Top 11 Ways To Decorate Your Rooms With Mirrors

Mirrors on the wall tell a tale, not just in the fairy tales but in our homes too!

If positioned correctly, they add texture, space, character, and light in your surroundings. Known as one of the best accessories to decorate your rooms, mirrors bring in a classic touch and add a spacious feel to your surroundings. It does not matter where you place this accessory; they are a feasible way for augmenting the reflection of light.

According to the leading interior designers – Mirrors bring depth, style light into the room; they are like the decorative windows that you can move around the place as per your needs. Whether you are looking to enhance your décor or increase the reflection of light in your space, mirror decor is one thing that is going to serve all your purposes.

If you also want to reflect the beauty of your room in a stunning way, here are the eleven ways to incorporate mirrors into your room. Take a look.

Consider Using Mirror As A Canvas

 If you are looking for a unique as well as a creative way to decorate your room, try to use a geometrically shaped mirror in the form of canvas. Mirror serves as a dynamic canvas because they keep on changing depending on the light, reflection, and the angle they are viewed from.

To use it as canvas, you can paste pictures on it in monochromatic tones and witness a striking effect in your surroundings.

Experiment With The Arrangement

Credit: Maple and Magnolia

The easiest way to decorate your room with the mirrors is to experiment with its arrangement. Make use of the mirrors of different sizes and shapes and create a magnificent pattern out of it. The negative space of the mirror will produce an interesting effect while giving you a plenty of space to amplify the accessorizing game.

Corner The Arrangement of Mirrors

Covering the corners of your rooms imparts a modern approach to the angles and also adds up a whimsical effect in the surroundings. Regardless of the size of the room, you can cover up a small corner of your room to add striking light to it.

Not only just they add light in your room; they also lift up the beauty of decorative elements placed across the room.

Place A Mirror Against The Wall Of Your Room

If you are looking for a way to decorate your bedroom with a mirror, simply lean a large mirror against one bedroom wall. The large mirror gives you space a bold visual impact, and the reflection makes the entire space look and feel larger. It will let the light in and will also generate depth in the overall aesthetic.

Create Texture In Your Space Through Mirrors

Credit: Chloe design

Mirrors can be used for creating texture in the rooms in two ways. First is simply by installing a textured mirror frame and second is to position the mirror in a way that it reflects the textured objects in your room.

The textured mirror acts as a statement in your room while positioning the mirror to reflect the “texture” adds a strong visual effect to it.

Make Use Of The Mirror Pendants

Credit: Laura Ashley

Mirror pendants or hanging mirrors are the most functional masterpieces that you can add to your home. They not only reflect light in your space but also make a beautiful wall decorative for your room.

Use Mirrors With A Splash Of Color

Credit: Da Masket Dentelle

Yes, mirrors can actually help us with intensifying the color palette of your room. All you need is to splash some color on the mirror frame and a bit of creativity to assemble it.

If your room is painted in lighter tones, you can make use of the vivid colors, and if your space is adorned with the dark hues, paint the mirror with the nude shades.

Consider Creating Illusion With The Mirror

Credit: Country Living

The bigger the mirror, the more space illusion it is able to create in your area.

If you have a small room; place the mirror opposite to the angle of the room that you want to reflect. For example- if you place it opposite to the window, it will bring both light and greenery into a smaller space.

In The End, Keep It Simple and Classic

Credit: Fthmb

Nothing beats the beauty and style that is exhibited by adding a classic mirror to your surroundings. If you want to add an abundance of charm and style in your space, a simple geometrical shaped mirror comes to the rescue.

Go For The Bedside Mirror Art

Credit: Pinterest

The best way to decorate your bedroom with mirrors is to add an innovative mirror art installation on the side of your bed. Art installations connect the room in an interesting manner while leaving the space for some extra flourishes. You can choose the shape of a mirror according to your choice and leave some of the space for a dramatic effect.

Make Use Of A Lot Of Small Mirrors

Credit: Onward State

With the mirrors of some odd shapes and various sizes, you can effortlessly add a contemporary feel to your room. Experiment a little with colors, style, negative space, and arrangement, and you will have an eye-catching space in just no time. You can also complement myriad of small mirrors with some decorative pieces to grace the wall.

The Bottom Line:

Using the mirrors in your rooms not just reflects the light but also captures it and projects it into the dark nooks of your surroundings. It adds textural illusion in the rooms and also highlights the accessories by reflecting them from the different angles.

When it comes to decorating with mirrors, your creativity and conventional wisdom just have no end. Whether you prefer a classic laid back style or a stunning, sophisticated one, there is always a mirror that sees the things the same way.