Step Inside with Airy Feel in Small Magnificent Rooms 

Many people live in a small apartment or a small room. The reason being that’s all they can afford. Some live in a small home as they are tired of maintaining a larger place. No matter what your reason is, you might have a desire to live in a big home or have a spacious room.

In this post, you will discover some smart tricks that will help you to maximize your square footage effortlessly. They are not only extremely affordable but are simple to set up. Make sure you jot them down in your list of interior design ideas. These sneaky ways will let you highlight your home décor by giving the dose of the airy appearance.

Mirror and mirror 

You need to add mirrors on the walls to produce a greater sense of openness. This is one of the simplest tricks that can make a small space feel large. What you have to do is, place an oversized mirror in an area of your room where it can maximize light. Reflection of images, light, and color can create an illusion of spaciousness.

This tactic will not only trick the eye into perceiving more space but will also reflect the view from an adjoining room. You can also place a mirror in the area where it can capture the vista from a window to the outside. To give your room a magical feel, you can install a mirror on sliding closet doors. Have a look at the image to get a clear idea.



Scale it down 

There is no doubt that only a talented eye can decorate a room with immaculate scale. But, we are telling you a secret to a proper scale. It is a combination of different heights, shapes, and sizes. Small rooms must have more petite as well as fine furnishings.

While arranging the stuff, keep open spaces in mind as you have to streamline your furniture. Further, to create a sense of roominess, leave a small space in between the sides of the furniture and walls. Do not forget to match the scale of your items to the scale of your room.


Monochromatic Color Scheme

Another grand tactic that you must opt is color coordinate. Keep the colors in the same family as it creates a visual coherence that will lend a feeling of openness. To create unity, you have to use different shades of one particular color. From the floor, rug, furniture, to the wall coverings, pick similar shades and it will give your room a seamless feel. If you can’t afford that much then adding accessories, throws or pillows in matching shade will offer the same effect.




Do you have something in your home that you have not used in a year? Is your answer “Yes”? Okay. Do one thing, pick it up and throw it away. Keeping too many items can make any space feel cramped. Whether such things have taken place on the floor or the wall, get rid of it if you want your space to breath.

Moreover, when you keep the things up off the floor, it will add an illusion of space. Make sure you invest in furniture that is necessary for comfort, and accessories that are essential for regular use. A quick way to make room spacious is spending a day in de-cluttering. Bet you; you will be amazed to see the transformation of your home.


Choose soft and light hues

Dark hues are design-friendly, but they make space look small. On the other hand, light colors look to being airy and open. So, embracing soft and light hue scheme will be a wise approach. Choose white, pastels or neutrals on the walls and the floor. Light-colored carpets and the white wall will make things look roomier than they really are.

You can opt for white hue as it will not only make the room feel light but will also offer serenity. Do not forget that all-white space will feel too cold so make sure you avoid stark white. In fact, to handle this issue, you can pair it textured elements or warming elements. Have a look at the image below to explore this point.



Furnish frugally

It is obvious that too large furniture can make a small room appear smaller. Choose one loveseat, large couch, or several small chairs instead of a sofa. It will help in decreasing the look of clutter and add to the feeling of openness as well as added space.

If you want your small dining room to appear big, then you can easily do that by selecting a smaller table. Also, remember to choose statement furniture and do not forget to pick a single large painting for your wall. These things will simplify the space and will emphasize the architecture.


Showoff the stripes

A unique way to make the room feel airy is to add stripes. Using stripes either vertically or horizontally to elongate the space will create the illusion of big space. Further, it is a fantastic means to decorate walls.

Horizontal stripes will make a room appear wider. Vertical stripes draw the eye upward to the ceiling and offer added height. You can also use a striped rug as it will help in making your room appear longer. Be sure to choose colors that match with the rest of your finishes in your space.



The bottom line

Small spaces are easy, practical and beautiful. Also, it does not mean that it has to feel or look in that way only. It is all about little that you can do to make it appear wider. Following these smart tricks will lend you a hand in making your tiny room appear bigger.

Moreover, decorating small spaces with such simple ways will let your space feel comfortable. The key point that you should always remember is to think big but keep it simple.