Why Are Interior Designers Embracing Rustic Trends For Home Décor? 

Just look around on the web or physical world’s houses! You would notice more and more rustic and wooden décor everywhere. Hanging signs, carved tables, wooden coasters, etc. has become the common things in the past few years. It’s called rustic décor!


But the question is: why do more and more homeowners, and top interior designers in Singapore are falling for the rustic trend? It is what we are going to study in this post.

Whether you are planning to revamp your dining room or decorate your bathroom, you can embrace the rustic charm at any corner of your home. Accomplishing functional, comfortable and aesthetically elegant décor is not easy with rustic trends.


Definition of Rustic

Every interior design that emphasizes on natural, earthy, rugged and organic is the quintessence of rustic. Rustic interiors have an irresistible connection with nature and the past. Celebrating the art of repurposing, these type of boldly and blatantly décor showcases perfect ingenuity. These trends highlight and emphasize nature while making a sensible choice for home interior.

Sometimes, it is accentuated with accented metal and sometimes, with rehabilitated wooden furniture, like cowhide rug. Even Google trends showed that the term “rustic home decor” had the highest search volume within a few months in November 2014.


Why Are Rustic Trends Timeless and Popular?

Today, interior designers and property owners are obsessed with rustic trends. And, here is why:


Rustic elegance embraces nature. 

Being in the arm of nature, we all get a feeling or peace, comfort, and happiness. It is what rustic interior offers. This trend incorporates floral stems, organic designs, and wooden as well as stone elements in the home that bring ultimate hints of outdoors inside. Science suggests that nature is important for mental and physical well-being. It escapes you from noises, stresses, and pollution, making it a retreat for your home interior.

No rules govern this trend.

Though interior designers may need to follow some rules with a few designs, rustic trends are free from the list of don’ts and do’s. Like nature, you can achieve a mix of organic elements, intersperse shabby décor and coastal designs that will turn your home in the picturesque scenery of nature.


It Brings In Incredibly Versatile. 

 You can dress up this earthy trend up or down. It does not feel too feminine or masculine when it comes to coomon spaces and family rooms. You can effortlessly achieve a masculine air with the help of darker wood pieces and branch stems instead of floral stems. For a feminine touch, choose a dried flower, scroll accents, colorful flowers, tree stump tables, and bird statements.


Rustic Style Offers Warmth To The Heart. 

The true elements of this trend, like hand-finished amenities, rough-hewn wood and repurposed furniture brings a feeling of coziness and comfort around the house. It warms your interior in a unique way that manufactured lines and plastic can’t offer at all.

Another reason why rustic elegance is the hottest home interior trend these days is that it’s easy to transform an old house into this trend. It preserves the original architectural detail and heritage while spritzing hints of modern chic.


Elements of Modern Rustic Interior Designs

If you are planning to get a rustic makeover for your home, then it’s important to educate yourself about the elements of modern rustic décor. Open floor plan, modern furniture, and exposed natural elements are chief players here. Talking about the color scheme, install large windows that bring the outdoors in for an informal elegance, charm and comfy.


Raw Wood and Stone

Another most prominent feature of modern rustic décor is raw wood and stone work. People who admire these earthy styles want to give a natural touch to their interior. If you are thinking to renovate an old home, make sure you preserve the true character and architectural detail of the house. For example, you can show off the old stone wall.

If you are building a new house, use reclaimed wood and include stone fireplace and walls. Reclaimed wood not only offers a magnificent interior but beautifies the exterior as well.

Don’t forget the ceiling! Go for A-frame homes that feature cathedral wood-covered ceiling, or big beams to adore their rustic space.

No cathedral ceiling? Don’t worry! Simply expose your beams.


Simple Natural Fabrics

You can carry the natural rustic touch with linens, rugs, and upholstery as well. Think simple fabric that has not print, keep the furniture neutral and stick to natural as much as possible. Add linen throw pillows, cowhides, and sisal and jute.

Cowhides are very popular rustic interior design. These are extremely durable, and even red wine can’t stain these beauties. You can achieve similar coziness with sheepskin as well.


Room with a View

Big windows are an amazing feature that completes the modern rustic interior. This decisive and trademark design element keeps the home always open and full of light while making you feel as close to nature as possible. Make sure you avoid these home interior mistakes.


Modern Furniture 

Keeping the convenience and style in mind, keep your furniture contemporary. Mid-century pieces make the perfect choice for these styles. Unadorned leather and reclaimed wood is a perfect material combination.


Keep Color Scheme Natural

Maybe you love bright colors and wallpaper walls. But if you are seriously in love with rustic interior, you have to compromise as bright shades and wallpapers don’t belong to rustic interior. Keep the walls white and cover them with organic material like wood and stone.


Don’t Forget the Fireplace

A cozy, rustic home interior is unfinished without a fireplace. Think of a rustic style store or wooden stove, though wooden best fits the natural-style home interior.

From trendy bars to a farm house, a rustic chic is a predominant tool for interior designers who love to think out of the box in favor of their clients. Next time, you think of refreshing your home décor, ask your interior designers to evoke a rustic elegance around your abode.

Have you got some inspiration for rustic decor? Share the ideas with other readers in the comment section below and us.