Sneaky Ideas to Revamp your 4 room HBD flat interior design in Singapore

Does your flat seem too boxy? Why not add some curves that accelerate the overall gaze and turns your tedious place into a masterpiece? The out of the box ideas, little planning, and adequate research could transform the ambiance of your flat.

Once you have splurged on essentials like tables and couches, it becomes pretty intimidating to make a new place feel more like your home. Well, we are not emphasizing on changing the entire decorations and furnishings; some little additions could alter the place.

On an optimistic note, breathing new life into your home isn’t that tricky that you necessarily need to throw huge bucks hiring interior designers. Go through these devious ideas that add life to your living space.

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Coat your Old Furnishings

Does your furniture give you a feel of slight boredom, and you are no more excited to invite guests to a social gathering? Your old furniture could be the reason why you miss the amusement of partying at your place! For those facing a budget constraint, coating your old furnishings could be a brilliant idea.

Sometimes a little creativeness is required to augment the colors of your walls with your furniture. So, pick the sandpaper, and rub away the dull paint until you get a smooth finishing. Once you are done with the sanding process, apply the desired paint either by spray gun or using a brush.

After the paint is completely dried, a thin coat of clear wax needs to be applied to add a glossy finish. Apart from this, if you are ready to spend some bucks on new furnishings, what are you waiting for? Just grab the ones that harmonize with your interiors.


Consider Removable decals or Wallpapers

Gone are the days when you had to deal with the intimidating wallpapers that required many efforts to peel off the walls. Why not choose removable wallpapers and decals that precisely add a fine touch of personal style and color to your room.

No need to call those arrogant professionals to apply and remove the wallpapers. Just peel off these decals that come with an adhesive and apply on the walls. The best part about these removable wallpapers is the customizability. Just use your imagination to blend colors and schemes, and create your unique theme.


Add a Mirror to make Your Room Appear Spacious

Planning to relocate to a bigger apartment just because your living room appears to be tiny? Well, you need to instantly drop this idea of shifting to a new flat and consider applying a floor length mirror in the living space. Just place the mirror in a way that it precisely reflects the window to grab most of the light, and thus; adding a new dimension to your living room.

No need to consult the designers that have nothing to offer rather senseless recommendations. Just believe in your imaginations and position a huge mirror in your room. This trick works surprisingly for other rooms as well, and you won’t regret your decision of buying a floor length mirror.

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Go with Alluring Curtains

Don’t just stick to the standard apartment blinds that are too mainstream for your interiors. Add a superior touch of elegance with classy curtains that can be customized each time you need an experiment with the inner looks of your home.

Furthermore, picking curtains for your 4 room hdb flat interior design in Singapore makes your living space emerge larger. Just hang these curtains from floor to ceiling to ensure adequate height that eventually augments your walls.

There’s no hard and fast rule that states you have to put curtains only on windows and doors. Curtains hanged on bare walls eventually bump up the overall ambiance of your room. All you need is an exceptional sense of playing with colors and textures, which goes harmoniously with your furniture and walls.


Its all About the Right Scale

If you aren’t trying to utilize overstuffed couch to make a statement, you need to rethink regarding the size of the furnishings. Numerous people are unaware regarding the fact that moderately sized furnishings eventually make your small space look larger, and thus; scaling is an essential thing that requires adequate consideration.

Moreover, small sized furnishings like tables and couches play a significant role in uplifting the spaciousness of your space. No need to spend on expensive furniture that covers a major portion of your room, and eventually burns a hole in your pocket.

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Brighten Up your Space

Elegant lighting is perhaps the essential component that makes a home welcoming and warm. Besides spending ample money on trendy furniture, if you are not making the right choice of lighting, you won’t be admiring it! The perfect blend of bright and dim spots in your living room could easily create a style statement.

Utilizing natural and artificial lighting fixtures in a precise way could be the best thing that could ever happen to your interiors. Using fancy hanging lights, task lights, and pendant lightings would perfectly turn any dull space into a magnum opus.

Brightening your room doesn’t mean to enhance the overall illumination, rather it emphasizes on a smart combination of shadows and highlighting of specific spots. Make sure you do a little research regarding the varieties of fixtures that are specifically designed to complement interiors of your apartment.


Mount Floating Shelves

Mounting floating shelves not only bump up the inner environment of any space but are also a clever way to free up some space. These kinds of shelves are often utilized to room ample home décor things, which otherwise consumes a lot of space.

For those seeking a contemporary and sleek way of showcasing their accessories, these floating shelves are undeniably the prominent choice. One can add stunning designs and curves that further increase the inner gaze of your home.

These smart ideas undoubtedly work precisely to remodel your home interiors. No matter whether you are running out of the budget and planning to customize the inner looks of your flat; just go through these ideas and give your space a bold statement.