Responsibilities and Tools of a Finish Carpenter

Finish carpentry is the final step of any carpentry process that transforms a house into a beautiful home. This form of woodwork may involve three actions: measuring, cutting and attaching. It includes a meticulous installation of finish woods inside the building by a skillful carpenter. It’s a final step of the entire woodwork that gives a finishing touch to windows, stairs, doors and other areas inside a building to improve its aesthetic appeal.

This category of woodwork requires a dedicated finish carpenter in Singapore who possesses years of practice. S/he must have the knowledge to carefully work with casing, baseboard, railings, louvers, paneling, shelving, mantels, etc. It is because finishing wooden items is the most noticeable and demanding process than any other phase of a building’s construction.

Finish carpentry may seem straightforward, but you need to approach a high level of woodworking skill to produce flawless results. Builders and general contractors hire finish carpenters for various challenging wooden projects. Homeowners also work with them whenever they need to finish their new home or remodel an existing house.

Responsibilities of a finish carpenter

True to their title, finish carpenters are responsible for lending an appealing final touch to your home. This part of the woodwork is known as cream-of-the-crop in the building and construction world. Finish Carpenter in Singapore attracts people because of their mastered skill in this area.

All visible wood work is the job of a carpenter, but finish carpentry is a specialized field that involves specific projects like hardwood flooring, built-in bookshelves, wall paneling, wainscoting, intricate fireplace surrounds, floor and crown molding at the ceiling, closets and curved stairs, etc. Most of this work is related to improving the aesthetic appeal.

Let’s know what these skillful people can do for you.


All cabinetmakers fall into the category of finish carpenters. But not all finish carpenters are necessarily cabinetmakers. Someone who designs cabinets should have specialty skills. S/he requires a dedicated wood shop where they can build and design the cabinet bases and then install them at client’s location.

Many times, if you have specific requirements or when room dimensions are not square, the cabinetmaker may come to your place to build and design the cabinets.

Hanging Interior Doors

Now, this one is typically finished carpenter’s job only. For building hanging interior doors, the crew starts with building rough openings and support headers. But the final work of hanging the actual doors is performed only by the specialized finish carpenter.

The process of hanging interior door involves shimming and leveling the doorframe to make sure that door opens and closes easily.

Trimming the House

The biggest job of finish carpenter is to install the trim within a building. Trim gives a neat and professional look to building’s interior.

This practice requires skills and knowledge of how to scribe molding so that it fits easily and evenly to uneven surfaces. It involves installing cope joints inside trim corners and cut complicated trim angles.

Custom Wood Flooring

Finish carpenters in Singapore, who possesses advanced skills in installing wood flooring, are great in demand. Homeowners seek for carpenters who can effectively install wooden flooring with inlaid medallions or borders.

Designing and setting up customized floor designs require careful measuring, fitting and gluing skills that is much beyond the realm of a standard floor installing crew.

Stain and Varnish

Not all finish carpenters offer services for staining and varnishing. Some professionals offer it, while others leave these tasks to paint-and-finish contractors. In larger communities in a metropolitan area, the finish carpenter doesn’t stick to stain and varnish.

These minor jobs are done by their counterparts who do everything from installation and sanding the trim to staining, varnishing and filling nail holes.

Tools of a Finish Carpenter

The most basic tool of a finish carpenter is a miter saw. Best professionals use power miter saws in combination with a miter box. For trimming by hand, they use handsaws including short, fine and cutting backsaw for trimming moldings by hand.

Other basic hand tools include a lightweight trim hammer, variety of nail sets, diagonal pliers to remove bent nails, sandpaper, chisels, wood putty, etc. The trimmer usually has a smooth face so that it doesn’t damage the base wood while trimming.

Experienced and advanced carpenters use circular saws for installing cabinets that require scribing. Scribing process requires a small tool that is known as a compass. This little tool transfers uneven lines in the wall to cabinets. It also works when there are some wooden parts like trim fit or mantels lying against rock or masonry.

Another crucial tool these wood artists carry is a hand held coping saw. This tool helps cutting angles on inside mitered corners while preventing gaps on molding or trim. Coping saws comes so handily when one needs to fine tune the cuts with sandpaper, files, and chisels before installing them.

Growing Industry of Finish Carpentry 

Although finish carpentry is known as a sub-field of the wood industry, it has made its own large field. It would be justified to say that both rough and finish woodwork goes hand in hand. It is because the latter is performed at the end of rough work to review and that all components are in place.

Experts recommend hiring the same contractor to fulfill your requirements for a finish carpenter in Singapore. Different contractors may conflict in project validity, thus delaying the job accomplishment.

Finish carpentry is an intricate process that requires sharp eyes and a keen sense of design. General carpenters may do excellent with flooring, cabinets, and other wood related work. But finishers improve and rough wooden work and make it look better than before.

Choosing a Finish Carpenter

You have to be extra careful when selecting a finish carpenter in Singapore. You can find them online or request your friends or relatives for their recommendation. Good finishers are always in demand for both residential and commercial projects. Though they usually cost higher than general contractors, their experience and outcomes truly pay out.

Finish woodwork involves renovation and remodeling while taking care of the ground terms of project validity. Overall, the purpose of this process is to cover rough patches and result in dazzling wooden visuals.