Top 5 Interior Designing Software You Need To Know About

Drawing is the primary element of design, the part from where the whole process of starts.

These drawings were traditionally made with pencil and paper. They were very simple with their needs, but with increased complexity, the need for perfection also increased.  The designers started to find it very inconvenient to erase or reject whole work because of editing. It sometimes happened that the entire design was rebuilt to make a minor upgrade, so an alternative way was chosen.

The era of pencil and paper was, hence replaced by easy and flexible computer designing software. The software made it possible to create designs and store them for easy future editing. They also gave the possibility to develop a 3d model with full stimulation and aerodynamic checks.

Even now, the basics start with paper drawing, but the result comes from this software. So, if you are new to the world of designing, begin with a pencil drawing, but if you are familiar with all the annotation then here are the software you can try.

Sketch up

Sketchup is a click and drag based computer designing software that is mostly used by architectures and interior designers. The software is best for creating of 3d models, rendering and small animation creation. You can get this software with basic functionality for free, but for advance, you will have to buy the premium version.

The thing about this software is that it have a library with various preloads like windows, doors, chairs and more are uploads can be made by its user anytime.

Another feature that catches the light is its ability to import and export files in different formats. The real view of this software further adds a feather to its hat. The software is perfect for the new user but face criticism when it comes to rendering quality and assembly.


Auto Cad

AutoCAD is the most used computer-aided drawing software. It have a very user-friendly, command-based interface that works well for both 2d and 3d drafting. The software is the very basic of designing for all the mechanical, architectural, interior, industrial and product designers. Even, most professional interior designers use this software because of its strengths.

This software traditionally used DWG extension but now it’s is compatible in importing and exporting multiple files, although quality decrement and error possibilities increase during the conversion. The software also have a cloud base file system mostly famous as AutoCAD 360. The cloud is easily accessible from any internet connected device.

The best thing about this software is that it offers three years renewable free license to student, teachers and educational institute. The free version of the software provides the same tools and accuracy with only one limit. It prints stamp on student version drawing so that they cannot be used for commercial production works.

3ds Max

3ds max or 3d studio max is 3d based software that is famous amongst both students and professionals. The software comes with features like shaders, stimulation, particle system, radiosity, renderer, and much more. The software is also very flexible with a third-party plug-in, and that makes it an excellent choice for, building designs, game designs, and even movie effects.

The software is available in paid as well as free student version. You can get the student by signing up as a student on its official site. The free license is valid for three years and is renewed by updating to latest version of 3ds max. The software company provides all the features in both versions but restrict the number of uses for the student version.

The saving format of this software is “.3ds”, but you can save it as DWG, jpeg for pictures and “.avi” for animation. The end animation is always uncompressed and therefore you have to convert it after you edit it to decrease the processing power it uses.


Live Home 3d Pro

Professionals designed this software at Belight Softwares. The software is simple in use even if you are new to the designing world. The software is known for floor plan creation and 3D visualisation for amateurs and professional designers.

The software comes with free tutorials at the home site that you can use. It also comes with a library of 3d objects that you can use and some floor designs for quick working. The software have a handy multi-view window for monitoring 3d object without hazel of dragging down. If that not enough, you can also select material, colours and lighting according to you for a more realistic view.

The software is available in basic and pro version for MAC operating system only.

Planner 5d 

If you wish to create intricate virtual interior design images planner 5d is the right software for you. The software have more than 3000-floor designs preloaded in it; you can modify then to save time, or make yours. It is the best alternative over expensive software and at the same times its lot more friendly and easy to use.

Their premium versions have an additional feature that let you resize and dimension the plan. The software also can take high-quality snapshots of your work. You can add all kind of lights and shadows to your snap to make it look more real.  The best part of the software is that it provides you with textures and colours for all the interior items.

End Words

The software offers you all you need for a better and efficient work designing. It won’t be surprising if one of the most trending interior design that manages to astonish you will be made in one of this software. The software allows you to understand and have a glance at the end product before the actual work start and thus reduce failure risk. It is very realistic but still its software that needs a skilled operator.

Your knowledge is the only way that ensures the proper working and usage of this software, and it is essential for you to stay up to the pace if you want to be successful in this field.

There are a lot more of these programs that wait for you, so keep learning, keep exploring and let your creativity lead the way to design a new world.