Preparing Your Home’s Interior Design For Your Baby’s Safety

Babies are cute; they mean the world to every species on the earth.

In the 21st century the babies and more than them their security is something that keeps parents up on the toes. If there is a toddler in your home who is a little troublemaker, you have to take precautions. The challenge parents are facing today, houses are too dangerous, and babies are too delicate to let free of them.

For a fact, one cannot monitor toddlers all the time, in such times baby-proofing steps up.

Baby proofing has become an inseparable part of an interior designer notebook and correctly so.

Below is a fare list of ideas on, how to baby proof a house like an interior designer


Paper Geo Decorations 

Paper geo decorations are cheap; these things are in trend and are the most baby-friendly decoration ever.

Although Paper geo decorations are not indestructible but even if one of this falls it won’t hurt the baby.

Another advantage of paper geo decorations is that unlike glass it won’t shatter into pieces when and if it falls.

These baby loving decorations are almost free, you can even DIY these, just like flowering decorations.

Even if you aren’t good with scissors or are not in a mood for, it won’t burn a hole in the pocket.


Softer landing

Toddlers are clumsy, and on average they fall after every tenth step, which means a softer carpet is a necessity.

Another reason for choosing a softer carpet, toddlers like to pull stuff down and things sometimes ricochet and hurt your baby.

Now, this situation is tricky, softer carpets are prone to the tears and wear so choose wisely.

There are many such questions which one may ask while working on this part of baby-proofing.

So it is for the best in your interest if you can invest a few hours in this task along with a few extra bucks.


Stylish toys

Toys are not only for the kids, but adults are experimenting with the softies also. Fidget spinners are the latest example of toys adults and kids are sharing.

This latest interior design trend is a godsend for the interior designers. There is a zillion options in the market in the toys section which your kid can share with the guests.

One should seriously consider this trick, in this way you can put the toys within your baby’s reach. If a tot has accessibility to his/her toys all the time, he will be engaged and won’t go for other things.

You can put the toys in big stylish baskets or can make modish wooden cases to keep toys arranged.


Keep it real, feather light. 

When designing a baby’s room, keep in mind that the hangings should be lighter than the feather.

Under the worst circumstances like an earthquake or a storm, even if the lighter things fall, the baby will stay safe and sound.

Babies themselves are attracted to throwing things on the ground, so paper hangings like homemade paintings come handy here.

So you have to evacuate all the glass from your kid’s room.

Even the sippers should be light and as soft as possible, parents with twins should always think on this.

Kids especially twins fight and often hit each other with sippers, so understandably softer sipper will hurt less.


 Baby gates

Everything relating even remotely to the baby-proofing is irksome to interior designers, baby gates, however, tops the list.

Baby doors are equally exasperating for the parents too, but these doors keep babies safe. There is an alternative though; Dutch doors also called half doors or stable doors. These two-part doors while giving your home an authentic look, keep your babies safe.

Lower parts can be locked, and height is well designed to keep the babies from climbing and hurting themselves. Keeping the upper half open, will help you supervise kid plus will keep the tot away from injury prone area.


Swap furniture instead of the padding

Most of the parents fall for the same old clichéd idea, padding the furniture as soon as they have a baby.

If you are one of the above mentioned and are planning to have multiple kids, chances are, padding will never leave.

So to revive out of this situation, it is better to swap the furniture instead of wrapping it.  All the adult-friendly furniture should go into no-baby-room, and all the stay furniture can stay. Even if you have to bring a few new things in, your house will look good just what you always want.


Soften the corners

Let alone the kids, corners are perilous for the adults too. Covering the corners is the first rule of baby-proofing any home. When you are softening the corners, try being more creative, choose tasteful covers.

One also can paint on the softening covers; try watercolors, white on black covers and golden on black.


No Lamps

Lamps were trendy just a few years ago. People used to collect a different kind of lamps correct, but not anymore.

Foremost reason behind people ditching the lamps is, the lamps can cause serious injury to kids, especially to infants.

Try getting little remote lights with USBs inputs, and you are all good for a relaxing read at night.


Covering the outlets 

You will have to cover all the electrical outlets of your home with the help of proper plugins.

One can buy any of the many stylish outlet covers online.

You can get cover which looks like an adhesive bandage or one with a cute print which will save your baby.



Hope these ideas will make your home a more of baby friendly while keeping up the style.

Kids are the best gift to the humankind, and it is our responsibility to keep them safe as much as we can.

But with all the technology and developments going around it doesn’t have to be an ugly adjustment.

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