Remodel your 5 Room HBD Flat in Singapore with these Pretty Cool Designs

Singaporeans love luxurious spaces, and if you own one such 4 or 5 room flat, you definitely want to make it look chick-worthy. While you are blessed with the luxury of space with a HBD, overcrowding it will make the look fussy and messy.

So give it a modern and classy look and inquiry information on interior design Singapore.

Master bedroom:


Master bedroom should look more than just a place to sleep. Ideally, a master bedroom is the reflection of your personality; it’s a place that indicates the importance of room in owner’s life. So here are the tips to make your master room look impeccably beautiful:

  • Let’s start with essential elements of the room, i.e., your bed. Your bed should be king size, with the frame that suits your personality. You can go for the classy white bed or can choose contemporary designs for more subtle look. Play with pillows, bed skirt, and top sheet to create an appealing visual appearance.
  • Mix and match patterns and colors, or use a specific color theme. Still confused? Check out the classic grey and white one.
  • Once the bedding part is over, next important thing in the master room is the closet.  The closet’s color should match the decor, but if you want to go out of the box and make it look colorful, add geometrical patterns.
  • With your closet and bed in place, it’s now time to experiment with wall shelves (if any) and windows. If your room has wall shelves, don’t clutter it with unnecessary stuff. Instead, use a family picture or your images to add a personalized touch to your room. For windows, make a seating around it and witness sunrise and sunsets. Add blinds or light curtains to minimize the daylight effect.


Note: Although you own a big space, don’t over stuff it with furniture.




Our kitchen not just a place to dine-in, instead it’s that area of the house where you spend most of your daytime. Therefore, it’s very important to make it look stylish and unique. Also, it should be more functional and posses all essential components like refrigerator, sink, microwave, and stove in place.

  • The first thing one should consider while designing a kitchen is the walkways. Since you own an HBD’s, don’t be frugal in using space. Make long pathway to circumvent cabinet’s functionality and to make cooking a hassle-free job.
  • Your stove is like a designer dress in your closet, so make it look stand-out. You can use stoves of myriad colors and styles as per your style.
  • Lighting instantly amp-up the ambiance of the place, so incorporate warm light bulbs to make the kitchen look more subtle and soothe. You can also add a decorative lamp or can use hanging light-fixers over other classic ones.
  • Countertops should be little playful and should match your style.
  • And lastly, kitchen cabinets; inject some stylish cabinets in your kitchen to make it fully functional and efficient. Make use of every little space artistically to keep everything sorted.


Dining room


A dining area is a gathering place for family and friends, so make it little cozy and creative.

  • Incorporate elements that deliver positive vibes and energy while dining.
  • Dress up the place with see-through cabinets to make everything visible.
  • Design the walls in exciting patterns and prints
  • Balance the look with subtle furniture and lighting. You can use jaw-dropping glass chandeliers are the hallmark of an elegant dining area.
  • Add a dash of sophistication by using slipovers instead of chairs.
  • Use vintage cabinets to showcase your bar area.
  • Create an eye-popping ceiling; add prints or architectural designs to make it look rustic.
  • You can also use primary hues or custom artwork in your dining area.


Living room


Bring the feel of earthiness in your living room with nature in it. Earthy tones automatically uplift the mood and bring the love of outdoors in your space. Here are some tips:

  • Explore the nature and pen down your favorite elements you want in your space
  • Give your favorite flowers a nice and embellished frame
  • Use metallic paint on pine cones and use them as a decorative piece. Keep them in a bowl or hang them.
  • DIY fabric tapestry; use tassels and colorful yarn to make it look impressive. You can also use embellishments, stones, decorative ribbons and much more as per your choice.
  • Use sturdy furniture and wood looks to get the earthy feeling. Incorporate rough wooden cabinets to make them look natural
  • Add small plants or DIY to beautify the look. You can use a cup or mason jars instead of earthy pots for the room.
  • Paint rooms with warm, natural colors; you can use browns or mish-match brown and whites to bring outdoors in.




Bathrooms, the most neglected place in our homes. However, no more!  To start a stressful day at work what’s more soothing than a shower in an ambiance, perfect enough to wipe-away all stress?

  • A bathroom is a place where you can experiment and play with everything. From bold and vibrant colors to the subtle and white walls, and to the waterproof tiles, there’s a myriad of options to make the place a ‘statement.’
  • You can use accessories like shower curtains, designer racks, luxurious bathtubs, towel hangers and much more to complete the look.
  • Bathroom floors are as important as any other thing in the room, so don’t skip them. Make use of waterproof tiles to beautify the space; use retro or store architecture for bumpy like effect.
  • Lastly, bathrooms are specifically for personal time, so invest in good bath products and create a spa-like soothing space for you.


Bottom Line:

Using aforementioned tips will help you remodel your space with ease. So, if you are looking for interior designing in Singapore of HBD 5-room flat, visit an Interior designer near you.