Spruce up your Home Interiors with these Secret Lighting Ideas

Illumination is perhaps the crucial element for any designing scheme that can easily jazz up a droning space! Casting your home interiors in the perfect light is similar to creating a magnum opus.

The magnificent countertops, classy furniture, and gorgeous cabinetry are ineffectual if your interiors lack adequate lighting. Besides squandering millions on this décor stuff, if you are not highlighting them with adequate materials, forget about its appreciation.

Fancy dimmers, spots of LED lamps, and low-level floor washer offer a splatter of elegance, which augments the ambiance of your home. It is crucial to know what type of lighting would go with your home, and here’s a quick guide to embellish your interiors.

Study the Basics

One of the initial things is to comprehend that you can pick either a natural light or an artificial lighting. The natural light could be effortlessly introduced through windows or fireplaces. Artificial lights, which are produced through numerous fixtures, could precisely accelerate the inner beauty of your home.

A proper blend of both natural and artificial lights could add a soothing glow to the living room. Use of portable lights, fluorescent bulbs, and LED’s along with low natural light offer elegance and vintage glamour to your home interiors. Once you know, the basics of fusing both these sources of lights just use your imaginations and create your masterpiece.


Choose Different Lightings Precisely

While you are planning to illuminate your home with fancy lighting fixtures, one needs to believe that you have to consider three main types of artificial lights. These are categorized according to their functions and are namely- ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Here’s quick guide guidance regarding these lighting fixtures that lends a hand in deciding where you need to use any of these fixtures.


Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting refers to the fixtures that ensure general enlightenment of a dark space. Apart from the regular ceiling lights, the ambient lighting could complement the overall ambiance of the room. Whether it is a reading lamp or a surface mounted lighting, these ambient sources of light precisely harmonize with the conventional lightings of your inner space.


Task Lighting 

The name implies that these kinds of lighting are directed on a specific spot. Be it a bathroom vanity, reading table, or a kitchen counter; these lights offer adequate illumination for the tasks that require better lighting. Hanging lights, spotlights, reading lamps are some of the common examples of task lighting.


Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is third elegant illumination source that needs to be included in your plan. These lights usually highlight a specific spot like a painting, architectural design, or a bookshelf. One can direct light on extreme textures, fine art pieces, or on a feature wall.

If you prefer natural lightings to create the effect of accent illumination, candles and fireplace light could be a splendid option. These sources are perfect for augmenting your interiors with fascinating and warm lightings that superiorly glimmer on the lustrous surfaces.

Consider Pendant Lighting for a Trendy Feel

When it comes to versatility, these pendant lights offer numerous advantages. You can add pizzazz to a tedious room with the correct positioning of this extensive light source. For the ones seeking a better way to maintain a contemporary look in their room, pendant lighting adds even accent to any space.

Pendant lighting is unique lighting that hangs from a pole or wire, and eventually accelerates the overall aura of your living space. Just suspend these illuminated pendants over breakfast table or over the kitchen counter to make a style statement.

Here are some other benefits of using Pendant Lightings that you ought to know:

  • You can hang these lights at the desired heights
  • Extensive range of different options
  • Doesn’t consumes your tablespace
  • Wider spectrum of light that you can’t expect from ordinary ceiling lightings
  • Decently priced, and augments the décor in a budget-friendly way

Considering these advantages, you might be planning to install these lightings in your room. But before you just randomly pick any of these lights, a little deliberation regarding interior design Singapore could give you an exact idea regarding the choice of pendant lightings.


Add a Fine touch of Sophistication to your Walls with Wall Sconces

Modern wall sconces are becoming one of the prominent choices for both residential and commercial space. While these light sources augment your overall home design; you also save ample floor space. When you are planning to enhance the appeal of your hallways, entryways, or bedrooms, these sconces could eventually liven up your home.

One can pick any design, color, and style that harmonize with their interiors. Whether you mount them on drywall or paneling, these exquisite pieces of light would create a statement.


The primary reason why people prefer bumping up their living space with walls sconces is the overall style and versatility. One can augment a particular theme with selected pieces of illuminations that doesn’t even burn a hole in your pocket. These fancy pieces of illumination aren’t something that could go beyond your budget.

Light up a Dull Corner with Torchiere Floor Lamps

Numerous ways are utilized to embellish a particular space of your home with adequate lighting. Have you ever thought about placing a contemporary floor lamp to beautify a dreary corner in your living space? Well, if your answer is no, consider an introduction of a graceful lamp to garnish the dull part of the room.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term torchiere; it is a tall metal stand to hold electric lamp that spreads indirect light in your space. This is the only source of modish lighting that could direct the light straight towards the ceiling and ensure an adequate illumination to the sides as well.

One can place higher voltage bulbs or LED’s in the openings that are upwards to ensure the larger area is lighted. Using torchiere floor lamps has its advantages. You can place these lamps wherever you want and alter the colors and wattage depending on the different requirements of your room.



These were the sneaky ideas to bump up your home interiors with a marvelous touch of illumination. If you don’t prefer squandering ample money on home décor items, just follow these clever ideas to spruce up your interiors.