Manage Bathroom shelving – Ideas And Tips


Do you think your bathroom is the tiniest corner of your house? Well, if you think so, you’re actually mistaking.

Bathroom area can hold much more than what you can even imagine. All you need is some clever ideas to keep the clutter away. It is true that bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire house. Also, it is the smallest room of the house that can easily look unpleasant in lack of organization.

But whether you own an ocean of beauty products, or are overrun with spare towels, we’ll help you achieve organizational success in this room. Here are some great shelving ideas to achieve a pleasant balance in your bathroom.


Important Tips For Bathroom Shelving

If you prefer sleek modernist feature, then you must try minimalist shelving. It will fit into your bathroom without spoiling the aesthetic appeal of furniture. On the other hand, if you have developed a love for vintage style and want a country-look or eclectic style, choose shabby chic shelves for your favorite knick-knacks.

Why not try a Moroccan makeover? It includes recessed shelves above a free-standing bath. Add candles to achieve a gorgeous Moroccan glow and a pleasurable bath time.

Even an ordinary towel can come to make a statement in a cleverly designed storage unit. Select towels of bright colors for a plain and white shelving. It will create an outstanding impact in your bathroom.

So, if you have a small bathroom loaded with clutter, read further to explore different ways to organize your space with adequate shelving.


Oriental-style bathroom shelving


Let the east meet west in a stunning monochrome bathroom style. Finish the sleek black and white décor with a ladder style shelving unit. It will clear away all soapy built up and clutter.

Decorate the corner of the bathtub with a vase. Let the simple lines clash attractively with the adorable chandelier.


Country-chic bathroom cabinet


Do you prefer all-out country chic for your home interior, especially for the bathroom? Invest your home décor budget on vintage-style and glass-fronted cabinet for your wet room.

Opt for specific cabinet finishes, like dove-grey, to complement the wallpaper perfectly. It will create a tidy area to display your favorite toiletries with grace. You can also go for a rustic bathroom trend in the context of country-chic bathroom cabinets for storage.


Bold bathroom mirror display


You know what can make the boldest statement for your bathroom? Mirror!

Mirrors can add a dramatic look to your bathroom. If you opt for this look, try painting shelves to match the color of the walls. Then use the shelves as a place for displaying your collection. Add ornate antique mirrors, framed photographs, paintings, prints and other quirky objects to make shelves work wondrously.


Quirky bathroom shelves


Just image fun shelves in your bathroom? Sounds very impressive, right?

Set up shelves of different shapes and sizes in your all bathroom and have fun spread around the room. You can use quirky step-shaped shelves to future out towels and other accessories from the shelves. It will add a great sense of fun and humor to a relatively simple bathroom setting.


Small bathroom storage area 

Got a small bathroom? Don’t worry! A small wet room can still pack in plenty of your stuff. Use small recessed tucked away or hanging shelves can help you tidily manage a lot of stuff.

Now you don’t need to keep clutter. Just get them away! The idea works great if you are not blessed with a large space or for cloakrooms.


Attic bathroom storage

Now you can utilize the sloped ceiling in a way to make it feel higher. It will create an impression of the bigger room. What you have to do is turn that sloping roof in an attic bathroom into gorgeous floating shelves and statement-making interior.

Use wooden, glass or stone shelves and place them on the line for the room perfectly. Use the shelves of three different sizes for a dramatic effect. This way you will be able to utilize the small space most efficiently.


Moroccan-style bathroom recess


Moroccan interior designs are trendy these days, especially for bathrooms. Eastern patterns make this area look extremely classy and elegant. When it comes to storage, you can add recessed shelves just above a freestanding bath.

This organization will give a gorgeous glow when candles are added to it.  They are also very functional when it comes to storing toiletries, making them easy-to-reach from the bathtub. For a complete morocco style, add tiles and cabinets inspired by Eastern lifestyle.


Eclectic bathroom ornaments

Taking a bath is a matter of relaxation. Just imagine if you could revive some old memories while bathing. It is what this eclectic style bathroom does for you.

Display memories and trinkets on the walls and at the end of your bathtub. It may sound weird, but this organization looks entirely exotic and eclectic.

Add warm wooden shelves in the area. It will create a traditional style feeling of coziness in the room. It will be also bright spots of colors and add interest against the otherwise drab and neutral walls.


Mosaic tiled shelves


Mosaic is an age-old art that belongs to ancient Greek and Roman times. Nowadays, the mosaic is a technique to decorate homes to make them look more beautiful and traditional. Mosaic tiles create an instant eye-catching wall décor.

Not only walls, but you can also achieve impactful shelves using a striking selection of mosaic tiles. Choose a mix of natural stone colors to create a calming and relaxed appeal in your wet room.


Mismatched bathroom shelves

Another way to create a unique and magnificent bathroom organization is mismatched bathroom shelves. Use shelves of different colors and sizes and match them. Then create an outstanding storage for your essential toiletries.

You can team your silver-toned bath with a leaning towel rack. Also, you can place some glass jars on the shelves to manage the accessories. It will create a complete country feel in the wet room.

Got some more ideas for bathroom shelving? Share with us in the comment section below.