Making Your Kitchen Countertops Count

Several things can add value to the overall appearance as well as the feel of your kitchen. Talking about the functionality and practicality of this room, the center point, i.e., countertops is one of the major areas of the kitchens.

The kitchen countertops undoubtedly play a vital role as they feature quite strongly in a kitchen. Along with serving as work surfaces to prepare dishes, they work as a great place for family meals and snacks. In fact, most of us, especially ladies, spend a fair amount of time on the kitchen countertop.

If you are planning to update the interior design of your kitchen, then you might have given much thought to which sort of countertop will be best for you. Well, choosing a right countertop for your kitchen can be a complex thing in your home face-lifting tasks.

Do you know a myriad of options are available and you can pick the one that suits your kitchen and your budget too? Here you will get an assortment of choices that will surely wipe out the bewilderment from your mind. Dive in and get to know what suits your taste and pockets.


The Granite Countertops

Granite will be a great option, and it can certainly spruce up the appearance of your kitchen. Nowadays it is becoming the first choice of the new homes. It handles heat well and is water resistant. Also, it is scratch and dent proof and will be unaffected by any kind oils.

They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. It was quite expensive but as the use of it is becoming more widespread; its prices are coming down. Make sure that you keep a proper maintenance and care, as it will enhance its durability.

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The Quartz Countertops 

Also called an engineered stone, it will be the best option for you. It is designed from a blend of resin binders and pigments. Quartz is a bit expensive as compared to others. If you want to give a unique appearance to your kitchen, then opt for quartz. The reason is that it is extremely great. Like granite, it also handles heat and is resistant to scratches.

Moreover, it does not require sealing, but it requires minimal maintenance. It appears like a natural stone and still has a uniform color. Setting it up on your countertop will be undoubtedly great.

Credit: Athensamericana


The Tile Countertops

This is another option that you must think before you count on any other countertop. In fact, it is economical and affordable. Many people count on it because this type of countertop is highly resistant to scratches and heat. It further comes in varieties such as ceramic, stone and porcelain.

The crucial thing is that each of these tiles has different characteristics. Therefore, it provides different features along with the different level of comfort.

Credit: Hgtvhome


The Wood Countertops

Wood is a natural and no doubt it creates a natural beauty too. It is great as well as inviting, and it is also moderately priced. When used as kitchen countertops, it creates a warm as well as homely effect. Also, it has been used as kitchen countertop materials for years. You can count on the butcher block, which is one of the most famous wood countertops.

The best thing is that it is very easy to keep clean, and you can give a fresh look to it by sanding as well as resealing it. On the other hand, they are easily damaged by water. If not treated regularly then the wood will rot. It requires oiling to avoid water and stain damage. Do not get disheartened as scratches can be oiled, sealed and can frequently be sanded to prevent unsanitary conditions.

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The Solid Surface Countertops

If you want to have a smooth as well as the seamless surface at an affordable price, then this type of countertop will be a perfect pick. It is also durable, non-porous, adaptable, and resistant to scratches. The good thing about this type is, its additional damage, as well as markings, can be sanded off.

You can also team it up with the sink to give more elegance to your kitchen. It is available in a myriad of designs and colors. Please note that it can become discolored by extended heat exposure. In today’s modern days, it is very appealing to people as it is moderately priced.

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The Laminate countertops

These types of countertops are in trend as it can mimic the appearance of granite, wood, marble or stone countertops. This is the reason that they are considered to be the most common countertop material. If you are on a strict budget, then choosing the laminate countertops will be the best option for you.

When you opt this, you won’t have to sacrifice the appearance of your kitchen. It is available in a variety of colors as well as designs. Moreover, it is also easier to maintain when compared with the other materials. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, then you can opt this one. Keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance. But, it is also easy to clean with water and soap.

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Nowadays more homeowners are showing their interests in having open layouts for their homes. In fact, now they wish to entertain their guests informally in the kitchen. So, sprucing up the look of the kitchen becomes necessary. When it comes to deciding which type of countertop will be best for your kitchen, some people prefer style over the practicality. Although everything is a good shot, you must pick the one that is beautiful, elegant and durable.

Now you have an idea of what types of kitchen countertops are available, so it is up to you to see what will be the best for you. Well, marble is very pricey, but it offers the classy appeal. Well, everyone has a unique style and taste, and you only have to select the material that you think will be best suited for your lifestyle.