Kitchen Design Ideas That Will Help You Achieve What You Exactly Want


What’s difficult about designing your own home interiors is choosing the right fixture, furniture, decoration, or element that will bring out the ambiance and overall look that you actually want to see.

We’re sure a lot of women can relate to the experience of buying a wonderful kitchen decor or a plate set and finding out later that it does not look good on the table or it looks totally off with all the other display in your kitchen. So you end up storing it inside the closet, which is a total nightmare.

To finally put an end to that disaster and to release the interior designer in you, here are some tips on how to spice up your kitchen interiors without making a mess out of its overall look. Plus, we’ll recommend some mobile phone apps that will help you plan out before purchasing anything.


Don’t Overcomplicate

The key is to simplify. For those who want a clean and bright uncluttered look to their kitchens, don’t overdecorate! The way to achieve a minimalist look is to go for light colored walls and to accentuate the area with decorations and furniture that have a sleek design and subtle colours. Choose a clear vase with overflowing greens and a few flowers over a huge, loud, and colorful piece of decor.


Pay Attention to the Window Treatment

We often neglect window treatments when it comes to our kitchen. We don’t even think about picking the right color for the curtain, but you have to put in mind that fabric does a lot of magic! Look for the window curtain that matches the tone of your walls so it will not be an eyesore, but a beautiful accent to your kitchen.


Soften Up

Yes, we all need and love solid countertops, but not everything in the kitchen should be hard and concrete. Why not put a soft cushion on the dining chairs? Play a little on the colors by picking noticeable shades, which although darker, match the colors of your entire kitchen. You can even add a tablecloth with the same color to a plain table. If in doubt, consult professional and creative interior designers in Singapore to help you out.


Functionality with Style

Add steel or wooden hooks on the wall so you can artistically put your cooking utensils or pans on display. Just make sure that the shade matches your wall paint color or wallpaper. This is better than stacking all of them inside the kitchen cabinet.

In line with this, buy uniform- or complementary-colored plates, cups, and glasses so there will be a harmonious and not contrasting play of colors in your kitchen.


Kitchen Planning Apps

Finally, we’re giving you the names of some interior design apps that will help you plan ahead before you start to buy or arrange anything for your kitchen remodeling project. These apps will allow you to see how certain colors, fixtures, and items will actually look when you place them in your cooking and dining space. So here they are: Kitchen Planner, Planner 5D House Interior Design, and Roomle 3D Room Planner. You can check out some of the latest home interior trends that will inspire you to update your kitchen.

If you have additional kitchen interior design ideas that will help a lot of women out there, feel free to put your comments below.