Top Flooring Trends for Your Home

Flooring plays a vital role in your home design, and the looks of your interior depend on your flooring to much extent. The wooden and vinyl flooring is gaining popularity in the flooring designs. With everything from dark hardwood to light hues in flooring, you can choose from plenty of ideas that can fit into your budget and style.

Here are some of the top flooring design ideas that you can incorporate into your home design to make it the most appealing in your circle.


Grey Shades

There are various popular color trends that you can use in your home décor. The grey color of flooring offers your home an understated elegance and beauty. Grey is a neutral color and is synonymous with sophistication and glamour. The grey flooring comes in various tones and styles such as bamboo, hardwoods, low gloss and high gloss laminates.

While choosing a grey shade for your flooring, you need to consider two things – the undertone it contains and the lightness or darkness of the shade.  The grey color flooring contains three undertones – green, blue and purple.

The green-based grey is the most neutral to use while the blue based grey shade has a steel-like appearance. The purple based grey has a purple hue in them, and they are the least used as the furnishings and woods have orange and red tones that clash with the purple.


Matte wood Finishes

Matte finished flooring is becoming popular as it requires a very little maintenance. Matte finishes are ideal to use in homes for families and small children as any small scratches or dust is not visible on them. They have a more natural look rather than plastic like coating. However, you should think before planning the wooden flooring, which wood you should use for flooring.

The matte wood finish comes in two forms- water-based polyurethane and oil-based polyurethane. The water based polyurethane is more expensive than the oil based, but it is easier to apply than the oil based. So the finishers may not charge much for the application of water-based poly matte finish.


Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is another great option for flooring that is gaining popularity due to its durability and eco-friendly qualities. Due to high durability as compared to oak it is a great choice for flooring in the busy areas of your home. You can choose bamboo from a variety of finishes as it comes in light, bright and dark finishes.

Bamboo flooring is easy to maintain as it requires only regular sweeping. You can also vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and small particles of debris. It can also be cleaned with non-alkaline bamboo floor cleaner or hardwood floor cleaner. The durability and easy maintenance are the reasons for the rising popularity of bamboo flooring.


Hardwood Flooring

You want a unique design in your flooring then hardwood is the best option. The exotic hardwood flooring is available in rich colors and stunning textures. You have the option to choose from a variety of colors, tones, and textures which offers your home a sense of uniqueness.

Hardwood flooring looks perfect and offers your home a natural and elegant look. Moreover, it can be easily repaired and refinished by sanding the imperfections. Hardwood flooring is strong and stable as compared to laminate flooring.

It can easily withstand the changes in room temperature and humidity. Also, it can be easily sanded and refinished in case of any damages. Hardwood flooring is gaining popularity due to its high durability and ease of installation. Some hardwood manufacturers offer a long-term warranty of 50 years on the flooring which makes it a perfect choice to use in your home.


Light colored flooring

Light colors can offer your home a clean and contemporary style. Beachy white, pale gold, and beige color are the examples of light colors used in flooring. Light colors open up and lighten up a space, as they reflect more light and make small space look bigger. Such colors, when used in the hallway and living room, offers an appealing look to your home.

Birch and light oak are widely used for flooring in home designs. Light colors also have many advantages over dark colors. The scratches and dust are not easily visible on the light colors as but even a little dust is clearly visible on dark colored floors. The rooms having light colored flooring appear more welcoming and display comfort and connection to the guests.


Dark Colors

Dark flooring has also gained popularity in the recent years as the design conscious people are always looking for dark tones to use in their home décor. The beautiful natural grains and the textures of wood can be seen clearly on the dark wood flooring. Dark colors can also match the tones of your furniture and storage cabinets if you plan to use the furniture of same or similar shade.

Dark color floors can make a large space look smaller and offer an elegant finish to any room. Dark colored floors work equally well in both the classic style homes and those with contemporary settings. However dark flooring requires much cleaning and attention as any scratches, dirt, and imperfections are clearly visible.


Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is another great option to offer any type of look to your floor. As vinyl is less expensive than other types of flooring, it is a better option for those who don’t want to spend high on flooring.  The images of wood and other designs are printed on vinyl squares and planks to be used for flooring. This offers a home the look of contemporary flooring using the less expensive vinyl material. The vinyl tiles look same as the hardwood and matte wood finishes.


Final words

In the world of flooring, carpeting is disappearing, and wooden flooring is gaining popularity. Due to a wide range of wooden materials, textures, and designs, wood serve the dual purpose of offering the classic as well as contemporary look to your home. Vinyl flooring is a great option for those who want modern flooring at a lower price. All the above ideas are highly popular among the interior designers and are currently used in the home décor.