Planning Wood Flooring? Ask Yourself These Questions!

Wooden flooring looks amazing! If you love wooden décor in your home and have a big budget, wooden floor makes a great choice over carpet and linoleum. However, it’s important to think and research meticulously before you make your mind to put on wood flooring in your house or office that complements your interior design.

It’s always best to take help from your interior designer who must guide you with the selection of right type of wood and about the latest flooring trends.

Here are top things you must ask yourself before putting money on this major investment.


Which type of wood should I choose – solid or engineered?

That depends on the area where you want to install it. Both types of wood are made of real wood and are environment-friendly.

Solid wood is extremely solid, and its thickness can vary, which generally lies between 3/4” to 5/16”. You can use this type of timber in a room that is above the ground level. The major benefit of solid wood flooring is that you can sand and refinish it multiple times. It is an ideal choice for a family room, dining room, kitchen design and even powder room. But it’s not great for basement installation.

On the other hand, engineered wood floors are manufactured using a few layers of wood veneers. Layers can be of same or different species. Since you can nail or staple it to a wood subfloor, this type of wood floors makes a great alternative for basement and slab installations, though you can use them in other rooms as well. You can sand and refinish it, but not as frequent as solid wood flooring.


Which is the best wood species for me?

Choosing the right wood species is all about your taste for style and budget. Over 50 imported and domestic wood species exist, each offering captivating looks to your home interior. You can choose from ash, maple, oak, walnut, mahogany, etc. imported species are available in even more colors.

Once you have finalized the style you want, you can consider how your floor will be used. Are you a busy family with pets and children? Depending on the usage, choose the one with right hardness and durability.

Factory-finished or site-finished floor?

Both methods come with a unique set of benefits and choosing the one depends on the level of customized you want to match with your personal preferences and interior design.

A job-site finish is applied on the main site where the floor has to be installed. With this option, you can choose your preferred finish that will eventually impact the maintenance as well stain and sheen of the final flooring.

On the other hand, factory-finished floors get finishing at the factory before reaching your home. You can’t achieve a dreamy level of customization as with the job-site floor finishing. The only benefit is that there is minimal noise or dust around the installation area with factory-finished flooring. These get instantly install as you talk to a contractor.


Should I Opt for Glossy or Matte Finish?

 It again depends on your preference. If you decide for a gloss finish, you will get shiny flooring which reflects the most light. You can also opt for a semi-gloss finish that offers little shine and reflects a very small amount of light. On the other hand, satin or matte finishes offer almost no shine or reflect no light.

We want to add that less sheen means less noticeable scratches that are normal with wood floors. If you opt for factory-finished flooring, you can talk to your contractor about material available with less sheen. All types of sheen offer a similar level of protection and look equally best.


How to keep pets from scratching the floor?

There are many ways in which you can protect your expensive wooden flooring from pets’ scratching. You can place scatter rugs at all entry doors to minimize dirt being entered into the area. Another best way is cut your pet’s nails regularly.

If a scratch occurs on the floor, make sure the problem is only in the finish, not in the wood. If a scratch occurs in the wood, consult your contractors for specific recommendation to get it repaired immediately.


How to keep flooring look new always?

Keep in mind; wooden flooring needs extra care. You have to clean these flooring on a daily basis. Use a sweep, dust mop or vacuum to clean it while keeping the beater bar turned off to remove dirt and grime from the boards of the floor. Never use wet, or steam mop as water can dull the finish or even damage the flooring over the years.

Spread soft rugs at all entry doors to avoid dust inside. You can purchase special rug mats for wooden flooring to avoid discoloration. These rugs will keep the debris and dirt outside and safeguard it from scratching.

If you notice spills on the floor, use a soft and damp cloth to clean it. Never walk on the floor with sports cleats or high heel footwear as it could scratch or dent the floor. When you notice that floor has started looking dull, use a special wood flooring cleaner to renew its luster.

Make sure the product is directed by the installer and is compatible with your floor type and interior design. Using the wrong product can cause a big damage to your beautiful wooden floor.  A clean floor adds a character to your home.

Installation is very expensive. Can’t I do it myself? 

Installing wooden flooring is not as easy as painting the walls of your living room. Firstly, you will spend hundred dollars on expensive material. And, if you damage it, you can’t imagine buying it again. In addition to this, wooden flooring is installed using special tools that you will have to rent and have little experience in using them.

It’s a lengthy process that requires expertise and experience. If you try to do it yourself, it mostly leads to wastage of your money, time and efforts. So, let the experts handle it carefully for you. Hire a professional floor installer as recommended by your interior designer.