Seven Interior Designing Mistakes to Dodge

There are so many options in the market right now that people sometimes make interior design mistakes without even knowing about it.

With the internet marketing playing its part as a partner in crime mistakes are getting more frequent.

Every once in a while we all are lured by an antique painting or a classy chair or by an awfully stunning table.

More than once these little allurements and cute obsessions to buy things without thinking about rest of the setting lead to interior design mistakes.

So this blog will give you a gentle reminder of things that you need to keep high in the head for dodging any interior designing mistakes.


Furniture: Place it don’t stuff it

Furniture is something which defines the overall look of any home.  A whole lot more than fewer people buy furniture in excess sometimes they buy things which they never ever use.

During buying furniture always keep in mind that it has to be functional, but it should be pleasant to the eye too.

One more thing to remember here is ‘your room is neither a dumping ground nor a godown.

You cannot buy things and stuff it up like a stuffed animal.

Even if have to add new furniture there should always be some space left in the room so that one can move effortlessly.


The placement

Sometimes pieces just don’t fall into right places, and when something like that happens, the room turns into a complete mess.

In such times try thinking out of the box. You may just want to rearrange things, think of at least four settings and virtually rearrange the furniture.

Make sure to cover every aspect before reshuffling the furniture, the comfort, space, etc.

Don’t be shy about asking for help; more the merrier is the rule here.

You can look up online about this too, just Google interior design Singapore, Singapore has some of the best designs you might get lucky.

When the placement of your furniture is not right won’t only it be poorly decorated, but it will make the room look smaller also.


Put out the old stuff

 This is not exactly a ‘win-win’ situation if you have brought new things you have to get rid of the older stuff.

Supposedly you spotted an awe-inspiring vase online and ordered it. Now, when the vessel is delivered and is all set to be placed, you have to get rid of the previous.

Placing multiple vases in one area is a crime against interior designing, you can not do it.

This example you have to follow everywhere while getting any new thing. If you are trying to give any room an antique look keep only the matching stuff.

One cannot keep two old and three new things and claim to be an interior designer.


Match but not much


That century is long gone when red sheets, ref bed, red cushions and red walls used to make people drool.

The 21st century brought the concept of color contrast with it. Now interior designers design things according to the color contrast.

For people who are not familiar with the concept of color contrast, you choose one base color and several complementary colors which uplift the base.

One can use two color schemes or multiple color scheme the basic concept will stay the same.


Never choose furniture before color

If you are shifting to a new place you will be buying a lot of new furniture, just don’t buy it before assigning the final color of your rooms.

If you already have the whole furniture with you, paint your walls according to the color of your furniture then.

If the walls and furniture are not matching or are not of the same contrast, it will ruin the whole setting of the room.

With lousy color contrast, your things will also lose its charm, and you may end up with some shabby old furniture.

People are also using paint swatches for better judgment. Lighting in the room changes every hour, so it is better to observe it for at least 24 hours.

Check out which color will be best for the walls-furniture combination.


Bad lighting 

 Lighting is the critical factor in the postmodern interior designing, and it is the segment where people make most mistakes. Find the best lighting ideas for your rooms.

You have to keep the lights in balance; natural light is as important as the artificial light, you should not block the natural light with accessories.

However, you sometimes and some places require low lighting, like a meeting room, for presentations or a movie room.

In situations like curtains come handy, you should use heavy curtains or roller shades, blinds works fine in blocking the light too.

By installing the things mentioned above, you will get the access to the light whenever you want and shutting it out is also easy.

On the other hand, artificial light’s essential function now is to highlight things.

People now more than ever are using artificial light to highland paintings, handicrafts and other antique stuff.


Comfortably trendy 

While designing a room, chances of creating a place where you touch one then and ten falls rise drastically.

Your home’s primary function is to maintain your and every visitor’s comfort. No one wants to be at a place where you cannot roam free.

Yes, adding accessories and new trendy things in your home give you major kick, but comfort cannot be compromised.

Keep things simple and sober, in today’s scenario less is more, purchase things that are comfortable and stylish.

As the saying goes, one cannot eat a golden apple.



So these are seven common mistakes one needs to take care of while interior is designing any place.

If you have doubts, please hire an interior designer but please don’t do it wrong. You can mix things too put together stuff that you like, and that helps you feel good.

Consulting a friend or two is another option which can serve you well.

Play Safe!