands, or do whatever you want, they’ll give your room aesthetics that it craves for. When you decorate your home with plants, the rooms look more green and significant.


Go For Natural Fabrics

The movement towards natural fabrics is going to be a trend in the year 2019. You can go for the throws, cushions, and upholstered furniture. You get a lot of looks and styles in natural textiles. Some of the styles include boho, Hampton, scandi, and French country.

With natural fabrics, you will surely get your property’s interiors modeled according to modern times. They are a design for a decade that will bring the whimsical character to the interior design of your house.


Multifunctional Furniture

The need to use something that can provide more features than it may seem is getting higher with every day. As people have moved towards the urban city dwelling, the need of the designers is met through contemporary multi-purpose furnishings.

Multifunctional furniture makes a room look far more significant than it actually is. With demand soaring high in the sky, you can be sure that the trend is going to last more than just a season or even a year.


Statement Ceilings

Pantone offers new shades of colors almost every year. However, most of those shades signify no significant change in tone. Accent walls and twisty designs on the wallpapers don’t last much longer. Even before they fade away, our eyes get bored of them.

While we always discuss the trends for walls, we often skip the necessity for ceilings. They are essential for the aesthetics of your house as well. The fun fact is that roofs have never been a hot-shot before the year 2019.

There’s so much about the molding covered ceilings that we often ignore when talking about interior designs. However, a re-imagined ceiling can make a room appear brighter and more substantial.


Vinyl Wall Tattoos

Although the real name is vinyl stickers, interior designers like to call them vinyl wall tattoos. They are in trend for quite some time and will be there in 2019 as well.

The best thing about vinyl stickers is that they are easy to paste and equally easy to remove from the walls. A little creativity can add flavors to the interior design.

You do not have to invest a lot of money to purchase and install them as well. This gives you a benefit that you can replace them whenever you feel like doing it.


Antique-Style Sinks

While it is about interior designing, you can hardly skip the kitchen of your house. Sinks, more specifically, are now getting into the phase of warm tones and antique styles.

The trend is relatively new but will continue to grow as we move forward in the year. The number of options that are available for homeowners and designers has no limit. One can go as far as his vision takes him to.


Geometric and Tribal Patterns

Geometric patterns are not new. Most of us have heard of them a lot many times. But the thing is that they are not going out of trend anytime sooner. This is because of their tribal patterns and ethnic-inspired prints, and symmetrical harmony that will keep them alive for coming two decades to the least.

For 2019, it is their offset pattern, familiarity, and the warmth that they can introduce to any room, even if it a minimal one. They simply bring life to the room where you implement them for design purposes.

If you think that heavy-handed ethnic inspired look is not in your budget, you may go for some of the small ways in it as well. For this, you can go with the fresh linens, decorative pillows, cushions, and throws, and miniature framed prints.



Irrespective of the size of the property, you can go for all or any of these designs to give your house an all new fresh look. However, you should not make design mistakes when remodeling your home. This may cause you to lose some money and time at the end of the day. Don’t forget to add some child safety features in the design as well.