Interior Design Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

Picking the perfect coat of paint or putting expensive furniture can be tricky of the trial process, and sometimes can even go wrong.

So, instead of just picking up random colors and things to revamp the look, how about going with your sensibilities and design?

How about designing your abode as per your birth sign?

Zodiac sign depicts all quirks and traits that make people different from other. No matter what you are, be it grounded earth, calming water, or energetic fire or perhaps air every sun sign has a different texture, shapes, and color. But which would be your particular shade or style?

Have a look at some of the home remodeling tips that astrology suggests as per your sun sign:



Taurus is a grounded earth sign; the person with this zodiac, i.e., under the sign of bull will rule the artistic things.

They have design preferences of colors like creams, earthy tones, browns, and blues. Rugs, paintings, deep leather sofas, artistic framed photos are their absolute favorite things. For designing their home, they rely on warm lightening ideas and soft colors.

Taurus has an affinity for subtle hints of color and floral patterns. They have design preferences that lie either in the pastel shades of blue or pink or have an inclination toward deep colors like green, browns or blues.



Leather sofa, traditional décor, Wood cabinetry and grandfather clocks are the one that attract Capricorn’s the most.

They love all-things bright; hunter green, brown, navy are their favorite colors. However, keeping the room too dark is also not their choice. They love to keep their working place full of books and a bit sturdy.

Capricorns also have a refined and distinct taste for antiques, historic furniture, and traditional tones.  Also, these blend well with your interior design.



Being a Sagittarius means you have an electric taste that evokes wanderlust. People born with this zodiac love outdoors and are sensitive to the collectibles like religious artifacts.

They love keeping warmth and exuberance in their abode. They are fun-loving and are a big globetrotter. Also, their favorite colors are red, plum, green, turquoise and some neutral colors.



Their love for cutting-edge design and statement pieces is what makes their choice stand-out. Hues like electric blue, silver, violet and turquoise are their cult favorite. They want their place to be filled with electrical schemes that are cool and comfortable.

Futuristic materials like iridescent glass and steel is what they want to use to design your place.  As an Aquarius, they love pieces that make your home look spacious and soaring.


They are moody, curious and are mostly attracted to the piece that brings warm vibe in home.  Colors like orange, lime green, viridian green, canary yellow, chartreuse are their favorite picks. Their lively and energetic nature will help them bring-on new, modern and vintage feel in their place.

Also, they love experimenting with designs and challenging them with contrasting taste to make their place worth-visiting. Variety and versatility is the one they look for; the reason they want to keep everything subtle, airy and light.



Cancer’s are natural nurturer who love whites, silver, lavender, vintage pastels and Wedgewood blue. They refrain from bold, harsh and vibrant contrasting patterns and colors. For a Cancer, oasis theme that is cozy and warm would be the best. For illuminating effect, they can go for candles to create a soothing effect.



Leo’s are sun-drenched and playful! They love being in the limelight and want their house to be the same. Dynamic art pieces, artifact hangings, and masks are the one that goes with their personality.

Leo symbolizes lion and much like them, people with this sun sign love adorning their den i.e. their home.



Unlike other zodiac signs, Virgos want their place to have calming effects with minimal chatter and other things. Although they love subtle colors like whites, cream tones, they don’t mind adding a pop of vibrant tone with the light one.

Taupe, clean-linen, navy, natural green, and grays are the one Virgos find most attractive. Since Mercury rules them, they are confident and believe in their abilities to fulfill their tasks. DIY’s organic materials and natural fibers would uncover your shy and stylish choice. Filmy fabrics, attractive chandelier, boudoir would work for you.



Libra value relationships like no other sun sign; the reason they bring softness, grace, and elegance of life in their home. Since they love keeping things natural, installing any random décor will not work for them. Soothing hues of pink, lavender, baby blue and gray will appeal them to bring natural and friendly environment in their home.

They want to build a relationship with their home, so anything sharp or non-realistic will make their home feel out of spirit. For comfy and realistic designs, Libra can go for artistic furniture or can choose designs that could foster thier relationship with the home.



Scorpions are mysterious! They naturally incline toward furniture and linens that features colors like blood red, plum, crimson, black and Prussian blue.  They have a keen eye in choosing colors that could match their intense and sharp moods.

They love a home that would give privacy and intimacy, the reason they love keeping their windows dark. They also look for ways to bring-in vibrancy using low-light hideaways or perhaps lamps and side tables.



Aries are powerful, confident and influential. These zodiacs are ruled by Mars; therefore they need an abode that could display their enthusiastic and dynamic nature. They love bold things, the reason they choose designs that would express their fiery and active nature.

They love redesigning with the seasonal trends and are never satisfied with their remodeling styles. They look for different ways to make their place feel vibrant and alive. Colors like red, hot pinks, gold, oranges and other bold pallets can express them more.



Pisces love solitude and want their abode to look calm and quiet for relaxing ambiance. They want to connect them with nature, the reason they like lilac or green hues.


For them, installing an aquarium or foundation would work. Also, they can use natural fibers like silk throw pillows to adorn their place.

No matter what design you want to pick, be it choosing the same patterns or fabrics, or adding colors and textures, the possibilities are endless. Bring your personal touch to your place as per your sun sign and let your home do the talking!