Who Knew Table Centerpieces Hold the Power of Transformation?

Trends in interior designing industry changes in a snap of fingers. One day a house is incomplete without a thing, and few days later, you are insulted if you have that.

So, rolling along the ball the latest craze in the interior designing world is table centerpieces.

One cannot imagine how much something as minimal as a table centerpiece can transform the whole look of your home/office.

Introducing different table centerpieces has another upside; it will not cost you a lot.

Centerpieces are easy to manage and maintain. Plus, if you have kids, you can use DIY tricks to make your own table centerpieces, rather than buying expensive ones.

Let’s have a peek then!


Let Them Dance 

First on the list are springs. This is a DIY table centerpiece, which is fun, cheap and unique.

Things you need

You can put painted eggs or painted bouncy balls on it and can turn your table into a funk-yard.

This option is best for the houses with toddlers, just skip the eggs and use the bouncy balls, if you have babies.

Also, you can paint words or numbers on the bouncy balls or eggs, to mark special days.

One can also display individual messages through these centerpieces, like Happy Halloween, or Merry Christmas.

You put a bunch of springs together in a beautiful wooden tray to sparkle the looks even more.

Make sure your tray and springs color contrast is perfect.


Bouquet Of Lollipops 

This table centerpiece is ideal for any bachelor/bachelorette’s house. However, you can use it as a unique attraction if you are expecting guests with kids.

Things you need

  • A small tray of clay or dry sand
  • Some lollipops

Stick the candies in the clay/dry sand, and you have a swell table centerpiece.

Bouquet of lollipops is an inimitable and joyful table centerpiece. You can transform its look often as possible, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

This design is also perfect for Halloween parties, apply salt on some lollipops and mix the trick with the treat.


The Nest

For all the nature lovers and garden enthusiastic this table centerpiece is perfect.

Things you need

  • An old lantern
  • Steel cutter
  • Dry grass
  • Dummy bird
  • Superhero action figures (optional)
  • Fake eggs (Optional)

Paint the lantern cover as per your room’s color scheme and cut its base. Insert some dry leaves, grass, fake eggs and a dummy bird in the lantern.

You can also paste a tiny bulb inside the lantern for better display.

If you are inviting geeks over for a party, then you can put superhero action figures in it too.

Just make sure the lantern you are using is simple and is not very cagy, so the focus stays what is inside the lantern.


A Field Of Gerbera Daisies  

Who doesn’t love flowers right? And daisies can easily be the brand ambassador of flowers.

Some people may call it a cliché; however, flowers are still perfect option for table centerpiece.

But you don’t have to place a classic vase full of fresh flowers for the sake of flower table centerpiece. You can experiment a bit too.

In this stylish table centerpiece, you will be growing some daisies, right on your table.

Things you need

  • Gerbera daisies
  • A couple of boxes of wheatgrass
  • Drinking straws
  • A pair of sharp scissors.

Cut drinking straws according to the length of daisies, slide daisies’ stems into the straws.

Place the daisies in the wheatgrass boxes and use it as a centerpiece. Just spray some water on the daisies every then, and now, you have your miniature garden.

If you want some more cool tips about how to use flowers to decorate your house, just go through our blog.


Fancy A Pumpkin? 

Yes, pumpkins are in fashion too. People are using it to design their homes. They are using them as hangings, as lamps and of course as table centerpieces.

A fascinating fact about pumpkins is that unlike flowers, they won’t go bad for a long time.

You do not have to refresh the pumpkins in short successions.

Things you need for pumpkin table centerpiece:

•    Mini pumpkins

•    Fishbowl

•    Acorns

•    Pinecones

•    Moss

Spread the moss at the surface of the fishbowl. Arrange the rest of the stuff like the bowl is the set of the movie, Jumanji.

You can add some dinosaurs in the bowl as well to enhance the dramatic effect.


Fairy lights and a long footed tumbler

Fairy lights are selling like hotcakes on the streets of interior designing. Consequently, why not to use them as table centerpieces?

This idea for table centerpiece is quite simple.

Things you will need:

•    Fairy lights

•    Long-footed glass

•    Double sided tape

•    Pair of scissors

Cut double-sided tape in tiny squares, so that it is not visible on the glass. Apply the tape on long footed glass and in a pattern you want for your lights.

Now carefully stick the fairy light on the glass, dim the lights while dining and light your beautiful table centerpiece.

Absorb the appreciation!


Floating candles

This table centerpiece idea will raise the concept of candlelight dinner and change the definition of romance.

Things you will need:

•    Floating candles

•    Tall glasses

•    Lighter

•    Water

Pour the water into two tall glasses, float the floating candles into the glasses and then carefully light them.

This table centerpiece is best if you are planning a special date or are scheduling a marriage proposal.



So, these seven table centerpiece ideas can help your house get a much-needed style transformation.

Just remember whichever you may choose, you will not want it to look stuffed. A table is an essential accessory for any place, so be sure it matches with its surrounding.

Another thing to take note of is the presence of kids. If you are not around much in the house, then just like any other thing, kids may injure themselves with table centerpieces.

Just go through our blog on preparing your home’s interior design for your baby’s safety, to babyproof your house perfectly.