Ten Home Design Ideas for a Cooler Home

During the summer months, our way of living gets considerably harder due to a hotter temperature. Moving around can be quite a challenge and accomplishing all of our daily tasks is harder. This is true, especially if your residence doesn’t have an air conditioner to cool your surroundings.

But sometimes, the usage of an air conditioner can be more of a detriment due to its high energy consumption. If these things make you worry for the summer, don’t be. There are various ways to make your interiors a lot cooler with the help of these efficient solutions.


Add Cross-Path Windows in your Home

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First of all, proper ventilation is a must if you want a cooler environment in your home. Your house should have proper entry and exit points, in the form of windows, to increase ventilation inside. Otherwise, the lack of these points will trap ambient heat in your house and will make you feel warmer than you’d like.

Of course, you have to be wise in the placement of these windows. You just can’t go on rushing the process by placing too many windows on all sides of your home. The best way to go about it is to provide a cross pathway for air to travel in and out of your residence. This means the windows should face each other. As a result, air will travel in a straight line as it enters a room and cools it down. As it exits, so does the ambient heat inside of the room too. Plus, make sure you place these windows on your second floor. Warm air rises up faster and they can be found in higher areas of your home.


Consider Marble and Metal Furnishing

Furnishing a home is crucial if you don’t want to endure high temperatures inside it. A good solution to combat excessive heat is to furnish your residence with marble and metal. These two elements are good at absorbing heat and making your surroundings cooler.

Whenever you get to touch items made of marble and metal, you can feel its coldness. Take a floor fitted with marble tiles, for example. Walking in this kind of floor is cooler and it helps keep temperatures in your home down. Although incorporating marble tiles and installing metal furnishing in your household can be quite complicated, you can hire the best carpenter Singapore has who is trained to handle this type of carpentry task for homeowners.


Fabric Room Divider Instead of Concrete Walls

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Walls made of concrete are a hindrance when it comes to your interior’s air flow. Rather than going with these walls, the better option would be to use room dividers made of fabric. This kind of divider allows air to pass through it and cool your whole house from inside. Aside from that benefit, you’ll also have a larger space to plan your whole interior in if you don’t have any concrete walls to limit you.



One of the best ways to prevent heat and humidity from being trapped inside your home is to insulate its walls and roof. In doing so, these two important parts of a house can readily reflect the heat generated by the sun and prevent them from getting inside. This effect will greatly boost the flow of air in a house, making it cooler in the process.


Sleek and Minimalist Furniture

Having too much furniture inside your home will definitely rob you of space. At the same time, these items will also block the flow of air that could expel exceed heat. To remedy that, better choose just the right amount of furniture to place inside a room. Plus, get rid of all the clutter too so air can flow freely across every area of your house. Along with a better air flow, you’ll also have more room to move around in.


Paint your Walls with a Lighter Color

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Color plays a subtle, yet important part in helping your home interiors cool down faster. Colors that lean towards a darker shade absorb heat and store it for a long time. On the other hand, choosing light and airy colors expel heat more efficiently. Furthermore, a lighter shade will help soothe and calm your senses down. A good place to start is to have your walls painted with the color white or sky blue. These two color choices are proven to cool home interiors and make it more relaxing for its residents.


Add a touch of nature

It is well-known that plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. To lessen the heat inside you home, you can place several potted plants in it. These plants will release much-needed oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and the heat in this element. As a result, the air inside your home will be fresher for you to enjoy.


Place Exhaust Fans in Cooking Areas

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Kitchens produce a lot of heat because it’s needed to cook your food. At the same time, this area in your home also contributes to the overall warm temperature. A good way to fix that predicament is to place an exhaust fan in your kitchen. This fan will direct the hot air produced by a stove or oven out of your home, rather than allow it to circulate inside it. This fan will help prevent hot air from being trapped inside and cause you discomfort.


Surround your House with Nature

Along with the placement of potted plants inside you home, you can also install a garden too to help combat the excessive heat of the sun. Again, trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide filled with heat and release oxygen that can cool down any area. This will provide more air to enter your home and expel ambient heat. Plus, these trees also provide shade for the exterior of your house.


Paint your Roofs Light

Professor Rodolphe De Koninck of the University of Montreal, in one of his books about Singapore, said that due to the rapid development, the country’s surface air temperature in the urban areas is very high, reaching up to 40–50 °C. The roof is the first part of your house that is exposed to the heat of the sun. If your roof is painted with a darker shade, it will absorb the heat and make your surroundings a lot warmer. If you go with a light color, this will help prevent heat from being stored by the roof. Since there won’t be any heat stored, you can expect the interior of your home to cool down faster during a hot summer day.


Readying your home against the threat of the summer months is easy, especially if you choose a CASE Trust-accredited interior designer to help you out. In this way, you can get the results you want without any compromises. If a cooler home interior is what you want, a professional is the best person to ask help from.