Redesigning your home for 2018’s Summer

It feels like yesterday only when we were pouring champagne for New Year Eve’s celebration, and in no time 2018 is already half done.


The summer of 2018 is upon us, does your home has got what it takes to be called the perfectly designed new summer home?

Various fresh and new trends are overshadowing the interior design industry, and your home too must evolve with time.

Two new additions to the interior design industry are the color black and desire of bringing the ‘outer mood inside the house’.


Black Is Back

Yes, the color black is back in the business and people are totally loving it.

Thanks to some genuinely funny memes on social media people are backstroking towards the color black.

But all this doesn’t mean you dip your house in a pool of black color and put a black mailbox out it. Black should be key color in your home, but cannot be the only color, mix and match is the mantra.

Strips are in trend this year. Hire professional painters for the job and if you have enough skills to paint then just be creative.

Strips, chessboard design, even splashes too are some of the options available to upgrade your house’s color scheme.

You can add some metal or chrome to your furniture or paintings/table centerpieces to enhance grace.


Vintage Is The New Fresh

Old is the new fresh; people are actually bringing back some of the oldest stuff they own, into their houses.

Although interior designers are raiding the attics for antic accessories for quite a while now, the trend is going nowhere this summer too. It is for the good too.

Adding vintage accessories into your home’s design tells a story, it gives a personal touch to your interior.

These antics and vintage accessories are reasonably expensive and sometimes can be a pain to find. The rational thing here to do is to explore your attic and outhouse.

You can also get a lot of vintage stuff on the e-shopping websites like Amazon and eBay.


The Big Flowers 

We have seen how much of a hit Florals have been since last two years. In the year 2017, designers were using floral in everything, from wallpaper to shirts and this flowery love tale is not ending anytime soon.

The only addition, this trend will see this year, is the size. Just like the ‘color black,’ floral is an evergreen trend which seems to be drifting nowhere out of focus.

Flowers are the symbol of happiness, and the bigger the flowers, more the happiness.

If you are planning to play with giant flowers to design your house, we suggest you read our blog on ten unusual things to interior design your wall, before that.

Go big and go home is the saying now.


Open Up A Bit

People are done living on a set of a crazy magazine, just so that their guest would, approve and appreciate their living style.

This summer interior designers will be helping a lot of people getting rid of a lot of stuff and creating a whole lot of space at houses.

People are fed up with the generic homes and want a house that can offer a more laidback feeling.

In short, you will get a more relaxed home, and furniture and the icing on the cake is you will be saving a lot of money.


Cabinetry Kitchens 

Kitchens are getting an entirely different and brand new look this summer. The idea is to fill it up with cabinets.

People are backing up from the good old open shelving and are accepting the abundant cabinetry with open arms.

Choosing colors, however, can be a tricky business here. Some people are urging people to match the kitchen with rest of the house, and others want to go with contrasting.

You will have to take the last call here, which if and when you are following the black color trend, can be really something, take advice.

Choose wisely.


Jumanji Homes 

Just the like the movie Jumanji your house will be getting a forest makeover in this year’s summers.

Against jungle patterns, exotic artifacts, earthy colors and handcrafted textiles are all set to make a dramatic return to the business.

With more open spaces in homes, floral wallpapers in some rooms and dark colors in others, the jungle theme will fit in, just fine.

The timing of this trend’s arrival could not have been more perfect. The antic accessories, the laidback furniture and the gothic colors, the setting is more than perfect.

It works for the best if you are into embroidery and this kind of hobbies, you can renovate your home on your own.

Try using darker threads for the primary objects and shinier threat for the secondary objectives.


Custom made racks

Many interior designers are putting their money on handmade or custom made racks to be a massive hit in this summer.

What makes this idea even more impressive is that the racks are not very expensive, if you are buying and are easy to build, if you are giving it a go.


You can use it in your bar to keep your regular liquors and wine bottles. You can also add a glass holder in the rack as well, for a quick drink.

We are in a hurry at some point of the day, and there isn’t always time to go to the kitchen and open boxes/cabinets.

If you are an excellent craftsman yourself, remember to use a natural looking wood, not a very polished one, for a rougher look.



There, follow the steps and your house is all set to look dashing and fresh for the whole summers.

Interior designing is a delicate job, and it needs a unique and rare knack for putting right things in the right manner.

Like, did you know something as minimal as table centerpiece holds the power of transformation?

So, it is better to do it right, than to do it yourself, if you have doubts about your abilities as an interior designer.

If you think you are capable enough to do it yourself, then pull up your socks and just do it.