Sustainable Interior Designs That You Can Incorporate In your Space

The interior designs are innovating frequently, and so is their compatibility and care for nature. The only question here is “are you, ready for them.”

In the last decades, humans have become more close to their first home, earth and therefore understand the need to conserve it. Nature lovers are almost everywhere, looking for methods to help them conserve what they love, and eco interior is a huge step for them. Eco-friendly interior designing not only provide the pleasure of living near nature but also help in reducing footprint on it.

If you love the touch of nature in your interior, here are something ideas that you should try.


Energy efficient Interior designs 

When designing your interior it can be a very wise idea to go for energy efficiency You can reduce energy needs by opting for better lighting like led instead of bulbs and old incandescent lighting. It offers energy efficiency and better lightning without using any type of harmful gas and doesn’t produce much heat.

Automation is also a preferred option for energy saving, common light and fans can save a lot of energy with proper use of sensors and microprocessors. It is also good if you use insulation in your home to reduce heat energy losses.


Lots of Windows 

Windows are a very great option when it comes to interior designing. You can save construction material that generates more waste than window frames and at the same time ensure air flow and natural lighting for your interior. You can use roof windows in rooms that don’t have space for exterior windows. Properly designed and placed windows can add a touch of view and interest to your interior.

Many companies are also making UV resistant windows that allow light but reflect the heat, thus providing temperature control. You can also use lighter colors in your interior to reduce heat addition can be reduced.


Use carpets 

Carpets are being used in interiors for a long time. They provide a very clean and classy looks to your house. They provide insulation for better temperature control and at the same time absorb sound and reduce noise pollution. The best part of carpets is they are reusable and recyclable.

They are found in various texture, sizes, and colors. Most of the carpets now a day comes with a waterproof layering and are very easy to clean, unless you live in a muddy area with a dog or cat.


Natural materials and decors 

There are a number of natural materials that you can choose for your interior. They are all recyclable and biodegradable and using them can reduce a lot of toxic waste that is generated in manufacturing synthetic.

You can use natural decors and furniture from quick replicating sources like bamboo trees. They are used as a flooring material because of their strength, flexibility, and texture. Cork is another option that is in spotlight; it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable as well as durable. There are also fabrics like cotton, silk and natural velvet that can be used in your interior.


Indoor plants 

Nothing in the world can beat the pleasure a fresh plant offers. It can easily uplift mood and at the same time cover the empty spaces in your interior. The presence of plants reduces stress, improves focus and adds life to your moods. Adding plants also motivate you to protect and preserve nature around you.

Plants also release oxygen and help in temperature control for a better and healthy home. These attention drawers are decorative, functional and are available in many different colors and patterns for your unique need.


Recycled and reduce 

Interior trends keep on changing, and every time it changes there is a pile of waste left behind. Most of the part of this waste can be recycled. Recycling not only reduces the trash but also saves energy trees and reduces pollution. The old and broken glass bottles can be used to make windows glass and vases.

Apart from recycling many materials can be reused too, like the old furniture that generally ends in dump yard can be polished and reused. If your furniture or accessories don’t blend with your new interior, you can sell or donate it. This recycling and reduction can lower carbon footprint to a great extent by saving space used for dumping waste and reducing toxics addition to the environment.

It may sound weird but you can use synthetic material for things like sofa that are not frequently changes. The materials are hard and durable, so they can be used for long time without replacement. After these material wear off, they can be recycled and reused again, reducing waste in long run.


Natural Paints 

Paints are one of the key elements of any interior design; it is the part that is influences your moods. They are being used for a long time for their durability and washability. They are easy to use, decorative and very protective, but the harmful chemical used for manufacturing paints contributes to air water and land pollution. Their fumes cause chronic disease in humans and hinder plants growth.

Though, there are organic paints available in the market that are safe for the environment and offer the same coloring qualities. The natural paints do not affect plants and don’t add allegiance to the air.


Solar power

Solar energy can be easily used in a home as a renewable source, in fact if appropriately planned you can obtain all the energy you need in your interior, from the sun. You can use it to light your day and store energy for nights. You can use solar panels for electricity, solar heaters for water and solar chargers to charge your appliances. You can also use mirror panels as an alternative to solar panel, they are cheap but delicate and less efficient at the same time.


A good designer always know what is good for comfort but also have the vision to leave room for future innovation. Interior design doesn’t mean creating a design for present situation only, it means designing a long life interior. The only designs that can last long in today’s world are the once that care for nature.

What comes next in interior design trends is unknown, but the thing that we know for sure is that, it will be close to nature.